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Applications / Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:30:29 pm »
Hi, I'm currently developing a VBox shared folders IFS for OS/2 guest. It is not
finished, yet, and I'm adding the fixes currently to it. But it is mostly working
already, and copying files from/to shared folders works. The current link is here:

Many people needed the VBox additions, so it should be a
great help for them. So, if anybody wants the OS/2 additions,
please try and test.

You should add these statements to config.sys:

rem The main VBox additions driver

rem The shared folders IFS

rem VBox Mouse driver
rem device=d:\os2\boot\mouse.sys

In case you have amouse.sys instead of mouse.sys, comment it out too.

Also, for video integration, there is a VBox GRADD driver, vbxgradd.dll. In case
you have SNAP installed, you should have the following lines in config.sys:

set gradd_chains=c1
set c1=sddgradd
set greext=sddgrext

In case you have panorama installed, you should have these lines
in your config.sys:

set gradd_chains=c1
set c1=vbe2grad
set greext=panogrex

To install the VBox video driver, you need to comment the above lines out
and change them to the following ones:

set gradd_chains=c1
set c1=vbxgradd

Also, if you have SNAP installed, you can comment sddhelp.sys. But then, you
also need to comment out/remove the

#includecode "sddpmi.dll"

from \os2\svgadata.pmi file and change it to

#includecode "genpmi.dll"

Otherwise, sddpmi.dll will load, and try to open sddhelp.sys driver, and
fail, so, it will stop with an error message. To avoid this, you need to change
sddpmi.dll to genpmi.dll in svgadata.pmi file.

Alternatively, you can just set your video driver to GenGRADD first with
"setgradd" command in command line (you need to boot into command line
for this), or use corresponding menu item in Recovery choices screen.
But setgradd.cmd command and "Set video to GenGRADD" option in
Recovery choices appeared in eComStation, only. Older versions of OS/2
have setvga.cmd command and "Set video to VGA" option, only. But you
should use a GRADD video driver, so "Set video to VGA" option is not
suitable in this case.

VBoxService.exe should be on PATH, of course. Note that VBoxSF.ifs has the following
command line switches:

/V       verbose init (enable messages)
/Q       quiet init (disable messages)
/D       output debug messages to VBox log, and also to QSINIT/OS4/ArcaLDR built-in log.
           In case QSINIT/ARCALDR or OS/4 kernel are not available, the messages are directed
           directly to COM1

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