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Setup & Installation / Lower-cased ASSOCFILTER
« on: October 14, 2019, 07:22:04 am »
Is it possible to set a lower-cased ASSOCFILTER easily?

StarOffice, with installed WPS classes, sets its own ASSOCFILTER for some (but not all) of its file extensions. *.sdc, for example. But if an installer sets the same associations, then both *.sdc and *.SDC will appear as associations. The settings of the installer will be upper-cased. The same applies to typed associations. If you delete the lower-cased one and keep *.SDC, then *.sdc will reappear again after a reboot.

The practical solution is to not set the 5 upper-cased *.SD* ASSOCFILTERs, to end up with 5 lower-cased settings and 3 upper-cased settings, but I'm wondering if there's a way to lower-case specific new ASSOCFILTERs. So an installer can set all 8 ASSOCFILTERs, without having to delete 5 double entries afterwards. Unfortunately it's not as simple as finding a plain "sdc" in the WPS DLL and changing that to "SDC".

Programming / Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« on: October 01, 2019, 10:16:12 am »
Can the broken OS/2 version of Quicky be fixed? There is a documented one-liner fix for Windows:

Nice work! Thanks for usefull wiki! ^_^

Bit info about compatibility:
To run this app on windows I have made one change to wikiview.cpp file:

This code:

if (!url.scheme().isEmpty()) {

Was replaced to this:

if( !url.scheme().isEmpty() && url.scheme().size() > 1 ) {

Because disks C:, D: etc in windows - is also schemes (but should be seen as internal urls).

Now you cannot drop a file like C:\NewDir\Test.TXT. but you can use CMD.EXE to go to C:\NewDir and type "C:\Apps\QUICKY.EXE Test.TXT".

To test, drop a local text file (which should include a drive) or use a full file specification as an argument (e.g. C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT).
To install, perhaps insert "Type e.g. NETSCAPE %1 (menu Settings -> External Links)" between steps 4 & 5:

Code: [Select]
  4. Start Quicky
  5. Enjoy the app

I've attached an alleged source file (source:, second last entry).

Setup & Installation / eCenter button image
« on: September 27, 2019, 12:37:58 am »
Is the eCenter button image an image file or an embedded resource?

Programming / PNGcheck Z.DLL version warning
« on: September 19, 2019, 12:50:23 pm »
Can PNGcheck be recompiled to get rid of a built-in Z.DLL version warning (expected 1.2.8, found 1.2.11)?

Our version should already be the latest, albeit OS/2 is mentioned but not included as a binary at The code (strcmp(...) !=0) could be improved (by appending && strlen(zlib_version < 6, for example) to exclude the current v1.2.xx updates of Z.DLL, but I guess a recompile will do for now.

Programming / DragText & STDIN
« on: September 02, 2019, 10:57:37 pm »
If text is dropped and the drop target is an app, then it's possible that the file created by the app will be saved in the directory of DragText. Not in the directory of the source of the text or, for example, in the desktop directory (i.e. the homre of the WPS).

Not supporting files in the the DragText directory is not a perfect option, and using <WP_DESKTOP> if the path of the output file would be DragText's may surprise an user.

Are there other options to exclude DragText input, or to avoid the use of the DragText directory? The dropped DragText file has got rather specific EAs. If the dropped file is located in DragText's directory, and the EAs may be DragText's, then use the <WP_DESKTOP>?

Rexx sample code won't be a surprise. Save, and use DragText to drop text of e.g. a CMD.EXE window on top of the icon of the sample:

Code: [Select]
/* Drop text */

PARSE ARG filename

data=CharIn(filename,1,Stream(filename,'C','QUERY SIZE'))
CALL CharOut filename

IF Pos('.',output,1)>0 THEN PARSE VAR output . '.' output

CALL CharOut output,data
CALL CharOut output

SAY 'Input:' filename
SAY 'Output:' output
CALL CharOut '','Press <ENTER> to delete the output file... '
'@DEL' output '> NUL'


Is there an API which converts any valid file specification of an user to a fully qualified path. Like, assuming all are valid and the current working directory in C:\OS2:


You can assume that the file FOO.BAR was created successfully earlier, by using fopen(). So if \\SERVER\OS2\FOO.BAR will never work, then you can skip that one. A Win*() API requires a fully qualified path, but an user could have entered anything that'll work with fopen(). So all I may know is "FOO.BAR".

