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Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:58:03 pm »
A possibly missing category: better looking 40x40 icons for Microsoft Office 4.3, fully based on the original 32x32 icons

Two weren't that hard. I'll attach screenshots of different sizes, but each matches the ratios of the original 32x32 icons. The same method won't work for Access/Exces and Excel, because the images are slightly different.

The grey background has to be replaced by transparency, but now I'll post original *.PNG source files instead of edited *.ICO images. This may be as good/large as the scaled original images will get.

Programming / Re: Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:53:08 pm »
Quicky.CMD is a wrapper for a broken Quicky 0.4 release. The OS/2 version of QUICKY.EXE, with this ported bug, was compiled in 2011.


The broken version of QUICKY.EXE is required. To install, save QUICKY.CMD in the same directory as QUICKY.EXE.

Setting a viewer for external links is recommended. Menu Settings (of Quicky), External Links. This optional setting can be NETSCAPE "%1" or E.EXE "%1", for example. If you want to, save Graser's icon file as QUICKY.ICO in the same directory as QUICKY.CMD and QUICKY.EXE.


Quicky.CMD requires one argument, the name of an existing file or of a new file. Not all possible file specifications were tested. File names will be uppercased (easy to fix).

Quick :) start

Go to the directory of QUICKY.CMD and QUICKY.EXE
Execute the command  QUICKY.CMD DEMO.TXT (it's assumed that DEMO.TXT is a new file)

Switch to the Edit mode (menu Edit, Ctrl+E, or paper & pencil icon)
Type Please use the '''link''' to open [[Quicky.CMD]]. (or select, copy and paste the text below)

Code: [Select]
Please use the '''link''' to open [[Quicky.CMD]].
Save the file (File menu, Ctrl+S, or diskette icon)

After having saved the new file, close Quicky.
Again execute the command QUICKY.CMD DEMO.TXT
Try to export the viewed file Quicky.CMD as a HTML file (quicky.html) via the File menu
Use the (blue) link to open the internal (= same directory) link "Quicky.CMD"
Toggle the Edit mode to switch between editing and viewing

After viewing the manual (menu Help, or F1) it looks like you cannot return to a document. In the File menu only Save (Ctrl+S) and Export HTML may work. Encountering bugs and missing features are quite likely; it's a simple app to produce basic formatted text.

Code: [Select]
/* Quicky.CMD, wrapper for broken Quicky 0.4 release (CLI, drag & drop) */


IF Left(file,1)='"' THEN PARSE VAR file '"' file '"' .
IF file='' THEN EXIT
IF Pos('-11 ',Stream(exe,'C','QUERY DATETIME'),6)=0 THEN EXIT

test=Translate(Stream(file,'C','QUERY EXISTS'))
IF test<>'' THEN file=test
IF test='' THEN DO
   IF FileSpec('P',file)='' THEN DO
      IF Right(here,1)<>'\' THEN here=here||'\'

IF Length(path)>1 THEN DO
   PARSE VAR path 1 path

IF drive<>FileSpec('D',Translate(Directory())) THEN '@'drive
IF Right(test,1)<>'\' THEN test=test||'\'
IF Right(test,1)='\' & Length(test)>1 THEN DO
   PARSE VAR test 1 . 2 test
IF path<>test THEN '@CD' path
'@'exe file


FWIW; it just makes components of QUICKY.EXE usable, without having to remember to avoid e.g. drive letters.

Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: October 03, 2019, 12:48:40 pm »
Although it looked ok on a white background, the same could not be said for a dark background.  If you have already finished your icon or don't care for this one, just don't use this one.

I'll use this for Quicky, for one because it's based on the original artwork. It has 2 modes, edit and view. My icon would have been a view-icon, but edit is better because it's almost a simple word processor without printed output. So editing is more relevant than reading a result.

Applications / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 can no longer play Youtube movies ?
« on: October 03, 2019, 12:38:01 pm »
Seems weird that the BIOS would even be aware of what files you have on the drive.

I can't imagine why a PIII wouldn't run the i686 version
It's the maximum supported disk capacity, and the worst eCS-hardware (i.e. no OS/2 Warp 4 80486 test device) score counts. Plenty of free space when I grab a T42p, so I can test a specific optimized build, but free space of lesser hardware (including irrelevant backup media), per device, is about 170 MiB (160 MiB reserved for maintenance), 40 MiB, about 30 MiB (reserved for data), and about minus 60 MiB (smallest backup device). I haven't tried YouTube with the i686 build yet, other than selecting a video to obtain the URL for a downloader, for one because of a rather specific problem with a possible dangerous fix (a.o.

