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2Martin: Do you have llaecs.exe in mptstart.cmd? (or how it's called in ArcaOS, I don't know) If yes, please rem it out.
It can cause problems if VBoxService.exe is started via run=... statement in config.sys, and in some other cases. Or,
you can move VBoxService.exe to startup.cmd. This is a known problem of llaecs.exe. It interferes with PM programs
started from config.sys from run=... statement. Such programs are paused to load until PM is started. Otherwise, OS/2
may hang when a program tries to call PM API's. But llaecs.exe causes a glitch, so it seems, a PM program is not
paused loading until PM is started. So, better avoid to use llaecs.exe. It causes a lot of trouble.

PS: DId you read README? This problem is described there.

PPS: I looked into llaecs.exe, it's imported modules table contains pmshapi.dll. So, it is a PM program too. Maybe, the problem is because
it is started from a .CMD file, not directly as run=... so maybe, the problem should be fixed, if you move it to config.sys as a run=...

2FelixG: The Oracle version is different from ours, so it is of no help here. Though, good to know that you've repaired it. My congratulations!
Does all required tabs present in file properties notebooks (like "File" tab)? VBoxFS.ifs does not show it, currently.

2Martin: No, IFS has no control over any checkboxes. No idea yet, why WPS complains about EA's. Maybe, I just need to return proper
null EA's. At the moment, they are invalid. WPS accepts them when displaying a drive contents. But if you open a settings notebook of
a drive, you'll see that some tabs are missing (like File one). So, something seems to be wrong with EA's. For the same reason, it could
complain about EA's when copying. So, maybe, if I'll fix EA's, everything will be repaired. Need to try.

Setup & Installation / Re: command output redirection as input
« on: February 16, 2020, 08:05:43 pm »
You need to use UNIX shell for such commands. OS/2 shells like 4os2 cannot substitute result of one command into another.
Just start ash/dash and type the command as is. If

yum deplist $(rpm -q libaio)

does not work, you can try

yum deplist `rpm -q libaio`

Or, you can use a REXX script, like this:

'rpm -q libaio | rxqueue'
parse pull x
'yum deplist ' || x

PS: did you tried like this:

rpm -q libaio | yum deplist -


General Discussion / Re: OS/2 in VirtualBox
« on: February 16, 2020, 05:55:51 pm »
Hi, for VBox, instead of using ftp to transfer files, you can use shared folders. My "unofficial" version is here:

The support topic in os2world forum is here:,1905.0.html

Also, there is official VBox additions by Knut/Oracle, which can be found on official additions CD. Both versions have some
defects atm. Knut's version doesn't work with WPS Drives folder. Mine almost works, but not fully correct, though, it mostly
working. The defect is that all files on the shared folder have only one "Icon" tab in properties notebook. (should be five tabs,
including "File" tab). But file browsing, copying files, starting .exe's mostly work. Also, there is an incompatibility with VBox
6.x: When doing operations with files, the current folder becomes read only (you can remove the readonly bit with e.g., FC/2).
This is observed only with VBox 6.x. No such problem with VBox 5.x (as my additions are built for version 5.x).

Regarding QEMU/KVM, OS/2 runs in QEMU mostly fine. Except the trap in os2lvm.dmd and non-working netbeui.os2 and
tcpbeui.os2. The problem with os2lvm.dmd is because QEMU closely follows the intel spec, which is incorrect. The spec says
that 16-bit SGDT instruction behaves the same like in i286 processor. But it's not true, it behaves like i386 instruction. So, QEMU
emulates SGDT 16-bit instruction incorrectly. OS2LVM.DMD uses 16-bit SGDT instruction and it hits the problem. But there's a
patched version of OS2LVM.DMD by _dixie_, you can change it to the patched version and everything will work. The link is:

> I've tried loading OS 4.5 to run natively on a Dell Dimension 610. It loads and runs, but starting a DOS or WIN session crashes it.

On my ThinkPad T420 (model released in 2011, Sandy-bridge-based), DOS starts fine. I am able to run both DOS window and Win-OS/2.
With my OS/2 additions, it's possible to use shortened file names on a shared folder. Though, some DOS apps crash the VBox VM. E.g.,
Volkov Commander 4.99 crashes the VDM. But Notron Commander and DOS Navigator run well.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 09, 2020, 01:56:12 pm »
2mauro: renmodul renames internal module name. As I said, it is internal, you can see it in a hex viewer inside the file (Look for "DOSCALLS"
string in a hex viewer. Before it, you will see "VBOXGRADD" name). After that, you need to rename the file from "GERGRADD.DLL" to
"VBXGRADD.DLL". Manually, of course.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 09, 2020, 02:09:12 am »
2mauro: yes, Pete suggests correct thing: we omitted the module name here.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 08, 2020, 07:39:08 pm »

> And of course in my case, what happens after this make even less sense: the OS2 guest machine starts in VGA-8bit screen!

Yes, as Dave said above, you need to rename the internal module name with e.g., renmodul utility. If you rename a file name
only, this will be insufficient, and OS/2 will fail to find VBXGRADD module, and fall back to VGAGRADD driver!

2Martin: Yes, probably, I need to update VBoxMouse.sys and VBXGRADD.DLL to newer versions -- didn't checked them
last times.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 08, 2020, 07:34:46 pm »
2Sean Casey: You need to have VBoxService.exe running to have shared clipboard working. Shared folders have nothing to do with
shared clipboard. Shared folders are implemented as a VBoxFS.ifs IFS driver. Though, for automounting of shared folders, you need
an automount service in VBoxService.exe. Shared clipboard uses "shared clipboard" service, which is implemented in VBoxService.exe
too. So, both require a running VBoxService.exe instance.

AMOUSE.SYS is a different version of MOUSE.SYS, so in your case, you need to comment amouse.sys out.

PS: Read this topic for details:

I mentioned an amouse case here.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 08, 2020, 07:27:46 pm »
2Dave Yeo: Yes, you're right. You need e.g., a renmodul utility to change the internal module name to VBXGRADD, as I did.


Then it should work. This utility can also edit the imported modules table, changing these module names.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 08, 2020, 01:27:12 pm »
2mauro: He meant that gengradd.dll from latest VBox 6.1.2 additiuons fixed the issue. My version has it.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 07, 2020, 06:51:51 pm »
2Martin: yes, set c1=gengradd (not gradd).
I can try updating it, of course.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 07, 2020, 05:14:26 pm »
2Lars: So, looks  like your problems is your VM's specifics. Is your VM big? Could you upload it somewhere? (e.g., to my ftp)? Maybe,
this will allow me to reproduce your errors on my machine.

Applications / Re: Unofficial VBox Additions - vbxgradd.dll
« on: February 07, 2020, 05:07:22 pm »
2Martin: Unfortunately, I have no access to VBXGRADD sources -- binary only form. (As well as to VBoxMouse sources).
So, please, ask Knut/Oracle. I'm not sure about Panorama in VBox, but I experienced the same glitch with Panorama in
VirtualPC, so it seems to be a common GRADD drivers issue.

PS: Note that VBXGRADD is a renamed GENGRADD from Knut/Oracle version. It is just the same. It's renamed to avoid
collision with ordinary version of gengradd.dll.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 03, 2020, 08:25:34 pm »

> Found a bug in "GetEmptyEAs". See ticket #76.
will look later, thank you for your code review and help!

BTW, I installed win7 x86_64 on my laptop, tested OS/2 guest with shared folders in VBox 6.1.2 --
everything works fine, no hangs, icons are displayed ok in WPS folders, I am able to copy/browse files
and launch programs. So, no big difference from Linux. So, it seems to be hard to reproduce.

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