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Applications / Re: Boycott Discussion
« on: May 27, 2022, 04:04:23 am »
Hi Rich

I'm sorry but there is more background history here. I had noticed a lot of FUD against OS/2 russian developers and the OS4 project on the past. I don't want that and I want to advice people to stop that kind of things on the forum. There had been some private, "super confidential", that "I'm not supposed to repeat" skype calls on the past and I will no longer take part on those.

I will stop on the forum any attempt of boycott a project, even if you think that are hard words.

Roderick may love this platform, work hard to do things for OS/2, but he has ways to obtain his goals that I don't like or share.


Applications / Boycott Discussion
« on: May 27, 2022, 12:08:38 am »
Hi Roderick
From my perspective this way of fixing stuff is the same as throwing mutt at the wall and see if it sticks.
I think everybody is putting Glenn on the wrong foot to make him replace pmmerge.dll. It might fix the crash the but nobody even knows why the crash occurs in the first place. So if you backlevel the last version of pmmerge.dll with an older one. The program might start to work, but then what is broken ?
I mean its all well intended but what is causing the crash in the first place ? PMMERGE.DLL is pretty important system dll and not something that should just be swapped out like spare tire from the trunk of your car.

I took these words as your opinion and FUD against the OS4 development. Please open another thread if you want to express something else. We know that the OS4 development is experimental and for me it is categorised as a research/educational project. We have discussed that a lot on the forums, and I don't want to continue with that.

Sorry Glenn, let's try to get the "popuplog.os2 entry" as Roderick also said.


Games / DOS Game - Privateer - EMS - NOEMS (DOSBox / VDM)
« on: May 25, 2022, 05:29:07 am »

I was following someone in Twitter that wanted to run a DOS game under ArcaOS, but says it is not possible because some non common EMM386 use.

The game is Wing Commander Privateer.

When I run it on DOS VDM it says:
Code: [Select]
Protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls.
Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option.
If it is, replace the option "NOEMS" with "RAM".

Even that DOSBox says Privateer is compatible, on OS/2 I get this error (Attached). DOSBox 0.74 for Windows gave me the same error.

There is an old OS/2 DOS games compatibility list that says about Privateer:
-Origin is up to their usual tricks.  This one uses a proprietary
  memory manager, so it doesn't run OS/2.

Any ideas if this game can be run on OS/2 VMD or DOSBox? or there is no way to run it?


Where is it listed what USB 12.12 fixes ?
Hi Lars:

I know you posted it as a rhetorical question (to make a point, rather than get an answer), but there is a little text on the USB Readme about what is updated on 12.12.
Change Log

v.12.12 02-Apr-2022 - David Azarewicz
  USBCOM: Fixed USB3 issues. Added support for some newer PL2303 devices.
  USBD: Added protection from some XHCI unsafe drivers.
  USBCALLS: Added protection from some misbehaved applications.
  XHCI: Added isochronous support. May not be fully tested due to
    the lack of compatible drivers and applications.

But I agree with you  that is worthy to do some  trial and error with the OS4 patched PMMERGE.

Glenn; Can it be possible to get some pictures of the CD-ROM, or send it over to "".  I want to see if I can find it around?


Networking / Re: No files in network folders workplace shell
« on: May 22, 2022, 09:36:14 pm »

I was told that on the old Compuserve forums there where peope hired for FUD that usually post something not working about OS/2 (focusing on the weak spot), complain a lot, didn't have any patience and at the end say they are switching to Windows.

I would belive that on this case, but the OS wars were over a lot of years ago.

Jacco, welcome to the OS2World forum, do you want help with you OS/2 system? or just want to complain and FUD?

Warp 4 is very old, I would recommend you to at least to use Warp 4.52 or ArcaOS.
The out of the box file sharing on OS/2 (NETBIOS?), is not that compatible with Windows on purpose, becase Microsoft didn't want people with OS/2 can play nice with Windows, since they don't tolerate competition.
I have no idea how to install Samba on Warp 4, since it is very old, and we are using Warp 4.52, eComStaiton or ArcaOS. If you Warp 4 has an important business application that is used in producction I recommend to back up it first.


