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Hardware / Re: eMMC Supported?
« on: March 20, 2023, 08:22:36 pm »

There was a question the OS2World Discord Chat asking of eMMC was supported on any of the OS/2 distributions.

For what I know no, I haven't get report about eMMC being supported.  The only implementation of eMMC that I'm aware of is for SD card readers on laptops and I haven't get any report of it working. Any other use?

For what I have read eMMC is slower than NVMe and it seems that the laptop market is more in favor of  NVMe these days, and they even seems to be removing the SD card slots from laptops.
But what do you think?


eMMC is not supported best I can tell. AHCI and NVMe is supported, eMMC not.


Setup & Installation / Re: Old DOS Program on ArcaOS VDM
« on: February 25, 2023, 02:56:55 pm »
Hi all:
I would be interested to use a statistics program designed for MS-DOS 3.0 or later in an ArcaOS VDM session. But when I run it. it gives me this error.

   "OS386 requires 80386 processor
    Kernel cannot continue"

Is VDM an emulation of a 286 processor?
Could the DOS parameters be modified to make it work?
I've already tried a real MS-DOS 6.22 session on a floppy, but since it takes DOS/OS2 session parameters, we're the same.
This program has the peculiarity that it must not use EMM386.SYS but rather HIMEM.SYS as the extended memory controller.

This program needs:
- IBM PC 486 or 386 or compatible
- DOS 3.2 or later
- Min 4MB extended RAM (not expanded) The program takes 3 MB
- Mathematics co-processor
- Graphic adapter CGA,EGA,VGA or MCGA or one that emulates any of these (16 colors recommended)

This is the DOS version of The Unscrambler by Camo
Someone knows?

The VDM does not emulate a specific CPU. It uses the CPU instructions at CPU level.
Check the DOS memory settings (Right mouse click on the DOS Icon).
Extended memory by default is setup to 2 MB, so that is the first thing you can modify.
For a DOS extender modidy experiment with 3 DPMI_ settings.


Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: February 12, 2023, 10:40:12 pm »
Hey Dave,

Yeah I saw that hang with YouTube too. I frankly have not much clue what to do with a dump - using them to fix a trap in unique is one thing, debugging a hang is another.

On other news, the dooble maintainer accepted the patches for os2 in

I'm not sure if bww ever tried to submit these previously.

I think it has never been done because the browser was still in development stage. And Dmitry was short on time last year.


Storage / Re: LVM stopped working
« on: February 12, 2023, 08:50:52 pm »
And without touching anything, the system works again without problem - LVM starts (on command line and mini-LVM), the drive is recognized, etc.

This is far fetched, but this problem could it have a relationship with NetDrive? I noticed that it happened when my DHCP did not get an address, but when it does get one, then there is no problem. Either that is a pure coincidence, or there is something in the network that messes up the LVM, and I can only see NetDrive as a culprit..
Netdrive is not involved.


I'm thinking about buying a HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 printer but it only supports 'HP PCL 3 GUI, HP PCL 3 Enhanced'. Usually I have printers with postscript and/or PCL5(+) support. No I wonder if I can use the features of this A3 printing engine. I guess scanner will work the same way as it does with my HP OfficeJet Pro 475dw (smb, ftp?, email). Working fax isn't that important. But I need high resolution print outs on A3 page sizes (11 x 17"). Color, duplex and tray selection.

I'm pretty sure ported programs will work good enough with the help of cups. But how about the standard OS/2 drivers? PCL 3 seems pretty old but back at the days when OS/2 drivers where written I fear it was limited to 300dpi and maybe even color didn't work work PCL3. Any knows?

The experience I have had with PCL 3 is limited. I can only speak with the experience I have had with PCL's printers many years ago.
The experience I had was that the native PCL drivers did not work that well. So you might be better off to use Postscript printer.

Good luck,


Storage / Re: LVM stopped working
« on: February 09, 2023, 08:35:38 pm »
Hi all, I have my ArcaOS on VirtualBox, and everything was working fine, until yesterday when I saw that my second virtual HDD was not here anymore. I tried running LVM GUI, and nothing happened. Went to command line, and running the lvm command shows that it does not work anymore.. no idea why (maybe some INI cleanup at boot time that messed up an LVM-related setting?).
Has anyone experienced that problem ? If yes, how did you solve it?
Thanks for any help!

