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General Discussion / Re: Strange behavior.
« on: February 03, 2020, 07:31:34 pm »
ftp access fails too: "Network access denied (65)". So, they seem to ban us by IP, neither http, or ftp or
mail works.

PS: Mirrors of course are very outdated. E.g., was last mirrored in 2017.

Accessing ftp root from a VPN with nftp or Netdrive gives an empty directory listing. Can anybody tell Hobbes admins
that discrimination by territorial attribute is not good. Nobody yet bans USA from russian ftp's, like or,  if we'll begin, would it be good? This will make an additional  fragmentation of community, which is
already very small. Everybody tells about mythical "russian hackers", but I doubt that russian OS/2 users are those,
and even that those mythical hackers are interested in visiting Hobbes. So, ordinary OS/2 users will suffer, as always.

General Discussion / Re: Strange behavior.
« on: February 03, 2020, 11:36:06 am »
I'm opening Hobbes successfully in Linux (Firefox 68 and Falkon browsers), via an american VPN. If I try opening Hobbes from OS/2 in
latest Firefox 45 from my own IP address (russian Tele2 cellular provider), it opens, but I got a SSL error:

Secure Connection Failed

The document contains no data.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

So, it opens from some places even in Russia, but SSL connection fails. Does it require a too latest SSL version?
Is anybody outside Russia and Ukraine able to open Hobbes from OS/2 browsers?

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:12:37 pm »
2Lars: Yes, something is not correct here indeed (see my answer at the bugtracker). But FileFindBuf generally works ok. Probably, FF_GETPOS is specified
in rare cases, so I don't observe any problems. I agree that logic is not fully correct here. But now we're trying to fix EA's. This flaw in logic is not related to EA's
at all. I'll look at it later. First, I need to install win7 to my laptop and see.

PS: The problem seems to be related to FS32_PATHINFO, not  FS32_FINDFIRST/NEXT. When I right-click on the file icon, WPS calls
DosQueryPathInfo with FIL_QUERYEASFROMLIST parameter.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 02, 2020, 02:41:48 pm »
2Lars: Which problems? I doubt this is related to EA problems we're observing. I need to display correct EA's. FillFindBuf itself works without problems
atm, I don't see any file find problems. No need to fix that works. We need to fix EA code. This code is not related to EA's.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 02, 2020, 12:33:10 pm »
2Lars: yes, EA support is broken. Thogh, it is half-working. I am able, at least, browse directories, start programs, copy files. But properties notebook
of a file has only "Icon" tab, but there should be 5 tabs available. So, something is wrong. Plus, sometimes, when WPS populates the folder (usually,
in a Tree View), something went wrong, and the populating process stops. Then if you click on any Drive object, it opens empty, or not completely
populated, until a reboot. Or, WPS can freeze. So, something is definitely, wrong. Probably, on Windows host, this happens more frequently, than
on Linux host. need to check.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 02, 2020, 12:29:32 pm »
2mauro: It happens e.g. when I build VBoxFS sources in "VBoxFS" subdirectory, this subdirectory becomes read only.
If you open it in File Commander/2, with Files->File Attributes command, like on this screenshot:,
you will see "Read only" checkbox set. So, You need to unset it, and press "OK". The same "read only" bit is set when you
copy some file from the same dir (just drag it in WPS Drives object). Unfortunately, you cannot unset this bit with WPS, because
"File" tab in settings notebook is not shown on shared folders currently. But FC/2 works.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 01, 2020, 09:15:30 pm »
2mauro: Shared folders in console programs worked for the long time, indeed. It's I broke it a bit in version r217. In r216, or older, on r218 everything
is working fine. I even ran a 8-hour build of complete VBox sources over a shared folder, and nothing got broken. What is not complete working atm
are dummy EA's which are required by WPS. So, currently (at least, on VBox 6.x in Linux and on VBox 5.0 on OS/2 host) I am able to open a WPS
Drives object, browse directories and copy files. Sometimes WPS gets stuck, or copying files fails, because current directory of that file becomes
read only. But if I remove the "readonly" bit, copying works. Also what I noticed is that if I open a file properties in WPS, I see only one "Icon" tab
in the settings notebook. No "Become", "File", or other tabs. On the HPFS/JFS/FAT32/emsFS disks these tabs are present. No idea yet, what's wrong
with EA's. Obviously, this is caused by incorrect EA's.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: February 01, 2020, 02:42:49 pm »
2Lars: of course all structures are byte-packed. You can ensure that this is done in EMX/kLIBC headers.

What action is this log you gave for? WPS crashed or setting icon view fail, or whatever?
Of course, I display . and .. dir entries. FS32_FINDFIRST/NEXT are well-debugged for a long time, so they
display everything correctly. "A.+,;=[].B" is not that VBoxFS displays, but what WPS fills the find buffer with.
It is given to any IFS. So, this is not my problem, but a WPS problem. And this, of course, does not depend
on the host. The same request is given to fat32.ifs too.

> Also, after on the find on the "install" directory, VBOXFS.IFS apparently returns with a SYS0018 which
means: "no more files found" and which is certainly wrong.

This is not wrong, this means that the file list is just ended. It's normal.
As I said, this code is well-debugged. it displays everything correctly. You can look with FC/2,
if WPS is not working for you. The problem with WPS is with something other.

> Tell me where to move this discussion. To the VBOX bug tracker at netlabs ?

