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Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: August 07, 2022, 05:21:16 pm »
Paul, everyone...

Paul thank you everything except VLC works here too, which may be a problem with VLC

The 'b' version boots up fine, regular sounds plays fine, but I did run into a HARD trap during mplayer playback. Specifically, take a look please at the attached mplayer log, looks like some kind of an error in the 'uninit_ao' module, and since I'm using AO: kai:dart config here (as opposed to uniaudio - which plays no sound at all) I'm not quite sure if this points to an actual uniaud driver problem or not.

I re-tested by going back to the earlier 5.15 drop, that works fine, or at least I was NOT able to reproduce the same TRAP with the same video file.


Hardware / Re: Displayport?
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:58:00 pm »
Hi ivan,

I can't help wondering why people keep on using something designed to prevent phosphor burn in on CRT monitors when it doesn't work on modern LCD panels.  I gave up using a screen saver back in 1990 when I pensioned off my CRT monitor for a 28" LCD unit....

Well, there is still that power use part of the LOL ;) If you want to be either ECO friendly, or wallet friendly, the real DPMS option allows the display to go into power-saving mode...and for my Dell units that's a difference of 30W (operating) vs 0.5W (active-off).

Hardware / Re: Displayport?
« on: August 05, 2022, 04:26:21 pm »
Hi Dave,

I'm afraid I cannot add much in terms of a "fix", but I will say this is interesting because having set up my dual display config here (Dell DU2412M) and being fed by my old trusty ATI X850XT PE, I am dealing with 1 of the units being hooked up through DVI and the 2nd one through VGA.

This is primarily a limitation of the current SNAP drivers, which do not support the ATI card's dual DVI ports to drive matching DVI ports on the display units.

The end result is that the VGA connected 2nd display is a little fuzzier (barely there, but my eyes pick this stuff up, so I can see it) and it does get slightly impacted by the VGA port's 'Pixel Clock' and 'Phase' settings. This sometimes results in that tell-tale noise when you display some dithered colour & texture combinations on the screen. Again, no biggie...but heck, with modern day hardware why suffer like this??? LOL

So point being, I have been meaning to try the monitor's DisplayPort as well, would need to use a DVI to DP connector, etc, but I'm curious how that might pan out?

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: August 05, 2022, 04:01:57 pm »
Hi Paul,

Updated to 5.15.59 -

Similar to David's experience, I am not getting no SOUND with the 5.15.59 release...HOWEVER, the 5.15 kernel update does work quite fine and unless it's my ears playing tricks on me, the sound seems to have higher quality??? ugh...???

Seriously...fired up PM123 and went through some of my music (eg Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight", 251 kb/s VBR, 44.1 kHz, Joint-Stereo) and it literally kicks ass!!!

Thank you!

Applications / Re: New builds of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
« on: July 12, 2022, 03:11:11 pm »
Might be worth trying the GCC10 build from

I think the intent is there, but the latest TB release ( reports itself as:

Code: [Select]
Compiler Version Compiler flags
gcc.exe 9.4.0 -Wall -Wempty-body -Wpointer-to-int-cast -Wsign-compare -Wtype-limits -Wno-unused -Wcast-align -Zomf -std=gnu99 -fgnu89-inline -fno-strict-aliasing -Zomf -fno-math-errno -pthread
c++ 9.4.0 -idirafter K:/usr/include/os2tk45 -Wall -Wempty-body -Woverloaded-virtual -Wsign-compare -Wwrite-strings -Wno-invalid-offsetof -Wcast-align -Zomf -fno-exceptions -fno-strict-aliasing -Zomf -flifetime-dse=1 -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wclass-memaccess -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -fno-math-errno -std=gnu++0x -pthread -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -g -march=pentium4 -mtune=generic -O2 -flifetime-dse=1 -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wclass-memaccess -msse2 -fomit-frame-pointer

So at least my impression here is that this is a GCC9.4.0 build.

Regardless, it appears to be more stable than the previous GCC9.2.0 build ( that would cause some weird hangs in FF.

Not sure why, but for what it's worth, I tried running both ways:

1) leave all the prepackaged DLLs in place
2) remove all the intree NSPR4 and NSS DLLs and use the system-wide stuff that's deployed in \usr\lib instead

In both cases the GCC9.2.0 drop was iffy, but GCC9.4.0 is markedly better.

Applications / Re: Hardware Explorer
« on: July 02, 2022, 11:11:16 pm »
Fixed. A new version:

Thank you S9 is recognized successfully with no impact on the WPS. Appreciate the work!

Maybe I'm getting slow in my old age but I wonder why you are doing a two step operation to get a PDF file - why not go directly to the PDF?

I think Martin is saying that on one of the two systems he has BOTH generating a PS as well as PDF file results in much larger file sizes.

Try what Tom suggest, but you could get there in a slightly easier way:

1) run 'yum history'
2) pick the transaction ID that's closest to the time you think when the problem started
3) run 'yum history info ID', where ID= what you found above

...that will show you the details of what package was updated.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Lying low for a few days
« on: June 22, 2022, 05:14:31 am »
Hi Paul,
Sorry to hear of a good friend leaving!

Have one of my own here, we are pretty close, enough so that my family calls me "favourite human" whenver he's around.

Take care,


So the whole action is for google to receive your current phone number (SMS). Where is the so called 'security improvement' if afterwards you log in via simple password then before?

...but that's a massive oversimplification of what's going on: if it wasn't for the shortcomings of our platform you would most likely want a two-factor authentication solution!

Since we are unable to use it, we need the kind of functionality app-passwords provide and so how can you 'blame' Google for the lack of security there? Heck...they are doing us all a huge favour by continuing to accept the existence of this security hole!!!