Run from an OS/2  command line LVM /startlog:C:\lvm.log. Then we can see what is possibly happening.


Storage / Re: LVM stopped working
« on: February 09, 2023, 08:34:46 pm »

Any chance the LIBPATH stuff got messed up somehow?

What happens if you "cd" to let's say \os2\dll and try to fire it up from there?

lvmgui.cmd is in \os2, and if you start that up it'll look for in your CLASSPATH or directly in \os2\javaapps.

Wel what can "wrong with your libpath". The DLL's in in \os2\dll are in that location unless you copy them manually to different places.
That could cause issue's. However I have never seen anybody do that. So what else could "wrong with your libpath".
The error message does not point in that direction.

The issue is that the LVM engine is having an issue. Its a DLL loading issue.


If OS2\DLL would not be correctly in the libpath OS/2 would most not even start up...


Sure...reasonable conclusion on your part, but did I actually say THAT "OS2\DLL" got removed from LIBPATH???

I think not!

Storage / Re: LVM stopped working
« on: February 09, 2023, 03:10:12 pm »
Mini-LVM (from the System folder/icon), lvmgui (java based) or lvm??? cli version?
The ones I tried were mini-LVM from system folder icon and lvm on command line (the screenshot). Have not tried the java based. Is there any hope it would work when the others do not?

All not going to help. LVM.DLL can be loaded but for some reason the LVM dll can not access the disc somehow.
Hence wording it failed to open the LVM engine. Its not an issue of not being able to load the DLL.
Minilvm, lvm.exe and the java version all use lvm.dll so they will all have the same resuit.

Hmmm interesting.

Did you update to Virtualbox 7 ?


Storage / Re: LVM stopped working
« on: February 09, 2023, 03:05:21 pm »
Any chance the LIBPATH stuff got messed up somehow?

What happens if you "cd" to let's say \os2\dll and try to fire it up from there?

lvmgui.cmd is in \os2, and if you start that up it'll look for in your CLASSPATH or directly in \os2\javaapps.

If OS2\DLL would not be correctly in the libpath OS/2 would most not even start up...


General Discussion / Re: ArcaOS on Youtube @MichaelMJD
« on: February 05, 2023, 01:25:58 am »
Hi Martin,

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.  My question was about running that board in UEFI mode - I have proved it works in compatibility mode.  Yes, we have to wait but nothing appears to be happening after all the hype we were given at Warpstock which is why I said they need someone running their publicity that can report on this forum - they seem to be running everything on a shoestring which is not good for the future.

Do you think it was any different in the Mensys days ? These are 5 people working on ArcaOS at AN.
Nothing new here. Its not a big company with seperate desks for marketing, development, support etc.


Hi Andi,
Sorry to hear of your misfortune but it was rather foolish to let win 10 anywhere near another OS.  I have a lone salvaged PC that has win 7 on it because a data logger I use only has a win interface.  I have been given a couple of laptops one of which had win 10 installed (lenovo ideapad) and the first thing I did was to kill win and install Linux mint.  I am thinking I might install ArcaOS if they ever release the UEFI version.

I have also had several friends bring their laptops with win 10 installed as an update that messed up everything they had there for me to fix.  I am dreading a rush of win 11 machines because I know of several laptops (HONOR MagicBook 16 and others) appeared as Christmas presents.

Plemty of os/2 users i know that run Windows next tot Arcaos without any issue's.


<snipping all the original post>
You know what? What's really ironic is that OS/2 is most probably the first 32-bit operating system which actually came bundled with a virtualization environment - the VDM. One can launch theoretically as many real DOS environments in what looks really close to a sandbox, work in them, erase them if they crash, use different DOS versions (or maybe even CP/M?  ;D) and it was all already included in the system.
This, and the similarities between SOM and the recent incarnations of .NET under Windows and Linux just make me think how advanced OS/2 was at the time of its launch. An incredible feature and skill set wasted by IBM...

eComStation and best I can tell ArcaOS have an contract with IBM and the EULA of IBM is leading. The EULA requires you for installation to have a license.
So you can not install ArcaOS from a legal perspective if you buy one license.

