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Programming / Re: Source Code Text Editor Suggestions
« on: May 26, 2023, 02:55:10 am »
If you can find a copy (it does not appear to be sold, it can be found by poking around a bit) of Visual Slickedit, it does a fair job.
Dariusz Piatkowski created, (on hobbes) which allows VSE to recognize many more OS/2 specific calls for highlighting.  The main thing that keeps me from using it more regularly is that it does not get along with my scroll wheel properly (no matter which direction I scroll the wheel, it goes the same direction that it was last direction the scroll arrow key was clicked).
It does not have tabs, but does show open files on the left. 
As I recall, there is a configuration change to the mouse settings that would allow the VSE to scroll correctly but works poorly (to me) in everything else then.  If not for the fact that I use the scroll wheel so much that it becomes a real pain, I'd use VSE all the time.
It may work better with amouse but amouse has yet to work well with Thinkpad middle mouse button.  WIth the IBM mouse driver, I use PM Scroll option, which I greatly prefer over Use Simulated keys (arrows or page up/down) which does work as desired in VSE.

Networking / Re: Changing subnet on network
« on: May 24, 2023, 01:59:04 am »
If you are using dhcp, you should not have to do much.  If the machine is off, turning it on will get an IP on the right subnet.  If it is on, you will need to dhcpmon -t to kill the dhcp client, then ifconfig lan0 down - ifconfig lan0 delete then the dhcpstrt -i lan0 -d 0 that Remy referenced (or reboot instead of all that)  If you are using a static IP, you can use tcpcfg2 as Remy stated, or edit the \mptn\bin\setup.cmd directly that Remy referenced (fixing the ifconfig and route statements).  You'll then need to ifconfig lan0 down ifconfig lan0 delete and run setup.cmd (or reboot instead of all that after editing the setup.cmd).
It is easier than I make it sound there, but I don't know whether you are using dhcp or static.

Applications / Re: LarsenCommander - new test version
« on: May 20, 2023, 07:28:48 pm »
Thank you Andi.
I updated my local svn and built it.  Thought I had a problem with the executable at first, I tried to test the built lcmd.exe in the directory it was built in and it threw errors but I figured out it was reading the lcmd.rc for building it and the executable needs its own lcmd.rc file.  Once I worked that out, it seems to be working well.
One thing that I would like I would like to see (maybe I can work it out) is to have lcmd.exe look for gl16os2.dll in its own directory first before looking at libpath, this would allow it to run without gl16os2.dll having to be in libpath.

Programming / Re: DLL names, and re-direction?
« on: April 23, 2023, 06:34:56 pm »
Does that functionality apply to Odin processing only? Or is this a system-wide enablement?
System wide.

Programming / Re: DLL names, and re-direction?
« on: April 22, 2023, 09:53:34 pm »
There has existed a way to accept non 8.3 DLL names for two decades?  win32k.sys with Odin has:
OS/2 Loader parameter:
                Enables or Disables the long DLL name and non .DLL
                extention fixes. OS/2 DLLs have been limited to 8 chars
                names since version 2.<something>. This is a very bad
                limitation. Also OS/2 forces all DLL loaded to loadtime
                to have the extention '.DLL'.
                Both these restrictions are removed if this option is
                For DLL with non .DLL extention the internal name must
                have to the extention included. (If you the experiences
                problems with IMPLIB.EXE, enclose the internal name
                in double-quotes.)
                You should not make a DLL with a name starting with
                DOSCALLS, DOSCALLS1, IBMVGA32, IBMDEV32 or IBMXGA32.
                Current state for this feature is EXPERIMENTAL.
                Default: Enabled

Applications / Re: Updated Postgresql/2 builds
« on: April 12, 2023, 02:43:11 am »
I was hopeful when I saw the thread that there was an update :-)

Programming / Re: Compiling OpenJDK
« on: April 10, 2023, 01:47:50 am »
Hmm, build of Odin dies with lots of errors like,
Code: [Select]
K:/work/odin/trunk/src/kernel32/console.cpp:1627:1: error: narrowing conversion
of '144' from 'int' to 'char' [-Wnarrowing]
K:/work/odin/trunk/src/kernel32/console.cpp:1627:1: error: narrowing conversion
of '128' from 'int' to 'char' [-Wnarrowing]

Thought CHAR was defined as 0..255, not 0..127. Use UCHAR? Or uCHAR?

