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Programming / Re: Bigicons
« on: December 25, 2023, 06:48:05 am »
The difference between the two is that "SET BIGICONSPATH=" is correct (i.e. that's what the code looks for) while "SET BIGICONS=" is incorrect (i.e. the code doesn't look for this). The fact that AN has been putting the wrong entry in config.sys for the last 6 years doesn't change things. My only question is why it took someone 6 years to notice the error.

FWIW... I was the one who transformed "Sunny Icons" into "Dynamic Icons", so maybe I was the one who gave them the wrong info. If so, I apologize for the error.


I guess it took 6 years as nobody has felt the need to actually relocate the icons.  :D

As for who is responsible for the error, I lifted the code section from the eCoSoft icon package verbatim, without validating it. Thus, the problem exists in Sunny Icons and its icon package, as well (so longer than 6 years, there). I should have looked at the code, where it is fairly obvious what the variable should be. Oh, well.

General Discussion / Re: Arca Noae services offline
« on: June 22, 2023, 07:33:24 pm »
I am relieved to report that as of 1:25 EDT today, all hosted services are back up and online. The fiber cut has been repaired, and things should return to normal as soon as we get through processing all of the "are your servers down?" email messages.  :)

General Discussion / Arca Noae services offline
« on: June 22, 2023, 01:54:25 pm »
Hi, everyone.

Unfortunately, we had a fiber cut yesterday around 3:00pm EDT. We are currently awaiting a truck roll to splice it and get us reconnected to the rest of the world. Rest assured, Arca Noae is still hard at work, and we should be back online before the middle of the day tomorrow (Friday, June 23).

At present all Arca Noae services are inaccessible (email, main website, bug tracker, FTP, SVN).

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Antivirus and ArcaOS
« on: March 08, 2023, 03:23:23 pm »
Absolutely, Ramon.

As a server admin, I often need to rely on reports from others as to whether we've ended up on some wacky blacklist or some such. Sometimes, a mail account we host may be compromised, and as we allow authenticated relay, the server will start relaying junk. I might not be aware of the problem until I go looking for something else, and then find that the log file has grown to gigantic proportions. So, I'd much prefer if people would speak up when they get odd-sounding results, so I can look into things more fully.

So, thanks for saying something. I'm relieved to see that it was (and likely still is) just a false alarm, and we don't appear to be on any (other) widely available reputation blacklists. Glad, too, that you were able to fetch your updates.


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Antivirus and ArcaOS
« on: March 07, 2023, 05:29:12 am »
Sometimes I wonder how these "domain reputation" scores actually work. Sometimes, it seems that any domain which hosts downloadable files is automatically classified as some level of risk. It's very odd that Bitdefender seems to consider our domain suspect. Of course, you can remove our YUM mirror from your netlabs-rel.repo file (and/or netlabs-exp).

Unfortunately, you can't really do that with any of the Arca Noae repo files, as Arca Noae currently has no other mirrors, but a lookup of will come back to one of our registered IP addresses (but not the same address as

IAC, Ramon, I can assure you that the Netlabs YUM mirror hosted at is clean. We sync every 12 hours with, and the web space is not world-writeable, so it should be free of any extraneous files. The YUM metadata would have to be built on the server if any files were changed or added, and we don't do that. Instead, we sync the entire Netlabs repo content, including the metadata (faster and less CPU-intensive than rebuilding it locally). Thus, only the files which would be accessible from the master copies of the Netlabs repos should be available from our mirrors.

Hardware / Re: USB32 USBMSD problem of re-read diskette
« on: January 23, 2023, 03:08:46 pm »
Hi, Lars...

I happen to have an IBM FRU 02P5223 right here, and it works perfectly well attached to the same T560 USB3 port in the dock as my Teac, with or without media inserted at time of connection. This information from the DDK is considerably outdated, and of little to no relevance to the 32-bit AN driver..

David completed extensive reworking of USBMSD.ADD in the 12.04 release of the AN stack (March, 2020) when he converted it (USBMSD.ADD) to 32-bit. There was a lot of broken stuff in the IBM code (including at least one null pointer). Frankly, it's rather amazing that the IBM code worked as well as it did.

Hardware / Re: USB32 USBMSD problem of re-read diskette
« on: January 22, 2023, 06:38:34 pm »
Lars, I mean no disrespect, and do not mean to imply that one driver performs more or better checking than the other, but perhaps *different* checking.

I'll have to look at Igor's testlog output again, but all I can say right now is that we have what should be the same hardware, and yet, mine works and his does not. I'm confident that your stack would work for my drive, as well. So, I'm only positing that there may be other factors at play instead of an actual software defect.

Thanks for all you do, my friend. ;)

Hardware / Re: USB32 USBMSD problem of re-read diskette
« on: January 22, 2023, 04:11:48 pm »
Igor: You and I seem to have the same floppy drive (Teac USB ID 0644:0000). David also has one of these. Considering that David's and my drive work and yours does not, I would have to say that this is likely not something related to the USB stack (yes, I get that Lars' USBMSD driver works), but rather something unique to these systems where the drives are not working (and/or where the AN stack performs additional error checking which perhaps Lars' driver does not - and that is just a WAG on my part).

Michael: Have you opened a ticket with Arca Noae and provided a testlog for one of your drives which does not work? Are you also saying that the ports in your dock do not work? This could point to a number of other issues beyond software.

