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Programming / Re: Animated Mouse Pointer - Need Development Help
« on: April 30, 2014, 09:47:06 am »
...I believe with at least one version of eCS so it can be argued it is a system library...
I would say no. I'm pretty sure lot of eCS systems do not have it installed. No system component relies on it. Lot of users do not let ecosoft libs install during system installation. The number of ecosoft libraries and functionality changed a lot between eCS versions. No clue which version and what components were delivered with different eCS versions though.

IMHO if eCS apps want to make use of features from ecosoft libs they should check if available on system and if not work without these functionality. As I did with DataSeeker. It's as easy as a few lines of code. No serious application should depend on them given the great OS/2 - eCS user base who don't have/don't want to have these libs on their system. 

At this point in eCS - OS/2 development we should not invest in any closed source part anymore. If anyone want to work on Animated Mouse Pointer again I would advice take the last sources and rip out dependencies or make an own version based on Christians sources and merge the few fixes made since then.

Storage / Re: Merge two JFS volumes
« on: March 14, 2014, 12:29:53 pm »
Depending if files with same names but different content are on each drive I would -
- simply copy with proper 4os2 options (update or not....)
- xcopy
- copy with LarsenCommander (asks for overwrite, read-only... files)

But I fear I don't fully understand what you're want to do as the answer is too simple.

If I ever need to 'expand' a volume I simply create another one big enough from a spare place on one of my disks, assign a temporary drive letter, copy over all, remove drive letter from old volume and assign it to the newly created one. Old volume can be delete then.

...has the migration (update) feature ...
And numerous times have been warned not use it. Maybe it works for you satisfactory. But make a good backup before you try it.

Maybe the easier way is to copy over the 2.2 enhancements to you current installation manually. ACPI, OS2AHCI, kernel, USB and ...? Did I forgot something? ;)

Setup & Installation / Re: Tweaking eCS for low memory system
« on: March 08, 2014, 04:41:57 pm »
Mounted this board on the evaluation board looks like on the pictures below. Advantage is interfaces are routed to connectors (LAN, 4xCOM, Parallel, ...). Disadvantage - size :-) But as the 12.1" display is nearly the same size it does not matter for this application.

Daughter board on the left is only necessary for TTL - LVDS translation. Basically only one simple chip is necessary for this. Not such a big board. But as I have it... With TTL displays this would not be necessary too. But I do have only 800x600 in TTL not the 1024x768 I like to used for this application. There even exists 15" displays with 1024x768 and TTL interface but they are rare. Anyway such a big display would not fit into my enclosure.

Power consumption of the whole thing is 12V x 1,15A = 13,8W including display and backlight. With display off 3,6W only when doing nothing except running the desktop and server software. Mouse and keyboard included. When starting programs power consumption raises up to about 5,4W.

Network speed is only 1,25MByte/s. But this is cause the slow CF-Card. Netio shows 3 - 5.5MByte/s. Anyway not usable as file server. But maybe as simple firewall as injoy do not need much resources. But did not test this.

Programming / Re: Compiling KON
« on: February 08, 2014, 08:08:05 pm »
I've downloaded from git. I've never used Borland 2.0 before so I've no clue if some of my settings are wrong. Here what I get when trying to compile -

Setup & Installation / Re: Is eComStation DEAD?
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:44:08 pm »
@ Fr4nk - there are a lot of valid points in your post which I agreed.

Only want to add another view which I think is valid too - it's completely irrelevant to the working of your product eCS2.1 you paid for if Mensys is now (part of?) XEU. Your eCS work (or not) as before. You did not buy any future feature. Nor I'm aware of any promise made by Mensys (except the more than moderate advertising compared to other companies). Of course a lot of us invested in SS and got in return better ACPI, OS2AHCI, Mulitmac... versions. But is was never promised that board xyz will work within next 12 months or so. I still do not understand what's all this moaning about is good for.

A similar thing which comes to mind - no Porsche driver could anything do against the took over by VW. Useless for any Porsche driver whining about. The Porsche driver does not know the details about the deal in the background and why should he care about? I does not help him paying the service costs nor removing speed limits.

Repeating the myth of project management failures in the past does not write any single line of code nor fix any bug in current available applications. Btw. nearly all people who repeated that myth in the past again and again did not contribute anything useful since years. So again, what's the benefit of this endless discussion? History of the last years learned no one ever will stand up and try to make it better.

