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names and everyone forgot what "asperine" was. They got better alternatives.

I was just Xeroxing some papers when You posted.  :D  :D  I think Bayer is still quite wealthy through other means but this is a brilliant point.

 Any company like Microsoft will sue you when they know they can earn  money from it.

Indeed. You are right.

I will be really happy to see exFAT come to OS/2 if possible


but it is important to don't go blindly trusting them.
they will sue you to get a settlement and money, that will possible be cheaper to you (and yrou company) than going to court

This is my personal opinion, but people that runs companies are free to take the risks they want to.


Yes, those are patent royalties. And those are perceptions. Microsoft (and Foxconn) made some IP and copyrighted it. If the standard is open, it benefits everyone, same as the new XML formats did. You're assuming the nature of the new license before even seeing it.

I was hoping you had some substantive information (like some actual code or information cited.  The refences you gave regard the lawsuit itself and not the actual use/misuse of the intellectual property). The lawsuit/royalties have nothing to do with exFAT or Paragon.

Companies protect their patents. That's why they register them: to prevent going out of business. But that has nothing to do with that article. exFAT standards will be open. They cannot be a source of lawsuit if they are opened. If anything it will cost thousands of people their jobs. I say this is good news whoever announces it.
You have a prejudice against a particular company and that prejudice informs all of your speech and reasoning. 

don't forget that Ms claims that both Linux and Android uses some of its patented material and is extorting $$$ from Android phone manufacturers on the strength of that.

Any proof of this? Oracle owns Java, not Microsoft. Windows Phone/Surface apps are programmed in C# and not Java. I don't think MS would want to waste their time with Android or Oracle.

So, SD card format will be available for linux (after it has been available for Mac for decades).
How is this a bad thing? Paragon is an old company  that is used to getting paid for their projects. Paying developers is an old custom. Of course they are a little concerned. Historically, they have been a DOS company.

I think there is a lot of alarm over nothing and the article has no real information. A lot of hate for Microsoft.

Polls / Re: ArcaOS Youtube Channel - Suggestions, Advice, Critics welcome!
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:14:30 am »
You'll will have to truthfully say  that half of the (very expensive) hardware won't work as well (if at all) as it does for Windows. X250 is no longer current. Lenovo won't even sell you one.

The Youtube medium needs 60-second, highly focused and fun videos. Go for short stuff at first. Lunduke's review is good, but most users don't know what a virtual machine is. You'll have to explain this. Lunduke did not.

These are essential tools for any video that you wish people to view:

1). a good microphone (your laptop microphone will not produce good sound). Try the Samson G-Track ProB Microphone as a start
2). A pair of professional quality  studio monitors (a headset). At the very least use the Sony MDR-7506/1
3). A dedicated web camera. Use the Sony dh110 as an absolute minimum.

This is quite an expense but these are the very least for making a watchable video. If the sound and video quality is poor, people won't watch more than a few seconds.  Best Wishes!

General Discussion / Re: Yahoo Groups End of Life
« on: November 18, 2019, 02:27:22 am »
Closing down services won't make Yahoo any more popular. I wonder why they do that. What's yahoo for, these days anyway? Everybody does his searches with google or duckduckgo. Now groups are gone... so.. why not close down Yahoo for good?

Reading the latest promi news can be done elsewere too.. :>

That is a value judgement ("nobody uses Yahoo. Get rid of it"). Bandwidth is very expensive and we are only talking about 10-12 (unused) os2 groups.

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