I remember there was an eCS license which worded something like - you are not allowed to use your license more than once at any given time. But it was allowed f.i. to have it installed on the desktop and when traveling using it on your notebook. All from the top of my head and I may remember wrong as it's so long ago. But it's not worth to dig it out as this is OT here anyway. Or do you think I violate any of my ArcaOS or eCS or Warp licenses? Of course I'm allowed to run my eCS as guest under my ArcaOS host. But it does not make any sense for me anyway. So what's your point?

I was the person who write the eCS license text....

There is statement in there that you are allowed to use upto 3 Perosnal licenses. If you use more then 3 licenses then you need to buy a commercial license.
The issue however its worded INCORRETLY. It reads (because its worded incorrectly) that if one purchase eCS lcense (personal version) entitles you can install a copy on upto 3 devices.


-  I want access to a modern Firefox, and I don't want to boot into Linux to get it. At the same time, I don't want to lose access to ArcaOS (by booting into Linux).
You would not lose your OS/2 data cause Linux can read your JFS partitions very well.

But he, when I'm on Linux then my FF and Seamonkey (email) profile and all my other data (documents, passwords, program sources) is on Linux host too. There's no sense anymore to store them in a virtualized guest system.

Follow with me now ...
1. *Boot* one Host-OS, minimally configured ... never touch it again.

The key is the Host-OS. What is your Host-OS? Do you think there is any host OS which your really can 'never touch again'? And when you have a host OS, even a crippled one, then you have to master this host OS. And live with the host OS. Live with the host OSes quirks and problems. Have to keep them running and maybe install security updates there. Have to backup the host OS itself in case of ....

Example - for me the host OS never can be any Win cause I can't trust this OS. So the host have to be some flavor of Linux. FreeBSD, OpenSuse, Manjaro, Ubuntu, ... name it. It does not care. If I have a host OS which I have to know how to save, manage and backup my productive data, there's not much need anymore to produce any new data in a virtualized guest. There are tons of programs running native on Linux which will do my jobs similar or better than I do it on OS/2. But I've to live with the host OS crippled user interface (compared to the WPS) and with all the things you've to configure in some conf files in Linux.

Remember I know the benefits of VMs. But I don't see any advantage on running OS/2 as guest. If I change my main OS to some Linux then there will be no need anymore start OS/2 - ArcaOS. F.i. when I change my current file/mail/svn/web/.... server from OS/2 to Linux then a lot of things probably will work more smoothly as they do now. Given I ever invest the time to learn how to setup all this stuff on Linux.

For what do YOU need ArcaOS running in a VM?

eComStation and best I can tell ArcaOS have an contract with IBM and the EULA of IBM is leading. The EULA requires you for installation to have a license.
So you can not install ArcaOS from a legal perspective if you buy one license.


Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2023
« on: January 07, 2023, 10:23:46 pm »
I'd like to be able to set display resolution to numbers I like, instead of relying on those few that the VESA interface provides.

Hi Neil.

I didn't get this one, since I only have 1920x1080 monitors or less.
Do you mean that in Panorama there is missing some configuration for higher resolutions? or custom resolutions? Is there any resolution number that is giving you problems?


I may start a new thread for this, but this is my list of choices for screen resolution

1920x 1440

Notice that only the last one is a wide-screen.

I think this URL will tell what Panorama will most likely do on equipmetn that is pretty recent.
It could result in a lot of laptops the native resolution of the laptop working in UEFI boot mode.

BIOS boot native resolution is only possible if the BIOS supports this or the BIOS can be patched by Panorama. But this last option does not work
on all systems (patch BIOS with the resolution of the screen).

A lis of resolutions will not be implemented in reality. What is the best we thing we can get is support for "native screen resolution".


Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2023
« on: January 06, 2023, 07:32:52 pm »
Ethernet 2.5 GB support does not depend onf the network stack. That is more related to getting a driver for such a chipset ported by AN.
The question is if the TCP/IP stack will provide the performance people would be expecting. Based on the 1 GB experience on some systems I do not
think 2.5 GB performance will be achieved on OS/2.

For me at least, the 2.5GB support is so that I can use a specific motherboard with AOS. The 2.5gb ethernet is the only ethernet provided, and it's a mini pc so it's not like I can just throw a NIC into the machine..

Open a ticket to be certain and attach a testlog. A ticket has less change of getting lost... I think David his list of todo items is extremely long...


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