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Hardware / Re: AS400 and IBM Access Client Solution (ACS)
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:42:56 pm »
There is one drawback, you need to use a older version, as the latest is not running with out java :( I use version build 7031 from January 2017. All later builds did crash for me as well.

And I use exactly the same command as you stated.

Games / Re: Tetris-like game
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:02:58 pm »
imho this is really a waste of time, as we have already a lot Tetris like games. See

I appreciate your guidance.  I'm asking for your best advice, Silvan ... should I abandon the project?

In my opinion yes. But YMMV

Games / Re: Tetris-like game
« on: January 16, 2019, 05:35:05 pm »

imho this is really a waste of time, as we have already a lot Tetris like games. See


Utilities / Re: man-db package setup?
« on: December 08, 2018, 10:14:54 am »
Dont run man in a root directory. As there it issues the fork Problem. Same does yum btw.

Applications / Re: Creating archive > 4GiB from script
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:07:15 am »
I have a script on my ArcaOS system that I use to backup all of my logical drives, except those used by openSUSE, to a USB thumb drive. It works well except for drive M:, a rather large collection of manuals. The script uses zip, and when the archive file exceeds 4 GiB, unzip can't handle it.
unzip can definitely handle large files. Also the klibc based build can unarchive a compressed zip archive larger than 4GB. The problem with the private klibc build is a broken directory handling combined with file name and path length problems. Almost every program that is linked dynamically against libcxx has problems with root directories and codepages in general. But the LARGEFILE stuff is handled in a proper way on supported file systems. So in real world you can use it for single file zip archives larger than 4 GB without issues, but there will be problems with large directory sizes, amount of files or deep path structures.

I tried using -s and concatenating the pieces, but that just changed the symptoms.

Plan B was p7zip, with the command 7za w:\temp\M.7z M:\

I get a message that no files were found and an empty archive. I tried adding an * to M:\* and I tried the -r option; neither helped. What is the correct syntax for creating an archive of the entire volume?
A simple solution or workaround when files can cause trouble for crappy tools is to avoid the usage of files completely or to some degree. You can do simply a complete disk dump of this volume and piping it through a compressor to create a large file for recovery. Or you collect all names in the volume (by a dir or find utility) and check if names and path length can be handled by those tools you mentioned earlier.
as you seem to know exactly whats wrong with those so called private builds (even I have no idea why those should be called like that), I wonder where your bug reports are.
Exactly such ports give me the feeling I should completely give up on either reading anything in this forum at all, or give up completely with porting software.
Just pointing to software which should not behave right, but not adding bug reports is not the way to go. Sorry

Applications / Re: Printerdriver for cups
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:23:36 pm »
Don't know the version. I think 1.4.

How can I remove the old cups? It is not installed as WPI. Or is it possible to install only the new drivers?

You need the whole Cups update. Use ANPM. As easiest. Cups is a complete solution.

Utilities / Re: Stability Zip3 & Unzip6
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:58:35 pm »
There was only one release of UnZip and Zip form Info-ZIP that can be downloaded here:

There were at least 2 different compiles and versions, IIRC Australian and German, and each package was not stable.
Those private builds lack in UNZIP.DLL and use broken environments or C libraries. Better stay with the supported original software.
I wonder in what sense those are broken. Did you ever create a bug report about that? If not I recommend you doing so.

Applications / Re: Printerdriver for cups
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:55:59 pm »
If we would know which cops version you use we might help you. And if you still use the old and outdated cups 1.4 you have to upgrade to cups 2. As this has a lot more drivers and a lot never ones.

Applications / Re: CUPS User ID and Password
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:03:49 am »
On the CUPS administration page (http://localhost:631/admin) when I click on "View Error Log" I am prompted for a user id and password. None of the user ids/passwords I have entered work.

Does anyone have any idea which user id and password CUPS is looking for?
which cups version exactly? Meas what does ANPM or yum say about the cups rpm version? As it should not prompt you for any password, if everything is installed correctly. And which klusrmgr version?