Hardware / Re: USB32 USBMSD problem of re-read diskette
« on: January 21, 2023, 09:06:48 pm »
Hi, guys...

Test system here:

ThinkPad T560
Lenovo Docking Station (17EF:1010 (HS hub with single TT) Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock Hub)
ArcaOS 5.0.7
USB stack 12.14 / USBMSD.ADD /FLOPPIES:1
Teac FD-05PUW (0644:0000 (MSD)-(UFI)-(CBI-I) FS TEAC Corp. Floppy)

Device hot plugs. Insert media; able to read, able to write; eject media; insert different media; able to read, able to write.

Same system, but swap out the Teac drive with:

IBM USB portable FDD (057B:0000 (MSD)-(UFI)-(CBI-I) FS Y-E Data, Inc. FlashBuster-)

Same result. Disks insert, readable, writable, eject, replace with different disks, reading/writing still possible.

The only thing I didn't test was formatting. Okay, testing... Formatting works as expected (in the IBM drive, at least).

I fail to see what is wrong, sorry.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: ArcaOS 5.0 on
« on: January 17, 2023, 09:21:20 pm »
Thanks, Martin.

This appears to be the same ISO which was previously leaked to a few months ago (through no fault of the licensee - or Arca Noae). I've sent Juliano a takedown request.

As always, we are extremely grateful for everyone keeping a watchful eye out for leaks.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: ArcaOS 5.0 on
« on: January 17, 2023, 06:57:08 pm »
Thanks, Mentore. I'm on it.

Events / Re: User Meeting Cologne November, 5th 2022 confirmed
« on: July 11, 2022, 12:37:35 am »

Please read "keeping OS/2 running" as "keeping OS/2 running and continuing to improve the user experience." (I didn't think the second part was necessary, but I should have stated it directly. Mea culpa.)

Edit: And thanks for your kind words and acknowledgement of the enormity of the task of getting ArcaOS booting and installing on UEFI, as well as being able to make use of GPT devices, my friend.

Events / Re: User Meeting Cologne November, 5th 2022 confirmed
« on: July 10, 2022, 01:52:38 am »
Very, very simple:

5.0.7 (like 5.0.8 and possibly 5.0.9, 5.0.10, 5.0.20) is a fix rollup for ArcaOS 5.0. Who said it should not exist? People who paid for 5.0 support should get just that: 5.0 support.

If you watched and listened to my roadmap presentations and read the disclaimer slide (which is present in every single one of these I do), you would note that dates are approximate targets and never stated expectations of delivery. The work takes however long it takes to get a professional, commercial product to release. Without a crystal ball, there's no way to know how long that might be.

5.1 is not "delayed." It's simply not finished. There's a HUGE difference between those two states. "Delayed" implies that it was ready for release but had to be put on hold for some reason (like holding the countdown for a rocket on the launchpad). "Not finished" means just that: the rocket is not yet complete and ready for launch. We haven't even moved it to the launchpad. In fact, it's still in the hangar, being assembled.

Please be patient. 5.1 is coming soon. Really. We are literally down to documentation and last minute finishing and updating our delivery system to support spinning 5.0 and 5.1 ISOs, as well as 5.1 ISOs in various languages.

Events / Re: User Meeting Cologne November, 5th 2022 confirmed
« on: July 09, 2022, 10:54:04 pm »

you owe me email replies -- will be glad to resend the messages if they got lost

My friend, I sent you no less than five replies to your Yahoo! address on June 5, in response to your email to me of the same day from that same account, when I was recovering from cataract surgery and could barely see the screen. To date, I have no follow-ups from you, so...  ;)

I have another (much longer) one in draft which I'll finish one day soon (I hope).

As always, I am open to suggestions as to just what to say in such "we're still working on it; don't give up...there's still a pulse" posts which are not simply that. You're on the dev team, so if you ever feel that we've been sitting silent for too long, feel free to post something to the dev mailing list (substantive suggestions for verbiage always welcome and a plus), and I'll do my best to snap out of my doldrums to oblige.

You see, for me, in the thick of the forest, it's hard to tell what others might left to their own devices. As I said to a consulting client a few years ago, in response to his comment to me about the age of most of the OS/2 code in his enterprise, "I see new OS/2 software every day."


Setup & Installation / Re: Dos and WinOS2
« on: July 09, 2022, 10:41:05 pm »
Hi, Rick...

Thank you all for your help I just had to repurchase arca  :o because to buy the maintenance program after expired was more expensive than just purchasing the whole OS again.

[Further comment regarding Arca Noae deleted.]

As discussed in our FAQ here, and (now) in the ArcaOS 5.0 Support & Maintenance product page, here, as well as on the Support Info tab of the ArcaOS 5.0 - personal edition product page, here, the late renewal price applies when a subscription has lapsed for more than six months.

A late renewal is not, as you have asserted, more expensive than purchasing a new license. A new license not only costs $1 more (personal license) than a late renewal, but the late renewal includes a full year of support, starting from the date of purchase, as opposed to a new license, with its six months of included support.

In fairness, we blogged about this when the policy was put in place, and it only applies to subscriptions which have lapsed for - as I say - six months or more. If you had a question regarding the reasons for the late renewal pricing, you could have surely brought them to our attention through our Contact Us page. Customer retention is our goal (you can't base a business model on subscription services without renewals), and we always welcome direct feedback.


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