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Setup & Installation / Re: Install Arca OS via USB stick
« on: April 11, 2024, 01:11:02 am »
Hello everyone,
I bought Arca OS 5.0.5 a couple of years ago and just now finally trying to install it on real hardware, not just VirtulaBox.

I have my ISO file, but Rufus on Windows doesn't recognise it as bootable and writing it to a USB stick doesn't seem to make it bootable. Arca Noae's docs suggest using dfsanwin.exe to create a USB stick installer, but I don't seem to have this anywhere and can't find it online.

Can anybody suggest how to make a USB installer from the ISO?




The iso file was into an archive file.
Into this archive file you have the needed dfsee script like dfsanwin usable under windows system as well  readusb.txt about how to create your bootable usb key.
I would suggest you to download your arcaos archive again.


Programming / Re: Start program from VX-Rexx
« on: March 23, 2024, 11:44:51 am »

I have a cmd file with this line;

address cmd.exe "start /C /min P:\test\pdftotext.exe source.PDF input.txt"

and it works fine (converting the pdf to txt).

Trying to run the same line in VX-Rexx is not working.

Got some good tips in the below thread:,2932.msg32804.html#msg32804

I've tried any "combination" I could think of but no success.
At one point I got the error message "private_alloc failed, error code = 0x00000137".

Anyone who knows how to get it to work in VX-Rexx?

I didn't try this but may be you can try it:
'@start cmd /c start "pdftotext" /b/k '||your_program

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: March 12, 2024, 11:52:05 am »
I want to get the latest Windows version of Dooble, but I can not find it on the git. (I already asked the author about that)

Latest version of Dooble for Windows:

(releasing binaries happens about twice per year, the rest of the releases is source-only)

Including latest windows7 build

Updated: cddbgui.exe (same zip link)
- corrected from time to time incorrout when one match only

Note: An update should be available soon

Update available (same link)
- corrected a bug (sometimes not all found matches - when >3 - are displaied making the selection not possible)
- added an eject button   

02032024> corrected a "@cdrom..." error message.    V0.1.5 fp1
(optionnal: cdrom.exe https// - adds cdrom close at cddbgui start)

Programming / Re: Bigicons
« on: February 22, 2024, 06:35:16 pm »
PM message sent

Updated: cddbgui.exe (same zip link)
- corrected from time to time incorrout when one match only

Note: An update should be available soon

link: GUI refreshed (some rexutil dll not loaded as expected under cddbgui.exe)

AVxCAT (minor update):
- AVxCAT isn't visible after start and init process is done => possible corrupted ini file, delete AVXCAT.INI and redo settings
- Some process not working as expected => try settings Threads to 1     

note: libcddb required - This package will be set as GA 2.1.0 build while future build may use querycddb as main cddb query process before current processes       

Update: Added FP2 (correcting incorrout when multilines for an album tittle or a track tittle exist into cddbGUI output file used as cddb database).   

FP5 available: Use help -> AVXCAT get update

Applications / Re: Mouse chording in OS/2
« on: January 28, 2024, 10:32:20 pm »
Do you use a PS/2 mouse or USB cordless mouse ?
I remember having always done like this since v3

Open an OS/2 cmd prompt window and try under it

Applications / Re: Mouse chording in OS/2
« on: January 28, 2024, 06:03:02 pm »
Copy: Click and hold LMB at start or end of the words to select, move the cursor left or right until the word is selected and then RMB followed by release both button
Past: Click and hold RMB + LMB, release both

Applications / Re: OSFree Components Under ArcaOS
« on: January 26, 2024, 10:21:44 pm »
Hi Martin,
There are programs which will not work and return stdout when called from a rexx interface (e.g. created by drdialog) but when started via a cmd.exe, informations are well returned to rexx dialog.
e.g. querycddb.exe

May be you could give a try with the cddbgui ...

I think that the best to do is to left cmd.exe as is and have an other option like ArcaNoae does it or like Windows does it (with its powershell)

Text Miss alignment corrected as well word "query" into dialog (link refreshed)