You mentioned  -
that Mensys is drawing a picture of this OS in our mind
This maybe true for some of us. But it was never true for me. Maybe I'm to old or to experienced that I never though that a small company can compete with Linux or MS. Or maybe some of us are simply to blind to see the obvious.

I think I better stop now as I'm not in the position (and do not want to be) to talk for Mensys. Nor do I earn any money for my contribution to eCS. And it's probably better for me going back coding than talking. Only hope others who have problems with a company or an individual solve it directly not in users groups. As the ones involved obviously are not willing to discuss it here.

Internet / Most stable Apache, php, mysql...
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:03:15 pm »
I remember a thread where I think Martin tested different Apache builds from Paul but can not find it anymore. So here's my question what build version and combination of different packages is considered the most stable, without memory leaks....

I want to upgrading my current Apache, php, mysql, squid installation and want to know if others have seen problems or not with the latest what is available at Pauls site.

Another question - is there a current installation package like LAMP or AMPOS2? Or installation instructions for current Apache, php, mysql.... for eCS? I found J├╝rgens instructions (in German) very useful but it's a little bit outdated.

Setup & Installation / Re: Is eComStation DEAD?
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:38:00 pm »
Sigurd, I think there is a few key misunderstandings on your side. At least I've a different view than you ....

eCS is not You have problems with Eugene and the things he contribute or use. We've read that more than once. You don't have to repeat yourself ever and ever.

eCS is not driven by a huge company. In fact as far as I can see it is more or less an effort driven by hobbyists. People from the community all over the world like you and me and a lot of others. But even Roderick and Joachim invest much more than what they get paid for I think.

Mensys organizes and pays (partially) for a lot of eCS development (ACPI, Java, Flash, OS2AHCI, MultiMac...) and is the central place where some strategic decisions were made and still is the only place where such decisions can be made. Mensys is the only place where you can buy new licenses so it's the only place where money is collected and payed for future development (if any).

Mensys bought some products and development resources in Russia TTBOMK via Eugene (Panorama?). Like it or not.

Mensys can use and make profit from user findings posted in different channels as every other Internet user can do too.

Why do you expect that Roderick knows every aspect of eCS (working and installing beside other systems) better than the rest of the world? Why do you insist on "I've found out that this or that works or works not as expected by others" and blame they others not knowing what you learned by trial and error?

Who do you think is the 'someone' who has tried to download some piece of software from some others site? And why do you promote such rumors? Do you have any benefit bashing Mensys? Guess you do not have any evidence for what you are suggesting here, do you?

I absolutely can not understand why you think "Mensys ruins eCS" while in fact they are the ones who enable users like you and me to use OS/2 this days. Without Mensys no one ever had developed ACPI support or Multimac or Panorama or .... People like me who can't afford or were not willing to invest thousands of Euros in buying Warp Server more than 10 years ago do not have any legal possibility to use this platform since many years without Mensys. And even if I had a WSeB license I could not buy another one for my server without Mensys since more than 10 years.

Do you really think Steven or David will do any development for the few remaining companies still running some OS/2 machine when not directed by Mensys? eCS - OS/2 user base is small compared to *nix or *doze but it would be non-existent if not Mensys enables us hobbyist to use OS/2 licenses and updates (legally).

PS: if you write "developers" you have to respect others read "developers". Smiley's do not help arguing against things you meant but not wrote.

Setup & Installation / Re: Is eComStation DEAD?
« on: February 03, 2014, 12:15:20 pm »
I only wonder why none of the developers - wich are in contact with Mensys or who ever - do still keep quit. May be they are forced to as one of the parts of their contracts.
A simple answer maybe they do not have the time/do not want to wast their time in reading and answering all these forums/groups. But of course I can't speak for them.

Another thought I want to add here in the thread - IMHO the OS/2 - eCS community is special compared to others in the way what they expect from there system/apps. An average Linux guy usually tries things out, plays with software, read numerous hours in the net about problems he encounters and sometimes even start to improve the sources. An average OS/2 - eCS guy expects perfect software focused on the task he needs to be done. Without problems, without incompatibilities even to his own brewed centuries old messy hacked scripts ;)

The average eCS guy don't even tell the maintainer about bugs at least not when it comes to fill a ticket and trying to nail it down to reproducibly test case. Yes I know we have some prominent exceptions to this this rule here.