My P4 IBM A30 desktop, slower than a T42p, has a 2.x GHz CPOU which is a little bit to slow for videos with W7 (Microsoft couldn't be bothered to aupport the Intel chipset). The same reason why I once upgraded my T42p CPU. Regarding FF/SM and PIIIs, it's a know problem that a PII works better than one may expect (startup time) and it's usable (obviouslyvideo will kill the radio start). A PIII Mobile (ThinkPad T23) works as expected. With a 500 MHz PIII the performance is the worst by far (startup time, verything takes "minutes"). I'll test that again, because I probably haven't started SM there since the latest i686 build.

Programming / Re: Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« on: October 03, 2019, 11:51:08 am »
Proposed OS/2 icon file for Quicky, by David Graser:

Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: October 02, 2019, 02:54:23 am »
A possibly missing category: better looking 40x40 icons for Microsoft Office 4.3, fully based on the original 32x32 icons (I'll attachg a few, FWIW). I've used PowerPoint to check my library of icons, but AFAICT there's no larger icon which looks like ye olde, classic 32x32 PowerPoint icon.

Setup & Installation / Re: eCenter button image
« on: October 02, 2019, 02:40:29 am »
Thanks. I've extracted it, to possibly use the usual, known eCenter button image for xCenter. The extracted eCenter bitmap appears to be either damaged or weirdly wrapped, but so far I've only stripped bytes before the bitmap's header and haven't looked at the back end yet. After a quick fix it's good enough already, albeit not pixel-perfect.

Applications / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 can no longer play Youtube movies ?
« on: October 02, 2019, 02:32:49 am »
The second zip I posted worked fine for me.

Personally I've stuck with i686 as it is basically the ancestor of all other Intel CPU's and AMD isn't too different as well.

made sense some years ago when P4's were still common, it seems not to be anymore.

Thank you. Here, with CMD.EXE, it didn't even print the ECHO-line. Deleting the rest and inserting explicit SETs was easier than figuring out why. I've got all files, after finding out I was using a *DEVEL*.RPM file. :P

I'm using your i686 F/SM builds, for one because old BIOSes are causing disk full-errors even without several large, nearly identical files (one per targetted CPU), and it works as good as it gets in the range i686 - IBM ThinkPad T42p.

When my (single core, eCS) P4s stop working, none is perfect, a logical next step may be a - possibly surprising - CPU downgrade. You tend to use the best hardware, but one day even here P4s will become less common. Due to a "forced" switch to PIII( Mobile)s and PIIs for Mozilla-based browsing (won't work with PIIIs, last time I checked). ;D It's that, or letting Microsoft torture new disks. Unless there's a good, "fully" functional ArcaOS NLV release for > 1 core.

Setup & Installation / Re: Informal eCS 1.2R releases
« on: October 02, 2019, 01:04:49 am »
I frequently update installed OS/2 versions from (Warp4 to ArcaOS 5.0.4) to the latest using Suntan Special.. But this is English-only. Still, if installing English updates (everything I use is included, not just the operating system) would help a non-English system, I'd guess that could help.

It's a lot of work to update, and I think Suntan Special does not save much time, but does help to remember all the items that need updating.

Installing English updates, e.g. a latest OS/2 Warp 4 FixPak for OS/2, is a matter of choice. If the OS doesn't change, and you are officially one of the happy few (eCS 2.x: DE, eCS 1.x but not eCS 1.2R: DE/IT/NL), then the numbr of language issues is limited. For one because of having lost a lot of countries and languages.

I'm compiling a "full" installation manual at the moment, to not have to remember everything. It's longer than expected. I still have to install a few apps and still have to configure (e.g. sometimes setting or checking the language) almost all apps, but so far language-related changes are: keyboard selection during the install if it's not US-International, change or check the WIN-OS/2 keyboard if it's a Dutch (and perhaps other) keyboard, install a "language update" for *.MAH files, and change a translation error (WPPrograms' title "Eeditor"). I could change many names ("Lokaal Systeem" -> "Lokaal systeem"), but that's overdoing it. Language packs of FF/SM are included in a profile backup. Most of the individual INSTALL.CMD /INSTALL.EXE files have been moved to 12 INSTALL.CMDs, which may sometimes use a translated parameter string or title ("[Which driveletter?]" -> "Welke stationsaanduiding?]"). Install WIN-OS/2 printer driver with a right language, if available. That's it, so far. Also caused by the fact that we've (almost) lost a few communities (e.g. Italy, Japan, ...), so it's hard to avoid English software, and you'll need many "users" for a translation. I'm one of the happy few, with rather active translators. I'm not sure if I would/could buy ArcaOS NL tough, especially if legacy stuff doesn't always work properly anymore. Anyway, the hardest part of installing a supported foreign OS will typically be that you'll have to select the option in the middle instead of having to recognize "Laat het toetsenbord gezellig de grootte van de beeldschermresolutie van de opdrachtaanwijzing zelf bepalen". eCS does mix languages, but that's quire rare. CMD.EXE's "yes"-prompt, instead of "ja", comes to mind. Presumably the Korean OS/2 Warp 4 FixPak is the most impressive one, because it's not IBM's.

