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Hardware / Quatech SSP-100 Serial Port PCMCIA in ArcaOS
« on: March 14, 2021, 10:24:20 am »

Hello collegues, since 4 weeks /me fighting with PCMCIA Stack under ArcaOS.

What i have:
Old Notebook Asus S300N (S3N), clone of JVC MP-XV941.
Ricoh R5C476 II PCMCIA Controller
This controller is supported with the built in Driver Intel SS2PCIC.SYS and with commercial Driver APSoft SSPCIC.SYS.
I bought the commercial driver, its recognised by the APSoft SSPCIC.SYS driver, but i can't activate an PCMCIA Serial Port Card
Quatech SSP-100, which have OS/2 Drivers.

Maybe some of you had the same Problem and can help me?

Quatech SSP-100 Driver has 3 files:

Client Driver SSP100.SYS which is loaded without any problems
Serial Port Driver QCOM.SYS
Serial Virtual COM Port Driver for DOS Apps QVCOM.SYS

Under Windows XP the same driver is working without any problems. It gets a little bit weird address FFF8 and IRQ11.

When i put the driver in the CONFIG.SYS in this order:


In the manual they write, that SSP100.SYS Client driver need to be below the QCOM.SYS.
Thats doesn't matter, what parameter i give to QCOM.SYS - i always get an error: UART not found.  :-[

I would be very happy, if someone could tell me, if i make something wrong, or the PCMCIA COM-Port card is simply not recognized by the system.
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