The bug tracker is ok, of course. But here is also ok. I don't see why we cannot continue
the conversation here.

Anyway, I decided to install Win7 x86_64 on my laptop and see all the problems myself.

2Lars: I was editing my last answer in this thread, so please reread it. Please provide logs. The source is here:

As you can see, everything made the same way it's done in fat32.ifs (I used it as a template). The difference is
that code is 32-bit. EA's work fine, there is some windows-specific problem. The logs are enabled with "/d"
parameter in IFS command line. You can use latest version of Putty to redirect VM COM port to a terminal
emulator via a named pipe. You can google a tutorial how to redirect a VM COM port via a host named pipe/socket
to a terminal emulator, like Putty, minicom or DTerm on different platforms. E.g. this one:

Also, I have some info described in debug.txt provided with the aditions ISO.

PS: Look here if you don't believe me: I can open Icon or Detailed or Tree view
without any problems. I repeat that this is some windows-specific problem. But I cannot determine what's going
on in your system without any logs.

2Lars: Ok, so it was broken FIL_QUERYALLEAS in your case, not what I thought. What is "set default view"? RMB->Open as->Icon view
works fine. View->Icon View too. Do you try something other? Please provide logs 1) when WPS is crashed 2) When setting icon view fails.
Please interrupt the log when the error is occured, i.e., what was the last in the log. Or help me reproduce this on my machine. As I have
no Windows 10 on a bare hardware. I only have OS/2 with VBox 5.0.51 and Linux with VBox 6.1.2, plus Windows XP with VBox 5.2 which
don't have problems like you describe.

Now I returned it back to the previous state, so it should work. Here is the fixed version:

In r217, it made FC/2 trapped when copying files. Though, WPS copy worked successfully.

> Browsing around in the mounted directory tree traps the WPS but it recovers.

Maybe, you're using OS/4 kernel and WPS tries to start dmisl.exe and it traps, which cause WPS trap too? can you check this?
OS/4 has DosQueryRASInfo function unimplemented so, dmisl,exe fails. I noticed that when using WPS Drives object and browsing
the directory around, like you described. This time WPS tries to start dmisl,exe and it traps, which freezes the WPS. I observed this
with OS/4 kernel, but maybe such problems exist on IBM kernels too. Can you check this with attaching a terminal emulator to VM
COM port? Or, at least, rename dmisl.exe and see if the problem will go away?

> Also, funny enough but no changeable because of lack of EAs, the view always reverts to "Tree View", even if I select "Icon View" from the Properties->menu.

Maybe, that time you had "read only" checkbox set in VBox shared folder setting, so WP ROOT. SF file was not writable, and hence, you cannot
change root directory properties? Or just WP ROOT. SF file is readonly? Or, maybe, you have some permission problems on your NTFS drive?
Can you check this? This file contains EA's of the root directory of each drive.


> Ok, now I got a little bit further. It now mounts and the command line view on files and folders is ok.

And what was the problem? VBoxService.exe not started?

> But WPS only shows folders (from the mount point) but not the files. Also, funny enough but no changeable because of lack of EAs, the view always reverts to "Tree View", even if I select "Icon View" from the Properties->menu.

RMB->Open as->Icon View does not work? It opens an Icon View fine for me... Strange. Newer saw such situation as you have. EA's are present, empty ones.

> Browsing around in the mounted directory tree traps the WPS but it recovers.

How did you achieved this? Never saw such problem.

> I have the same prob as Mauro: I cannot copy anything from the mounted folder to my OS/2 virtual guest drive.
I have removed the read-only bit from the mounted folder (which is an NTFS volume of my Windows Host) but it does not make a difference at all.

The current folder is readonly. Open File Commander, choose Files->File attributes and remove "read only" checkbox. Remove "read only" flag not in
VBox shared folder settings, but a "read only" DOS attribute flag on the file system, with FC/2 or attrib command.


> can't copy the file in any OS2 folders

As I said above, just remove the "readonly" bit from your current folder, and everything will work.

PS: Everything is copied fine in my system. If you wish it to be fixed on your system, please provide
me with enough information, so I can reproduce it in my system. Or, at least, show me the COM port logs.
Otherwise I cannot help you.


> It just does nothing. I meant CFG file and not INI File,sorry about the confusion. How do your tools find the CFG file?

The .cfg file should be located in \os2\boot. It only has influence to drive letter pinning. If .cfg file is not found, shared folders
will be mouned to first available drive letters. What do you mean by "it does nothing"? it should mount at some drive letter,
at least. Did some shared folders mounted? Is VBoxService.exe running? (see my answer to Mauro below)


> confirm it is not appearing so it should be not mounted. But it works back (shared folder appears but is empty in the WPS pane) if I turn back to the version r186 installation

Are you sure VBoxService.exe is started? Are paths to shared folders specified in VBox shared folder settings, correct?

> dont't know how to test if vboxservice.exe and virtualboxFS.ifs are running

Does the

pstat /c | more

command show VBoxService.exe in the process list? If not, try running VBoxService from the command line and see
if it writes any errors to the console. Maybe, some required DLL's are missing. Do you have libcn and libcx installed?
Old versions did not require libcx, so they may work without it, but newer ones do not.

Also, e.g., WatchCat or Theseus show all loaded modules (all .exe/.dll/.sys/.ifs etc.).

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