Applications / Re: USB pendrive on OS2 4.52 VBox guest
« on: October 02, 2019, 12:19:05 am »
Sort done by Logical Config.Sys Sort: Be sure to READ the instructions, if you decide to use it. It sorts Config.Sys so that humans, as well as machines, can read it. It makes sure that the lines are in the correct order, and does some commenting, but does no validation, or parameter checking.

After just viewing its output, to verify a CONFIG.SYS order, it didn't clean up a few files. CONFIG.SYS.1, and 2 TEMP.* files in the LCSS directory. FWIW. If that's not reproducable (execute, view results, stop), then I may have somehow executed and aborted LCSS twice.

Applications / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 can no longer play Youtube movies ?
« on: October 02, 2019, 12:09:32 am »
Arcview-2.2 - I think it came with eCS 2 - and the readme gives the needed information and where to find the necessary programs.

It's not a no-brainer to upgrade eCS 1.2's OS component ArcView to eCS2.x's, if you want it to be an "ArcView FixPak for eCS 1.x". Alex Taylor has documented once what's required for such an upgrade.

I do prefer a FixPak-approach to not end up with several installed copies (now, and/or after an OS upgrade), and to be able to talk about exactly the same file(s). Unfortunately often that comes down to DIY or misunderstandings, for example due to assuming that something is a generic OS component.

Applications / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 can no longer play Youtube movies ?
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:51:42 pm »
Try this package. EMX based IIRC.

As such the UNRPM.CMD file doesn't seem to do anything, but a simplified and customized CMD file to extract does:

Code: [Select]
set HOME=m:\ramddiskdir
set TMP_DRV=m:
set TMP_DIR_NAME=ramdiskdir

echo Extracting files with directories
rpm2cpio %1|cpio -id --preserve-modification-time --verbose

SM sometimes seems to be quite slow with the #%!&# SSE2 DLLs, without me being that biased, but I haven't tried the i686 ones yet. Connecting to websites often seems to take longer than usual. For now let's blame this week's internet.

Applications / Re: Firefox 45.9.0 can no longer play Youtube movies ?
« on: October 01, 2019, 02:23:39 pm »
You will have to download the actual RPM's from the i686 repository and unrpm them.

Code: [Select]
To run this batch file, at least `rpm2cpio.exe' and `cpio.exe' are required.
Where can I find those requirements (of a requirement, of a requirement, of a requirement, of a requirement)?

Setup & Installation / Re: Informal eCS 1.2R releases
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:56:51 am »
A derived"trick": if the templates folder stopped working (0 items found, possible hang), then templates can be created elsewhere. For example, if you need a FTP-PM template but cannot access your templates folder anymore:

Code: [Select]
/* Untested */
CALL RxFuncAdd 'SysCreateObject','RexxUtil','SysCreateObject'
IF SysCreateObject('Ftp','FTP-PM','<WP_DESKTOP>','TEMPLATE=YES') THEN SAY 'FTP-PM template created.'

Using Rich's OO.EXE is recommended, if possible, for one to try to avoid possible REXX.DLL-entries in POPUPLOG.OS2 later:

Code: [Select]
Ftp is the class, FTP-PM is a name, <WP_DESKTOP> is the location (with quotes, to avoid redirection of I/O), and TEMPLATE=YES is a WPS setup string (also accessible via the settings of such a created object).

Setup & Installation / Re: moving desktop icons
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:36:40 am »
Tested during a re-installation of eCS 1.2. Move the eCenter to the top of the screen ASAP (first "VGA" desktop), shutdown, change the shutdown setting to restart, and restart. An object near the bottom of the screen does prevent unrelated, minor moves later (appearing scrollbar). Toggling the shutdown option is what's about, after having re-positioned the eCenter. You can undo that shutdown setting the next time. You can toggle the setting later than ASAP, but there shouldn't icons moving towards the south when it's done ASAP. An object near the bottom of the screen can be anything, like the trashcan in a corner. Position it quite close to the bottom edge.

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