Probably a change in GCC since 4.9.2 where warnings are now errors.

Programming / Re: Compiling OpenJDK
« on: April 09, 2023, 09:37:47 pm »
Next problem is pulling odin/trunk. After messing around, this works, svn co sorta until,
Code: [Select]
A    odin32/tags/0.8.9/src/kernel32/directory.h
A    odin32/tags/0.8.9/src/riched32
svn: E175002: REPORT request on '/repos/odin32/!svn/me' failed
and checks out everything, trying for trunk to begin with results in a bad URL error, trunk is something else or such. Continuing on after cleaning the repository with svn up till the same error. Repeat for every tag.
svn co
worked here
you can do svn co .
the dot puts everthing in the current directory, without the dot, it puts it into a directory under the current directory - trunk.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Development
« on: April 09, 2023, 09:29:23 pm »
xpdf is working with 6.5

Hi Andy.
Please post the binaries to test it out. I don't know where those are.


Ha!  I was able to sneak something past you!  :-) :-),3252.msg38877/topicseen.html#msg38877

Programming / Re: Qt6 Development
« on: April 06, 2023, 02:38:17 am »
xpdf is working with 6.5

Programming / Re: Have you tested any of the new Qt 6 builds?
« on: April 02, 2023, 03:27:16 am »
I've been testing, which is what lead me to build the xpdf on it.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 28, 2023, 03:28:27 am »
What Qt version are you using to test with? 6.2.4 or a newer one?
I was not paying close enough attention... I was thinking this was for the recent 6.3.2 release.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 26, 2023, 04:35:30 am »
With the new qt6webee I am getting the error:
{0}[e:\usr\local\qt6] dooble
[119:1:0325/212540.850000:ERROR:extension_system_qt.cpp(121)] Failed to parse ex
tension manifest.

I downloaded it again and same error.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Development
« on: March 23, 2023, 12:53:30 am »
OK, we now have DLLs but it's not working yet:
Code: [Select]
[109:1:0322/] Failed to map shared memory region.
[109:8:0322/] Failed to map shared memory region.
[109:1:0322/222037.875000:ERROR:system_network_context_manager.cpp(274)] Cannot use V8 Proxy resolver in single process mode.
[109:1:0322/222037.892000:ERROR:system_network_context_manager.cpp(274)] Cannot use V8 Proxy resolver in single process mode.

I get the second pair with the current code.  I find that if I disable single process mode that I then have a better chance of loading pages but the system _will_ lock up much faster.

I'm not too worried about the second pair of messages, but the former sounds more serious. I'll have to go look at the code at

Edit: Seems like due to my copy of posix code in

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 13, 2023, 06:57:40 am »
I've opened two PDF files (one xpdf built with QT5, and another after rebuilding with QT6).
Printed from both the one built with QT5 and the one with QT6 to PDF.  Both look from a test level OK:
Output starts with:
%XpdfVersion: 4.04
%%Creator: Writer
%%LanguageLevel: 2
However, neither xpdf nor lucide can open either file.  I cannot currently test printing to a real printer, so do not know if real printing works.
The only real changes that had to be done for the code was to add a couple of || defined and a section for cups in the cmakefiles.txt for OS2.  All following Linux, all related to printing...
For QT6 I had to go to a bug report where someone had submitted changes for QPrint due to deprecation changes.

P.S.  Maybe consider adding 7z as an upload option.  I did not notice it was not and the system helpfully removed my write-up that I had to re-write when it failed.

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