Changes for Version 3.6.4 (AIX Only)

IBM C and C++ Compilers now supports 64-bit application development for C++ and C applications.

The following new compiler options are now supported:

Changes from Releases Prior to Version 3.6

C Run Time Library Enhancements

Heap Debug/Non-Debug Libraries

C++ Run Time Library Enhancements



No Longer Supported

Changes from Previous Releases


In VisualAge 3.5, an .exp file was required as a command line input if you invoked ilink.exe to create a .dll file. In   version 3.6, if an .exp file is not provided on the command line, ilink.exe will call ilib.exe to create the .exp file and .lib files and continues the linking process. Therefore, you no longer have to provide the .exp file on the command line.

Changes to Linker Options

Options are no longer Supported

IBM Library Manager

The library utility now allows options and input files to be specified in any order (free format). If you want to use build scripts or makefiles from previous releases, replace "ILib" with "ILib /NOFR". Note: /NOFR must be the first option specified in the command line.

The following options are not supported in IBM C and C++ Compilers:

ILIB now accepts module definition file statements.

ILIB now provides the functionality of IMPLIB.

Language Implementation

The following support has been added:


Open Class Library

IBM Open Class Library Changes

Pragmas and their platform and language restrictions
Reserved keywords