So IMHO it does not make sense to have 50% WPS replacement. You need 99.999%. 99.9% is way to less for being acceptable to the average eCS user. At least that's what I see with the here in this thread mentioned 4os2  ;)

Programming / Compiling KON
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:11:36 pm »
Has someone successfully compiled the sources from github? I tried it once and it seems there are some files missing.

This was a few months ago and I didn't find time to investigate further. So wanted to note my findings here. Maybe someone else has more success.

Setup & Installation / Re: Tweaking eCS for low memory system
« on: January 18, 2014, 02:07:04 pm »
Thanks for all the info. Have to do more tests especially the fonts and MM stuff aschn suggested. To give you a clue what the hardware looks like, here is a picture. It measures 67x50mm and uses about 3W only. TFT, VGA, PCI, PS2, COM, LPT, USB, Intel LAN, IDE, Audio....  interface is onboard.

It's not necessary to use Warp 3 for this. This hardware has 64MB and it runs quite good with eCS and even with the server started. In the meantime I found a version with even 128MB. XWP shows about 70MB free after boot. Boot time from the CF-card is about 1:30 to 2 minutes which is acceptable as I plan to let it run all the time.

Currently I test this board on top of an evaluation kit which routes all signals to standard connectors. Next thing I've to do is making cables to attach a 1024x768 LCD instead the analog monitor. I've not decided yet if I should use the evaluation board for my final application or build my own interface for the parts I need. Target is to have a very low power OS/2 machine which seems to be possible with this board.

Programming / Re: OS/4 ? QSINIT ?
« on: January 06, 2014, 11:33:27 am »
...the Russians....An attitude shift is definitely required, for them to get along with most of the rest of the world.
May I add that your definition of 'rest of the world' seems to me being a rather small fraction of the real world. Unfortunately. ;)

Setup & Installation / Re: Tweaking eCS for low memory system
« on: January 03, 2014, 01:16:45 pm »
"Die OS/2-Akten"
All links I found points to which seems to not exist anymore  :(

currently I use 2MB for HPFS. Tried 1MB but think 2MB is better. 16GB is not that small but it works only in non Busmaster modes (!BM). So disk speed is not as fast as I would like it.

JFS is remed out as it seems not to work on this system. Guess chkdsk for JFS produces my 'No swap space left' traps so changed all partitions back to HPFS.

FAT - current setting DISKCACHE=128,LW,32. Advices for better setting?

CD-ROM is remed out as it does not work anyway.

Code: [Select]
SWAPPATH=t:\OS2\SWAP_M 2048 16394As suggested I will increase this further.

Code: [Select]
Should I lower this further?

I forgot to mention this is a copied installation from a Server (Server from ACP2 over eCS2.0beta4). Maybe reverting back to simple PEER will save some memory but not sure how much. 'Net stop server' frees about 4MB.

Any clue how much can be saved when removing it? Fears when I deinstall and install again all my settings are lost. Ok, can make a backup before.

Btw. any good tool to see how much memory each process uses?

Setup & Installation / Tweaking eCS for low memory system
« on: January 02, 2014, 02:16:35 pm »
As low memory is no problem with standard hardware for eCS since years I forgot how to tweak OS/2 - eCS for such situations. I've searched a while but did not get very much information except the obvious ones - cache sizes.

What I want to do is to tune eCS for a Pentium like system with 266MHz and 64MB memory. This is a small board which boots eCS from a 16GB CF-Card and works reasonable well. I reduced HPFS cache, disabled CDROM support, remed out all DOS network drivers, disabled JFS... But eCenter still shows about >56MB used and 6MB swapper size after startup.

Any pointer to documentation about appreciated.

Basically what I need is - WPS, and network. Maybe I should deinstall Netbios as TCP/IP is probably enough for me. But does anyone know how much this will lower memory utilization?

Utilities / Re: Update eCS beta ISO
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:33:39 pm »
I think there's an iso file system driver and an iso netdrive plugin too. Maybe you can do that with them but never tried myself.

Personally I would go the Win-UltraISO route. 

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