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Hi mauro

Might be worth simply deleting the contents of the dfsee directory and then unzipping(?) the latest version into that directory.

What the error seems to be saying is that the loaded disk driver IBM1S506.ADD does not understand whatever command from dfsee. When starting dfsee it seems that disk(s) get read for partition info so that is probably the failing bit. Strange...
What version (how old) is the IBM1S506.ADD in use? - might be worth trying danis506 as I recall that overcame some of the early IBM1S506 deficiencies.



ok Pete, I've downloaded the zip file who generate -as usual- a folder, but no explainations (no specific readme) on how proceed to replace the old IBM1S506.ADD

Hi mauro

Might be worth simply deleting the contents of the dfsee directory and then unzipping(?) the latest version into that directory.

Thank you Pete , it hasn't worked



Setup & Installation / Re: getting chkdsk fix errors on C (Vm Virtualbox)
« on: January 13, 2024, 09:50:53 pm »
If you're able to edit config.sys you could have chkdsk running on the next boot.
The following is from the IBM help-file:

The OS/2 operating system runs the CHKDSK program with the /F option to correct any problem caused by improper system shutdown. Each time you format a drive for the High Performance File System, the operating system updates the IFS statement in the CONFIG.SYS file with the appropriate AUTOCHECK parameter.

If you place a plus sign (+) in front of any drive letter, the drive will be checked every time the system is started.

Assume the following statement appears in the CONFIG.SYS file:


Each time it starts, the operating system checks drives D, E, and F. If necessary, it runs the CHKDSK program on drives D and F. CHKDSK will always be run on drive E.

Understand. What apply to a JFS filesystem in C: ?


is this the command to append in config.sys?

Did you totally remove the old version before you installed v17?  What you are describing sounds as if there are parts of the old version still around especially if you installed it in the previous dir.

I've uninstalled the old version through Warpin, which was the installation app used, believing it was safe enuogh

Delete the DFSee directory, run clean ini and or xfix, then install the new version.  That is what I do when installing newer versions of existing programs it prevents old information being carried over.

run clean ini and xfix are 3rd party utilities or available in the system?

no way to get out from there until I select End program/commad/operation

Setup & Installation / Re: getting chkdsk fix errors on C (Vm Virtualbox)
« on: January 13, 2024, 05:40:54 pm »
Hi Mauro

Hi Martin

I guess you can:
a) Get the CD-ROM images of Warp 4.52. Boot from the CD, press F3 on the installer and run checkdisk to the hard drive.

Have no boot CD of OS2, need to look around where to get one

b) Generate the maintenance images from you VirtualBox image. Mount a Disk1.img empty image as a diskettes and create the diskette from the Maintenance Tool, and go through all the disk. Then boot VBox with the DISK1.IMG mounted and got to the command propmt and checkdisk from there.  (Image attached)

Passages too tricky for me, will mess up the situation for sure

c) Mount the "dirty" vdi image on a different OS/2 VM as as secondary disk, boot the image and run checkdisk from there to the second hard drive.

mounting a .vdi file as secondary disk isn't allowed by Virtualbox, only .dmg, .cue, .viso, .iso, .cdr format are selectable

thank you anyway

Setup & Installation / Re: getting chkdsk fix errors on C (Vm Virtualbox)
« on: January 13, 2024, 05:28:37 pm »
Make a copy of the VDI using the host operating system.
Add the copy to your Virtual Machine
OS/2 will mount the 2nd C: drive, but LVM will assign another drive letter.
Chkdsk the second drive using the assigned letter.

Hi Neil, cannot import a .vdi file as an additional volume, .vdi format file is not allowed for this operation

Setup & Installation / getting chkdsk fix errors on C (Vm Virtualbox)
« on: January 13, 2024, 12:35:36 pm »
Hi, if I run chkdsk on C:\  from inside a OS2 open session, then the prompt warns that no fix actions will be possible as the disk remains in read-only mode, and that is fully understandable.
Could you suggest a way to make a chkdsk scanning that could fix the corrupted-bad sectors, that I guess could be performed from an external installation media, which I don't own  (I used a first-boot Warp 4.52 .vdi image to be directly imported in Virtualbox).
Thank you

Hi all, I'm finding this issue: my previous DFSee installation was the evaluation one, now asking for a valid key to run. I've found on the eCSoft/2 pages this version defined free-open source and installed it replacing the expired one, providing its uninstallation before.
In the new situation, running the object DFSOS2 returns an error window in the middle of a command-prompt window (see image). Also trying to start the RUN DFSee object returns same error alert, not specifying anything else than "IBMS506$ device does not recognize the command", which I cannot translate in something useful.
Is anyone aware of what can be done to run this DFSee ?
Thank you much


I just explain this above for people who did not see my Warpstock presentation I did in Orlando in November last year.
I am currently working on an updated newsletter about the browser development. VOICE has not forgotten about the browser, The panful issue is that without this stiupid war we would have had a browser.