Applications / Re: Hardware Explorer
« on: June 16, 2022, 02:45:47 pm »
Hi Digi!

Any news?

Sorry, some work related stuff took over the past couple of days of my life..grrh!

Anyways, alright. So I deployed the DLL, got the log, the WPS did NOT crash when I plugged in the phone, so I think that's good news...nor did the phone show up in the HwExplorer window though...sooo???

I will ZIP and email you the results.

Thanks again!

Hi Andi,

I only use TB so I can't comment on the Seamonkey part of it.

Having said that, my experience with TB is very different and I am using Gmail email and Google calendaring functionality.

So...Apps-specific passwords is a way I deal with the 2-step authentication, this readily handles all of my calendars, including shared calendars. In fact my TB is configured to access multiple accounts along with the underlying calendar functionality.

The "load" time (I'll just call it that here) is nowhere near to what you are seeing. TB is up and running (and usable) literally within 15 secs from me selecting the icon. That brings up the email refresh and calendar views as well.

My machine is an older Phenom II X6 based box, SSD install although I do have a giant 1G JFS cache and a 1G internet feed, so network access is not a problem. My TCPIP monitor does NOT spike as this start-up happens, so at least in my case the size of the data pull is not the problem.

The typical TB memory consumption (after its been running for a day or so) is usually between 300-400M, and that compares OK to FF's 900-1100M after the same duration (mind you, I use FF much more intensively, whereas TB is a lot mroe static).

I'm afraid this probably does not directly answer any of the questions you posed though.

Applications / Re: Hardware Explorer
« on: June 13, 2022, 05:29:01 pm »

Hardware Explorer 0.0.6 is available for download.

Not sure if you are still frequenting the forum or not, but for what it's worth (in case anyone else has encountered the same issue): plugging in my Samsung S9 phone to the display monitor's HUB immediately causes a trap in WPS...or to be more precise the HWEXP.DLL throws a trap which takes WPS down.

Here is the info I have:

1) HWEXP bldlevel
Code: [Select]
Signature:       @#Andrey Vasilkin:0.0.8#@##1## 2020-08-09 16:09:30 DIGI-HOME::ru:RUS:::@@Hardware Explorer WPS Class
Vendor:          Andrey Vasilkin
Revision:        0.00.8
Date/Time:       2020-08-09 16:09:30
Build Machine:   DIGI-HOME
Language Code:   ru
Country Code:    RUS
File Version:    0.0
Description:     Hardware Explorer WPS Class

2) POPUPLOG.OS2 entry
Code: [Select]
06-13-2022  10:53:50  SYS3175  PID 0026  TID 000a  Slot 003b
P1=00000001  P2=0081a000  P3=XXXXXXXX  P4=XXXXXXXX 
EAX=00009732  EBX=00009732  ECX=00002234  EDX=008191a0
ESI=0081a000  EDI=00826ba0 
DS=0053  DSACC=f0f3  DSLIM=ffffffff 
ES=0053  ESACC=f0f3  ESLIM=ffffffff 
FS=150b  FSACC=00f3  FSLIM=00000030
GS=0000  GSACC=****  GSLIM=********
CS:EIP=005b:175888ff  CSACC=f0df  CSLIM=ffffffff
SS:ESP=0053:00819188  SSACC=f0f3  SSLIM=ffffffff
EBP=00819e0a  FLG=00010217

HWEXP.DLL 0002:000088ff

I haven't tried testing with a direct USB hookup to the motherboard (instead of display hub), so I'm not sure yet if this is repeatable.

Further point, Lars' HWMAN works fine, it does in fact successfully detect my S9.

Thanks as always!

I'm using the latest AOS USB drivers => 12.12.

Mail-News / Re: PMMail and filters - this one is not working...why?
« on: June 12, 2022, 02:25:34 am »

I don't find it. What version of PMMail are you using? Way back, after VOICE got the code, it was discovered that a number of those things actually didn't do what they were supposed to do. That was fixed, but not necessarily according to what was happening, or what was described, in the previous versions of PMMail.

I'm on " (32809) - Jul 25 2021 13:20:17 +0000 (GMT)".

Search for ".-z" in Help, for me it comes up under the "ICSL Help" section.

...I would also suggest that this sort of SPAM filtering is very much better handled by the PMMail SPAM filter (BogoFilter), than by trying to manually build the type of filters that you are attempting to use...

That is in fact what I started to do this past week.

I was aware of the functionality, however I just never took the time to investigate it further as my regular SPAM filter collection was working very well for me. However, as you pointed out, I am now using this functionality and it seems to be picking up the SPAM fairly well!

Mail-News / Re: PMMail and filters - this one is not working...why?
« on: June 11, 2022, 05:55:16 pm »
Hi Doug,

So to deal with this I figured that I'd just "beef up" my existing filters by adding the following;

Code: [Select]
(h.fromid.-z = "click" | h.fromid.-z = "xyz")

...alas, this does NOT work, and I cannot figure out why???


I don't see "-z" documented. Do you mean something else?

I would expect that "h.fromid." should be "h.fromid" (without the trailing dot).

Oh yeah, its out there, just sort of burried inside the Help screens. This is supposed to provide wildcard match where the "xyz" occurs at the end of the string (that's the meaning behind "-z" option), so in effect you would be picking up stuff like "".

The result should be that I trap all email addresses that originate from the ".xyz" domain, or claim to be orginating there.

I am starting to wonder if the "Header" fields do NOT actually contain this (this being SPAM and all that), despite the fact that PMMail does actually show this when exposing the email Header info.

Worst case is that like Matt suggetsed, I default to building a quick filter.

For what it's worth, I probably have about 20-30 of these complex filters built (have had them for years) and while they do take a little bit of effort to initially create, they do work extremely well.

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