Or do I have to check if there'a a "\". If so, "CHDIR" to it and query that current drive and directory?

Programming / Xpdf v3.04+
« on: August 24, 2019, 05:47:48 am »
The latest Xpdf @ Hobbes is v3.03. Apparently, excluding a X11 viewer,  it could be compiled without any source code changes. Is it still possible to compile (and release, please) any newer version of the CLI utilities without source code changes (

Xpdf v4.x.y may require Qt 4 or Qt 5. The latest version ( requires Qt (5.9.7), FreeType v2.9.1, libpng v1.6.35, zlib 1.12.11 and lcms 2.9. But even v3.0.4 would be an improvement.

readme.os2 of v3.0.3:

This archive contains Xpdf 3.03 compiled for OS/2.

Only the commandline utilities are included - not the X11 PDF viewer.
The script used for compiling the unchanged Xpdf source is included in the src folder.

Internet / FF/SM parameters
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:47:09 am »
WPProgram object #1, converted to CLI commands: C: & CD \SEAMONKEY & C:\SEAMONKEY\SEAMONKEY.EXE
WPProgram object #2, converted to CLI commands: C: & CD \SEAMONKEY & C:\SEAMONKEY\SEAMONKEY.EXE C:\TOOLS\openurls.html
WPProgram object #3, converted to CLI commands: C: & CD \SEAMONKEY & C:\SEAMONKEY\SEAMONKEY.EXE -search "\"hello world\"

While #1 is running, is it a (fixable) bug or missing feature that #2 opens an expected new tab but #3 doesn't?

I was trying to develop a simple fire & forget front-end to search without having to wait for a started browser first, and of course hardly better than using "-search "[Search for ...]" as a WPProgram parameter prompt, but one of the unexpected results was that a new search killed the browser and next restarted the browser again (WPProgram object #3 replaced) or didn't start at all (#3 updated). So apparently the started EXE is linked to the survival of its starter.

Programming / SOMOBJ.H syntax errors
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:51:05 pm »
I'm trying to recompile the WPS DLL of with IBM VAC 3.08 and theTK 4.52, just to see if it's not that hard to translate the WPS UI's "OS/2 windowed" to, let's say, the usual "eCS-opdrachtaanwijzing (Venster)". After editing a few paths in CMDHERE.MAK, this is the output of NMAKE CMDHERE.MAK:

Code: [Select]
Operating System/2 Program Maintenance Utility
Version 4.00.001 Oct  4 2001
Copyright (C) IBM Corporation 1988-2001
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1988-1991
All rights reserved.

" Compile::SOM Compiler "
        sc.exe -p -S65536 -C65536 -mnoint CMDHERE.IDL
" Compile::C++ Compiler "
        icc.exe /Ss /Gm /Ge- /Ms /C C:\cmdhere\WPSDLL\CMDHERE.c
IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2, Version 3
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1991, 1995.
- Licensed Materials - Program Property of IBM - All Rights Reserved.

C:\cmdhere\WPSDLL\cmdhere.ih(59:1) : warning EDC0523: Obsolete #pragma
checkout ignored. Use #pragma info or the /W options.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(249:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(277:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(304:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(330:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(356:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(381:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(406:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(431:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(456:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
E:\IBMCPP\som\include\somobj.h(481:17) : error EDC0046: Syntax error.
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\OS2\CMD.EXE' : return code '12'

I've read an old article about %INCLUDE%, but I've only got one copy of SOMOBJ.H:

Code: [Select]
30-06-99 19:15         43.815      0 a---  somobj.h
Lines 245-250 of SPMOBJ.H (syntax error @ line #249):

Code: [Select]
 * New Method: somDefaultInit
typedef void   SOMLINK somTP_SOMObject_somDefaultInit(SOMObject *somSelf,
som3InitCtrl* ctrl);
#pragma linkage(somTP_SOMObject_somDefaultInit, system)

What's required to get rid of those syntax errors?