Roderick Klein

Hi Roderick full respect for those ones who experience a hard period because of....we all know what/who.

But this post has "Arca Noae" as subject. It is a profit Company who sells a pc operating system at 139€ as personal edition including support for the first 6 months, then pay 70€ if you need support the following year, not talking about the major costs for the commercial license.  This in the situation that "the community does a portion of the OS development"???  And this portion of development includes the realization of an actual browser. In both purchase cases (139 € personal, 249 € commecial) you will get an operating system "running on modern multi-core and multi-processor systems, as well as traditional BIOS or UEFI-based hardware" that can offer you nothing more than Firefox38/Seamonkey2.41 browsers, released in 2015, two years old by the year AN took in charge the OS2 development for selling purpose.
They did a lot, true, but telling that a modern/actual/reliable browser realization (or at least ported from an existing one) is not part of their tasks, is too much.

Copy from the commandline. That works ok.
VBOXSF.IFS (from Virtualbox) seemingly does not properly handle the FS_COPY command for remote drives (because that's how shared folders are represented to the OS/2 guest).
It would be nice if you raised a bug with Virtualbox.

Lars, the point is that VBOXFS.IFS file by Valery's GA has fixed the issue with the WPS window, that's why some of us feel ok with that version

Hi Lars, thanks for your answer

The Virtualbox provided additions .....

please see my reply to Martin which contains some of the elements you are highlighting

I have never found a need to update gengradd.dll but in case it matters for your sytem:
For your graphics problem, unlock \os2\dll\gengradd.dll and overwrite with the gengradd.dll that is part of the guest additions. However, do not copy the lib*.dll files from the guest additions as they are outdated/no longer needed.

also applied this in my installation attempt with the Oracle GA 7.0.6 (followed the readme), but then the system traps at boot, had to get back using the Valery's GA installation which gives the VBXGRADD as video driver

Hi Martin!

Hello Mauro

I don't have the answer to it. I remember I used to have the same problem but I don't know when it got fixed.

Right now on a ArcaOS 5.1 (BIOS) under VirtualBox 7-0-12 (Windows 10 Host) I'm using this mouse driver and it is working fine:
- 1-31-20  3:06a        25,774    227 a--r  VBoxMouse.sys
But I also don't know if the issue is the mouse or the video driver.

sorry do not remember how to check a file version info in an OS2 command prompt.
Virtualbox version I'm actually using is 7.0.6

1) can you post your version of VBoxMouse.sys ?

I've downloaded the Guest Additions 7.0.6 and replaced VBoxMouse.sys  instead of Valery's 218r GA version one : no Guest Additions mouse properties anymore, no mouse integration, it is as it was before the GA installation, well working -no issue- but no exit out the VM window.

2) Are you using Valery's latest version - (2020-01-31)


3) What are you using for video driver? I was told long ago that with the GRADD that came on the addons was good enough. Panorama or SNAP didn't give much on the VM (as I was told)

gengradd.dll, now replaced with vbxgradd.dll contained in the Valery's 218r GA. The video config.sys entries have been modified as per  readme:



Other general comments:

I'm using Valery Sedletski's "vboxsf.ifs" (notice the slight change of name between "vboxsf.ifs" and "vboxfs.ifs")  because it offers WPS share folder usage.

let me correct you, the Valery's GA valid file is vboxfs.ifs which I use, the other one is in the Oracle GA.  In fact by trying to have vboxsf.ifs (and adapted its name in the config.sys call), I loose the shared folder.

thank you much

Hi all, I have this weirdness since I installed the Guest Additions time ago. Not the official Oracle ones which never worked causing system trap, but the Valery Sedletski version, the 218r that resulted successfully installable in the VM 
see topic,1905.0.html

the mouse pointer has a defective behavior when the pointer changes shape -ie. from arrow to hand- passing over a gadget; it leaves persistent "object shadows" in the place where it changed shape, that can be wiped away by moving any opened window on it.
See example image here.

Can someone tell if it's a graphic driver or a mouse driver issue?
Thank you

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: December 31, 2023, 12:40:11 pm »
When I use dooble it takes minutes to scroll, I only have this with 2 laptops. I don't have this problem on my desktop comp.
Even if I have to fill something out, it takes minutes.
Anyone have an idea?

Hi TeLLie, a very basic check : how is the cpu usage while a webpage is opened in Dooble ?
Look, if the answer is "99 to 100" that's the problem but I can't suggest a fix  ::)

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