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Title: USB drivers 10.213 released
Post by: Lars on December 22, 2016, 07:11:20 pm
Please skip versions 10.211 and 10.212. All changes in "readusb.txt", as usual.
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Title: Re: USB drivers 10.213 released
Post by: roberto on December 23, 2016, 05:01:04 pm
This version works very well, even the first hang up that I had when running Wpfinder is no longer produced.

But the second hang, I can not say it's a hang now is very curious.
I will try to explain the second hang, I have three mice, one on the keyboard, another outside the keyboard, and another external usb.
I have three apications running on screen, wpfinder, top, commandcom.
I do not have driver for the wifi. But I can turn it off and on.

Bypassing the multipt.exe program:

A- The moment the folder is opened with Find Results - test.txt with the WIFI ON. All screens are blocked, and the usb mouse is also locked. The mouse on the keyboard can be moved. The wpfinder shows a plain folder icon, and does not show me the two files I should have found. In eas shows .CLASSINFO.
If I press crtl + alt + sup, it does nothing until I turn off the wifi, in this case it shows me and I can run the CAD program. But I can not recover the system.

B- With WIFI-OFF, when running wpfinder with save result, it locks just like before, it does not show me the correct result when I can not find the two files that I should find, but it shows me a folder with a magnifying glass. And in eas shows .CLASSINFO AND .LONGNAMES
When pressing crtl + alt + del, until I turn on the wifi, it does not show me the program cad, which is operative, but I can not recover the desktop.

Without undoing the multipt.exe program
The problem never reaches the wifi, but the same happens, except that the folders have a magnifying glass in both cases, and if frame save results appear empty, if only frame subfolders appear the two files found, but seconds later the graphics of the Processors to the maximum and it is blocked. Ctrl + alt + of unplug the usb mouse I plug it in and it shows the cad. A single restart option.
Title: Re: USB drivers 10.213 released
Post by: roberto on December 25, 2016, 11:22:41 am
This usb driver, also solved another problem with the Xwplace, now I can select the option xview, which before could not.
Title: Re: USB drivers 10.213 released
Post by: Lars on December 25, 2016, 02:04:54 pm
Sorry but all of what you describe has nothing or very little to do with the USB drivers.

1) first you screwed up your system by removing MULTIPT.EXE where you don't know what that file is good for. Suffice it to say that it is loaded by some WPS class, very likely WPMouse, and therefore it's certainly a very bad idea to just kill it or remove it because you don't know what the affected WPS class will do if that daemon executable is not running.

2) then you fumbled around with your WIFI and think it has some repercussion on the system even though you didn't even install a driver for that device. The only thing that could go wrong is that your WIFI HW is issuing spurious interrupts and if no driver handles that (of course no driver will do as there is no WIFI driver to specifically handle that interrupt) OS/2 will eventually shut down the interrupt for good and any device using the same (shared) interrupt would cease working. Then the only advice can be to turn off WIFI for good. And you know that you have crappy HW.

3) you say that all of a sudden you can select the XView menu entry. However, USBMOUSE.SYS only knows about mouse clicks and mouse pointer position info. It does not give a bit or care on what you click on.

From all those weird issues you have I would think that your OS2.INI and OS2SYS.INI are completely screwed up and need a cleanup. You will never solve this problem by mucking around with drivers, no matter what drivers you use.
Another likely culprit is your legacy mouse driver which is either AMOUSE.SYS or MOUSE.SYS. I suggest you (re)install the latest AMOUSE (if you have an ArcaNoae subscription). That's because USBMOUSE.SYS needs a legacy mouse driver to interact with. In the end, it's the legacy mouse driver that reports mouse clicks and pointer position to the operating system.