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Programming / Re: 3in1 Drag&Drop Mozilla install script !
« on: June 23, 2014, 02:00:59 am »
Hi Greggory, just tested your script. I keep my Mozilla executables in f:\mozilla so I unzipped the package to f:\mozilla\FirefoxDD-017b, ran the install cmd, edited the script so MozDir = f:\mozilla and dragged the file and dropped it on the FirefoxDD Drag&drop icon. All I get is a quick flicker of the command window and nothing seems to be installed. What am I missing?

Applications / Re: Firefox 17.0.11 won't start
« on: June 22, 2014, 10:13:33 pm »
Hi Joop. i'll try to answer your points or get more info.
I copied all the user files from FF10 to a new directory which is used by FF17, but it seems that this FF won't use that. So how do I get all settings into the new one, including lists with sites, passwords etc.?
I hope that you are using the environment setting MOZILLA_HOME to store your profiles in one place outside of the programs directory. You should always back up your profile before trying a new version. You can go to the URL about:support and click the open directory button besides profile directory to find it.
Here's an article on moving your profile,
When having problems such as most you list, you should test in safe mode (Help-->Restart With Add-Ons Disabled) and also try a new profile (firefox.exe -profilemanager) to test if your problems are locally caused by corruption in your profile.
I can't get it into another language (that's something else than spelling, its about language toolbar, help etc). The nl.xpi from version 17.0.11esr is not accepted because its incompatible, the nl.xpi from version 17.0.10esr is accepted, can be installed, can be set to use it, but it doesn't make any difference, its English and it stays English.
Can you give me detailed instructions to reproduce this? I've never played with language packs. Also you should try with a new profile and also perhaps 17.0.5esr
The add-on container seems to run forever, had to do a ctrl-alt-del for popup and with the list and the kill option for deactivating the container.
This does seem to be a bug that I also see. Usually I can kill the Firefox process and start over.
If you use a master password and make use of passwords then on the background  a proces is running, in popup it is "Inv.PM wachtwoord vereist" would translate like password required or something. With FF10 this closed as soon as you exit FF. With FF17 and FF24 it isn't closed and it sends the cpu meter to 99.99% with slow responces as a result. Same thing for if you want to install an add on. The manager keeps on running in the background and the cpu meter goes up to 99.99%
I can install add-ons without problems.  I also just tested the master password thing, seemed to work fine.
Once again, create a new profile and see if you still have these problems and if you do you wil nee to migrate to a new one, see above URL

Applications / Re: Firefox 17.0.11 won't start
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:35:44 pm »
The requirements are,   gcc473.dll, mmap.dll, pthr01.dll, stdcpp6.dll, libc065.dll and the mzfntcfgft package.
Most of these are available at Hobbes, in particular for the newer DLLs,

Applications / Re: Firefox 17.0.11 won't start
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:29:12 pm »
As Ian said, you're missing stdcpp6.dll.
Be aware I made a boo-boo and screwed up a pref and will be replacing the build. For now you can fix it by going to about:config and search for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and toggle it to false.
This will fix the 100% CPU issue with some plugins and be the same as the next upload.

Applications / Re: Firefox 24 vs OS/2 World
« on: June 08, 2014, 09:54:36 pm »
I agree that we need discussion outside of bug reports, ideally somewhere the developers hang out. It used to be the mozilla newsgroup and still is to an extend.
Firefox 24 should end up being the our best browser in a long time as we have a good developer putting in a lot of time and now the tool chain is good enough to debug, something that went away during the run up to FF4.
I do have to say that you're very brave using no protection on todays web, especially using a Flash plugin that is littered with known vulnerabilities on a browser that also has enough known vulnerabilities (just need to look at what's been fixed between 24.3 and 24.5).
While I'd guess what you're seeing are flaws in our Flash implantation, there is a very real possibility that it is sites (usually actually ads) attempting to take advantage of security holes. While the odds of doing much is small, the odds of crashing, hanging etc are much larger.
There are also other vulnerabilities, some of which can affect us as much as other platforms, JavaScript code that can spy on other tabs, the cache and history for example.
I'd really suggest using protection (amongst others I use noscript) when browsing and only allowing Flash and even JavaScript to run when you need it and trust the site. Ads are particularly bad as they are usually hosted somewhere totally different and the web master has little control over the actual ads

Programming / Re: QT Question
« on: June 04, 2014, 06:35:43 am »
You should be able to install the QT3 headers and libs in a different location and use environment variables or flags to differentiate. C_INCLUDE_PATH, CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH and LIBRARY_PATH or CFLAGS=-Ipath/to/qt3/include, CPLUSFLAGS=-lpath/to/qt3/include, LDFLAGS=-Lpath/to/qt3/lib.
Even better if the developers gave this some thought and the defaults are /usr/include/qt4 and /usr/include/qt3 along with adding a suffix to the libraries to differentiate them. eg libqt4.lib and libqt3.lib
I don't have the QT developers kit installed.

