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Setup & Installation / How to reverse a failed driver installation
« on: May 11, 2021, 12:54:50 pm »
I need to reverse a failed video driver installation which has resulted in a general protection fault (trap: 000d, errc: 0000, exception SINGLEQ$) that prevents the machine from booting.  I am completely inexperienced ("noob") with OS/2 but I installed V3 on a '586 VLB machine and had a running system until I tried to install a video driver for the Genoa Windows VGA 24 VLB video card.  I found the driver on the Hobie(?) site and got halfway through the install before it failed.  The install mentioned saving the original files but didn't say what they were named or where they were saved.

I have a boxed set of OS/2 2.1 with disks and a manual.  With the help of these materials I am able to at least get the machine to a command prompt and access the C: drive, but from there I am unsure how to proceed, not knowing enough about the file structure or command syntax to search for most recently modified files.

Suggestions welcome, thanks.

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