Article Discussions / Old Static Forum Updated
« on: May 20, 2022, 04:19:33 am »

I had updated the forum script of the OS2World Old Forum:
The script had been updated to Simple Machines Forum 2.1.2, which is the latest and have some improved layout.

But there is an issue that it has, but it does not apply to the oldforum, since it is read only. The reply box does not shows the text menu on older browsers like our Firefox 45. It works fine on Dooble, but again, it does not applies since the oldforum is a read only forum.

This means I will not be updating the currently OS2World forum to version 2.1.2 until Dooble became stable.


Programming / Desktop Apps from JavaScript - Electron?
« on: May 18, 2022, 02:32:24 pm »

As a theoretical exercise I want to know what would be required to port some javascript applications to run as desktop applications.

I will like to see Element, a Matrix chat tool, running as a desktop application. Currently Element is running on Dooble (You can test it here), so my guess is that we already have several of the libraries that it uses ported to OS/2.

But what is needed to have the "desktop" version of Element running on OS/2 as stand alone?
It seems that part of the trick is Electron ("If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app.")
It is needed for Electron to be ported? Is it some kind of compiler that will interpret Javascript to a desktop OS/2 app? Is it portable to OS/2 or we miss more things?


Games / Re: DOS VDM - USB and Game port Gamepad support
« on: May 18, 2022, 02:06:36 pm »
Unfortunately, there seems to be little in the way of native OS/2 derived items to test and Best!

In other words, do we need something like "" but instead of DOS, for OS/2 native?


Games / Re: DOS VDM - USB and Game port Gamepad support
« on: May 17, 2022, 11:52:37 pm »
How are things going related to your Dad?
Also where can I find Makman OS/2?

I'm going fine, still some paperwork I need finish.

Makman is very basic and you only use the pad to move the Pacman, and I'm not sure if it is the best sample to use a Joypad with OS/2, it is the one that I found first. But you can get it here.


Games / Re: DOS VDM - USB and Game port Gamepad support
« on: May 17, 2022, 07:02:30 pm »

Hi Wim.

I confirm the drivers keep working in my system.
- ArcaOS 5.0.6 with PCSIGP
- Wolfenstein - VDM
- Wolfenstein - DOSBox 2021/01/24
- Makman - OS/2


Setup & Installation / Re: UEFI Boot Manager for 5.1
« on: May 17, 2022, 06:13:10 pm »

I have a related doubt here. From what I understand on GPT partitioned HDD, AiR-BOOT will no longer work. AiR-BOOT is only for MBR, right? or did I get it wrong?


Applications / Re: Old problem.. any known solution ?
« on: May 15, 2022, 07:06:47 pm »
Hi Glenn

I don't have the American Heritage Dictionary by DUX, but the only thing I had seen is that there are two patches at hobbes, but I'm not sure if those are for the same thing you are using? Those are patches for DUX.EXE.


Off Topic discussions / Slowing Down But Not Hitting the Brakes
« on: May 12, 2022, 08:19:23 pm »
Hi Guys

I just want to share with you something off-topic and personal. Last friday (2022-05-06) my father passed away and I had been quite busy dealing with that issue.

My father worked for IBM since the 70’s till 1999 and I learned a lot of things from him that I used in my career and personal life. Thanks to him I learned OS/2 at its time and studied Computer Science. He was a great man and it had been a great loss for me and my family.

During this month I will be dealing with the usual local bureaucracy and taking a closer look to the family business with my brother.

I will be slowing down a little bit with OS2World during the next month, but I will keep connecting to check on a few things, slowly updating the hobbes archive, and I still have on my plans to assist Warpstock 2022 and stream the event with the help of the community.

Thanks to everyone for their condolence via e-mail and social networks.


Applications / Re: Media-downloader
« on: May 10, 2022, 02:54:03 am »

I'm having a lot of problems to install python3 on a new ArcaOS 5.0.7 I created. A lot of errrors with "yum". I can no longer install media-downloader.

I remember that I run media-dowloader before and let it run for a while until it downloads yt-dlp by itself. But sadly I can not longer test it on this VM.


Applications / Re: Media-downloader
« on: May 10, 2022, 01:56:05 am »

I'm guessing hard here, but I think in my case it needs phyton3. phyton3 is only on the exp repository as I can see.
Neil are you using "netlabs-exp" on that machine?

I will keep trying.


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