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General Discussion / Arca Noae services offline
« on: June 22, 2023, 01:54:25 pm »
Hi, everyone.

Unfortunately, we had a fiber cut yesterday around 3:00pm EDT. We are currently awaiting a truck roll to splice it and get us reconnected to the rest of the world. Rest assured, Arca Noae is still hard at work, and we should be back online before the middle of the day tomorrow (Friday, June 23).

At present all Arca Noae services are inaccessible (email, main website, bug tracker, FTP, SVN).

Hi, all...

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we stand after a catastrophic RAID failure on Tuesday night (December 10).

The main Arca Noae website remains up, and the store is accessible, as is all wiki content, and most downloads from the customer portal. New ArcaOS ISOs are not being spun, and subscription driver downloads are not available. Downloads from the Resources | Downloadables pages are not available (ANPM, eCo Runtimes, etc.).

Email remains offline, as does Mantis. This includes the ecs-isp, os2-wireless_users, os2-netware_users, virtualized_ecs_users, and usb-dev mailing lists. In addition, all VOICE mailing lists are offline. All posts sent to those lists since we went offline are queued at the firewall, waiting for the server to come back online, so they should be delivered in time.

As a result of email being offline, the Arca Noae store is unable to send order confirmations and renewal reminders. If anyone has a subscription renewal coming due, be assured that we will extend the due date for you (though you may certainly renew without a reminder email by logging into your account and selecting the subscription order itself).

Web sites other than Arca Noae remain offline, including Rosenthal & Rosenthal, my personal blog, VOICE, PMMail wiki, etc.

FTP is unavailable, as well, as are the Arca Noae YUM repositories and the US mirrors of the Netlabs YUM repositories hosted at

For those using Subversion, including the PMMail devs, this, too, is offline.

We are working hard to bring things back up again, and hope to have mail and other websites running at least in some rudimentary fashion in the near future. As you can imagine, it's been a rather stressful few days around here. Let's just say that the chain of events which led to this array failure was beyond my wildest expectations, and while I really did plan for disaster, it seems that there's always the one set of circumstances which gets left out of the equation, and this was it.

Events / OpenSSL at LinuxCon-Europe in Düsseldorf October 13-15
« on: October 12, 2014, 07:22:17 am »
I thought this might be of interest, in case anyone might be near Düsseldorf next week.

You may recall that I joined the OpenSSL users mailing list to voice our collective concerns about the proposal to drop OS/2 from the list of supported platforms. It might be nice for someone to go and at least touch base with the OpenSSL group to let them know live and in person that we're still alive and kicking around here in OS/2-land.

Quote from: Rich Salz, of OpenSSL fame
Most of the OpenSSL development team will be at LinuxCon in Düsseldorf next week. We’ll have some kind of BoF or public session. But feel free to also look for me (and probably others) directly.

We would like to thank the Linux Foundation for their generous financial support that made this historic first meeting possible.

More information on LinuxCon may be found here.

Cheers/2, and don't forget that it's not too late to register for Warpstock USA October 24-26! Check out all of the great stuff we have planned for this year's event on the Warpstock website.

General Discussion / Still more on new OS/2 developments
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:19:00 am »
Greetings, everyone.

In case anyone missed my previous statements regarding the formation of a new OS/2-focused company, please see:,397.0.html

and some discussion auf Deutsch:

I want to share with you that at the end of July, Arca Noae, LLC was chartered in the State of Delaware in the US. Arca Noae is poised to become the driving force behind further development and maintenance of the OS/2 platform for some time to come.

Our website is still under construction, but we hope to be able to unveil it in short order. Besides new applications and updates, new device driver developments (upgrades, enhancements, and likely some completely new) are occurring, all of which we plan to announce on our site.

In Warpstock Europe news, summer vacations have brought some delays, but we are working to narrow the list of possible locations, and should have an announcement with more details in the near future.

Again, I want to thank all of you for being patient. We want to launch Arca Noae properly, and are paying close attention to detail. Rest assured there is a small but dedicated team working on and for the Company on a daily basis, and developers continue to do what they do best: write code. It's coming. Really.

General Discussion / More on new OS/2 developments
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:22:06 am »
[Starting a new thread, as the original one seems to have gone off a bit.]

I posted a message a week or so ago concerning my plans to start a new organization focused entirely on OS/2 products and services. For those of you who may have missed that, the gist was that little in the way of new OS/2 products or releases have been made available in the past year or so, and that there seems to be a need in the community for new applications and updates. I was able to locate several contributors of time and resources and get them to come together to form a new company which will be focused on this market, maintaining strong ties to the user community, and dedicated to maintaining the viability of OS/2 on modern hardware.

I also said that I would have further announcements. Today, I'd like to share with you some more details of some of the team working to bring new and updated technology to the platform.

We are working closely with bww bitwise works GmbH in Austria. Bitwise ports software to eCS such as  Java and QT, and is directly involved in the current work to update Firefox for eCS. Also, other developers such as Steven Levine and David Azarewicz have committed to providing time and code for the new company.

We are also working to help make Warpstock Europe 2014 happen this year, and while date and location have not yet been set, we are committed to making details public in the near future.

Many people have come forward offering support and asking what they may do to help. Rest assured, as we move forward, we will stay in touch and will advise when we need assistance. We greatly appreciate the response we've received so far, with so many willing to donate to this project. Stay tuned!

All the best.

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