Utilities / Re: Stability Zip3 & Unzip6
« on: November 05, 2018, 11:16:36 am »
I guess NetLabs 'is stable by now.

I use the ones that ANPM (RPM/YUM) installs. After they got the problem with -S fixed, I have not seen any problems. I don't think they are the same as what is at Netlabs.

It depends on which versions of netlabs one references. As no one told which version was referenced it's hard to tell. But for sure has the same zip as in the latest rpm. All other versions somewhere on netlabs servers, if there are any,  are most probably old outdated.


Applications / Re: How to get a user and password in netlabs?
« on: November 02, 2018, 10:36:26 am »
I thought it was simpler, if someone can report this bug on FM2, I attached the photo. Miscalculates the percentage used, but only on that drive, the rest does not fail. But I have another failure in that drive, and I do not know if it can have any relationship.
Just follow this procedure:
You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets. Please login with your ​Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at ​ If you have troubles acquiring a ​Netlabs login id send an e-mail to

This is also written on almost every trac page on netlabs.


Hardware / Re: 122-Key keyboard
« on: September 28, 2018, 11:24:17 am »
I've got a Affirmative Unicomp 1225T 5250 Model M 122-Key PS2 Buckling Spring Keyboard (See attachment for picture)

I had to hook it to the computer using a Belkin USB adapter. It seems to work. Is there anything I need to do to have the system recognize all 122 keys? I have ArcaOS 5.0.3 running, and the last version of Personal Communications.

I'm trying to support Access to an AS400.
Neil still using that old piece of shit? Is that a very old AS400 customer? Or does he have a later >=V7R1 release? If so i strongly suggest to use IBM i Access Client Solution (ACS in short). It's written in Java and works like a charm. I use it daily, as thats my main development job


Applications / Re: Rpm software for testing
« on: September 28, 2018, 11:20:29 am »
I have a local repository at k:\rpm.local with a subdirectory 00 and under it more sub-directories, i386, i686, noarch and src where I put the relevant RPM's and have a small cmd file under k:\rpm.local called createrepo.cmd consisting of
Code: [Select]
sh -c "createrepo -d  k:/rpm.local"that I run whenever I add RPM's. It has always worked fine here and during my dial up days I used wget to download the RPM's from Netlabs.
I also, under @UNIXROOT/etc/yum/repos.d have a file, LOCAL.REPO with
Code: [Select]
name=My local repo

Note the above syntax may be wrong but works here.
Dave the above syntax is not wrong, but old fashioned :)
With later python you can use the syntax like written in the wiki, which is a bit cleaner.


Setup & Installation / Re: C0000005 error
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:03:59 pm »
I"m trying to install W4.5  and I'm getting a C0000005 Error on the floppy disk install.    Any idea on its where to look?

 I  spent 4 1/2 hours trying to install v4.5 on Dell e510;  tried multiple Dani1S506 (and DaniATAPI) drivers but kept getting "unable to operate your hard disk" errors, so I switched back to the 2003 versions of IBM1S506 and IBMATAPI. Success! kind of ...     now I get to the "Loading..."  screen, but then it stops with this.
   Search brings up a few hits but none are the same as this so I'm clueless.
If it's really worth trying to install W4.5 is questionable. I suggest you try ArcaOS. As with this version you also get support.
You can buy ArcaOS from different locations. Where or are some of them.


Applications / Re: Problems with lsusb and usb.ids
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:48:04 am »
I just tried lsusb with latest usb.ids and all runs still with rpm libsb1. So I don't see any issues with it or I'm blind.

Hi Silvan.

Can you please confirm that you are using "" ? or do you use a different release? I can not make it work with the Netlabs RPM libraries yet. I have an ArcaOS 5.0.1 VM and a different system on real hardware and both suffer from the same issue with the Netlabs RPM libusb1 and libusb-legacy-0.

Any other comments/Test from other people trying lsusb and the netlabs libusb is welcome. For the moment my only workarround is to use Paul's libusb.

yes I used that version, as else the test would not make any sense. Of course I could build a new version of the utility, but I'm a bit lazzy to do so.


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