Applications / SM with .SUBJECT EA
« on: July 09, 2019, 07:48:23 pm »
What's the last, still downloadable version of SM which still saved the location of a download in the .SUBJECT EA?

The <CTRL-J> donwloads windows tends to cause a TRP file, and I need a full name.

Applications / (Mainly text-based) movies
« on: July 06, 2019, 03:40:48 pm »
What are weapons of choice to, in the end, quickly produce an animated GIF with mainly text-based frames? The format (size, grid, colors, font, lay-out, ...) has to be about the same, so you cannot start PBRUSH.EXE, aim, type text, save and convert.

YouTube videos with just audio and lyrics, and perhaps showing a static image while there are no lyrics, may be a well-known example. GLE? An utility which almost works like a text editor?

I can create my own image files, with a text file as input and automatic processing to create the whole movie, but unfortunately using any font is more than a bit of a stretch.

Having to type is no problem, as long as you can edit and re-use text you've saved as the previous image. Edit as text, not as pixels.

In theory GLE seems to be a candidate for fully automated processing, including variable delays and non-text images which can be inserted later. In pseudo-code:

[blank] // blank initial frame, default delay
The Pope // First text frame (title), matching default delay
Is the Pope catholic? // Second text frame, variable delay based on the text
No, a Pope is the leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. // Second text frame, variable delay based on the text
[ALEXPOPE.GIF] // insert image, default delay
Thank you for being bored! No fun intended. // Final text frame, variable delay based on the text
[end] // The end

But having to type, save, edit, save, edit, save, ... and compile a video manually is no big deal. It ain't books. A lyrics videos is a good example, albeit such a video is already quite long (and requires almost perfect delays).

Applications / PmDraw's (CAD) fatal fonts warning
« on: June 29, 2019, 07:42:43 pm »

Here PMDRAW_197.ZIP's PMDRAW.EXE (IBM EWS) never worked. A fatal "Initialization warning", "Can only examine 307 of 0 fonts installed in system" message.

The parameter /? (or -?) helps. One of the shown parameters is /D. Debug. When used, that initialization warning will still appear in some debug mode, but selecting "OK" finally results in a displayed main window of PmDraw. I've tried just this parameter, and didn't RTFM.

Please note that PmDraw (simple CAD) and PM Draw (bitmap creation) are different apps.

Applications / Discussion about RPM/YUM and Libcn
« on: May 07, 2019, 04:03:29 pm »
I noticed today that "libcn0.dll" is available on the regular (non experimental) netlabs rpm repository. That means that regular users can now get that DLL.
Thank you. Albeit I dare to state that "regular" implies all brands of OS/2, and mainly installs without bleedin' RPM, so it's a bit of a stretch to imply that ArcaOS and perhaps eCS 2.x are representing what "regular" is.

I haven't seen a more regular *CN* RPM ZIP file so far, FWIW. ArcaOS will be regular for users of an English OS indeed, but that's a minority. Surely you aren't claiming that users of e.g. a Spanish version of OS/2 aren't "regular users"... :)

Setup & Installation / libc 1:0.1.1-1
« on: April 05, 2019, 04:23:28 pm »
What's "we released version 1:0.1.1-1 of libc" about !?

AFAICS there's no such thing as a "libc version 1" in, and the announcement is newer than the next best match Well, the announcement may be late.

Applications / WinZip
« on: January 17, 2019, 03:10:42 pm »
Does someone recall how to use a WinZip 6.0 registration code with Win-OS/2?

The screenshot @ has no Registration-button. FWIW: I'm not using theirs.

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