About next AVxCAT:  [ in test mode, available at request ]
         - Added Audio tracks supporting attached picture as well wav tracks get icon EAs for WPS rendering if jpg albumart
           exist or was downloaded (winico.exe required for this option - converts winico out of ffmpeg to os/2 ico 64:64)
         - New main popupmenu option (with wawe.exe installed) - Edit elligible audio file (cut, multi-cut, save etc...)
         - if discid cover was already downloaded thru add discid, the corresponding icon into the main list will change to
           the existing one at add time (can be disable/enabled using parm --imbai 0 or 1)
         - show downloaded discid cover thru add discid has now an integrated window instead of the drdialog prompt command
         - Added option to accept or ignore/reject found discid cover
         - Added option (if enabled --mbindex 0/1) to add discid index (limited number) from database if proposed album-art is rejected
         - Added New default path for downloaded covers using discid
         - Added parameter to change default path for downloaded covers to output path (--fld 0/1 [Disable/Enable])
         - Added option to switch from profile dropdown list to Icon pre-fixed profile buttons
         - Added Selected iconbutton profile is saved at AVxCAT file/exit
         - Added Possibility to use customize iconbutton profile (user of external cfg file)
         - Added last Audio/Video icon-profile used saved if using file/exit menu
         - Added [X] "delete" option for user created profiles under [New profile] button
         - Added "Create folder(s)" & "delete folder" under internal filemanager called by [Chg] button for target folder
         - Added "M4A" alac
         - Added "MOV"
         - Added MD5 package used to autocheck downloaded updates (through AVxCAT menu)
         - New ffmpegca.dll
         - Optimized parameters when involving leech (USB CD-ROM, grabbing private CDs)
         - corrected: a wrong video profile
         - corrected: some video option may use incorrect video extension
         - corrected: hung could occure when cdd2wav reads a track having lot of jitter (changed a fixed parameter)
         - included a process to prevent cdda2wav hung on very rare CD's having problems or difficulties with most cddb tools
         - Updated compatibility for metadatas/Tracks Titlle file generated under PM123 or querycddb
         - Somme minor corrections
         - changed a few webcam -> UDP initial settings
         - fix of webcam bug included

Not GA yet
Available at
Use bldlevel to get AVxCAT build level needed to report issues or suggestions.

Hello Remy.

I haven't work with CD Ripping to MP3 in years.
- Can you please explain me a little bit what does cddbGUI does?
- Does it requires LeechMP3_3-70.exe and ?


Hi Martin,

Only needs  LeechMP3_3-70.exe which includes under package 1 querycddb.exe
Rxutilex dll required

It only allow you to get metadatas / track tiltles with the possibility to select the right found entry of those existing into the database.
under parameters:
Update userid and host ( both together making it your email address - note: "anonymous" "" may work but this is out of gnudb rules and not be used )

Select for the output Use discid ( making the output file compatible as is with coming v2.1.0 AVxCAT or already compatible with v2 after edit/save of the output file copied under AVxCAT cddb lib folder - e.g. can be used instead of cdda2wav results )
or no change which will use default name cddb.out
If none is checked > output file can be renamed to any name using the corresponding field.
The result is saved under the specified "To path"
Specify leechmp3 path
Do not change gnudb database and its port used.
Set drive letter to the one you use for your CD player.
Insert CD
Press run -> querycddb is called
The list of found entries is listed.
If none ! nothing more to do
If one, verifiy entry (stop can be done or without action (tracks / metadatas are get after a max wait time of 5s)
If more than one entry !
Select the right one (the one which seems to be the correct entry for you) - click on the numbered line with title entry
In none are good, click on the abort line
Selection has to be done in a max time of 2'15 minutes or request is canceled to prevent put remote server into timeout state
(remote server has a timeout of 2'30)
Once done, all information are saved into the output file (click on the line having where saved INTO exist to view/edit the result)
A second file is created including the cddb query string usefull for other kind of queries (API, web services...)
This string has: FreeDB discid (usable on Brainz), number of tracks, tracks offsets and time as last number.

From the screen copy, I see that a miss alignment exist under you screen size (will correct it)

Note: If result seems to be helpfull and easy to use like this, a lighter code could be integrated into AVxCAT as an alternative cddb request choice or a get cover option into this GUI.

If some are interested, a little gui to leechmp3 querycddb (as is) 
(you have to set parameters - leechmp3 path, a valid email address according gnudb  rules, specify drive letter and optional output file)

Applications / Re: OSFree Components Under ArcaOS
« on: January 24, 2024, 04:46:23 pm »

Yesterday I tested the "OSFree command line tools" replacing the ones in ArcaOS, without any kinf of impact in the operation of the OS.
This command line tools are open source under the The 3-Clause BSD License according to his webpage.
A light inspection shows that the source code is here:

I tried the "osFree OS/2 Personality Command Line Tools" and  the "", later I will use the ones in "osFree ISO image" which are the newer (2019).
I didn't replace cmd.exe yet.


Do not replace, rename or delete original cmd.exe or some programs (rexx pgms) may have problems.
In some case, a call to cmd fom rexxdialog may be needed to get correct results out of OEM tools


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