Applications / Re: TexMaker
« on: June 04, 2014, 04:34:52 am »
Don't know much about the various tex programs but do any of the ones here, help you?

Forgot to mention that my Intel video is unsupported by Snap so its using the Vesa driver. I'm not knowledgeable to comment on how hard it is adding new cards but I'd guess the framework is there.

the source of SDD  is not that necessary  as it may seam
to add new card someone has to have tech docs for this card anyway
some time ago i tried to find such docs  -  they are not open

Depends on the card. I understand the Intel video cards (actually built into MBs generally) are open.

on the other hand the grad driver is not very complicated  itself
having docs it is  better to write a new  driver (like pano R200)  rather than
add cards to SDD

SDD has multi platform design which is obsolete in our case thus we can make
a driver in simpler way

use SDD source to rebuilt it to be SMP friendly   -  is not very good idea too  -  supported cards very old and  almost nobody use them

I still find that SDD works much better then Panorama here on my older install where SMP is broken anyways. Colours are correct under SDL (perhaps a SDL bug) when using 32bit colour, monitor goes to sleep when the screensaver tells it to, by chance the MTRRs seem correct on both. SDD might still be easier to extend and some newer cards may be compatible with the older cards and just need enabling.

Mensys owns SDD source code, and has even built a customized version for eComStation without serial code validation procedures and that annoying splash screen on startup.

Ah, and that was a joke. I was sure no one reads that form. ::)

Mensys only owns a license for the source code and my understanding is that they haven't done anything with it besides asking a developer or 2 to have a look at how hard it would be to fix the SMP issues (mostly easy)

At some point Bitwise is going to run out of funding for the Firefox port, dmik has put a lot of time in understanding the code, which is a huge mess so I'd suggest it as another use for the fund.

I would support this idea too  -   without proper browser,  os/2 has no chance to survive

Any browser can not work if driver for netcard is missing :)
I'm replying without need for a netcard though everyone else in the house is dependent on my netcard and get pissed off when it stops working due to IRQ weirdness. It would be nice to have a driver that worked and kept working for more then a couple of days.

At some point Bitwise is going to run out of funding for the Firefox port, dmik has put a lot of time in understanding the code, which is a huge mess so I'd suggest it as another use for the fund.

I would support this idea too  -   without proper browser,  os/2 has no chance to survive
Another option is to Port QT5 and use one of the webkit browsers... less work probably in the long term and more options available too.  FIrefox seems to be doing its best to marginalize itself.

How good is the QT5 version of webkit compared to the Apple version or others?


The only fact is that I have two serious proposals for the OS2World common Fund for 2014.

1) Kickstart Eclipse SWT port
2) Network/Wifi BSD driver port. 

This are the two things that I have, if anybody had other proposal (not ideas, a proposal with developers on board) please let me know.
At some point Bitwise is going to run out of funding for the Firefox port, dmik has put a lot of time in understanding the code, which is a huge mess so I'd suggest it as another use for the fund. 31ESR is already in testing and we're just starting testing 24ESR and 31ESR is going to be harder as all the OS/2 code is gone.
Having 3D accelerated video drivers is also important for the future, if only for webgl in Firefox. This is going to get more important as NPAPI plugin support is going to be removed at some point so no more flash or other plugins, instead the browser will be doing everything including 3D stuff. Even playing videos works much better if accelerated and who knows what future web applications will show up.
I really don't know how useful an eclipse/swt port would be.

Applications / Re: Firefox 24 vs OS/2 World
« on: June 01, 2014, 11:57:49 pm »
Boris already referred to the bug report. It is good though to make sure that it is not a local problem by seeing if others can reproduce it before filing a report otherwise there is too much noise.

Programming / Re: How to specify wlink as linker for gcc?
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:04:30 am »
Usually symlinks are implemented at the file system level which on OS/2 limits you to TVFS. klibc does it differently, supporting symlinks at the libc level so created symlinks only work with applications linked to libc. You can build coreutils or easier install with yum and get a working ln.exe, but only for symlinks and only in the libc environment.
The usual way of handling symlinks is to just copy, LN_S=cp -f.
Libc trunk is the main libc directory if you check out libc07 with svn I believe,
Code: [Select]
svn co
ps symlinks and permissions are kept in EAs and if using HPFS are actually compatible with Linux so a symlink created under OS/2 on HPFS will work on Linux and vice versa. 

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