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I built a testbed VM (Gengradd video, no Guest Additions) and ran the suggested commands:
VboxManage setextradata "VM-NAME" GUI/MaxGuestResolution any
VboxManage setextradata "VM-NAME" CustomVideoMode1 "2560x1440x32"

After the reboot of the VM, the Screen dialog was updated to include 2560x1440x32. I selected it and rebooted with no problems. Installing the Guest Additions worked with no trouble also. I'm still experimenting with the original VM to see if there is a way to feed the MaXGuestResolution and CustomVideoMode data, but have not had any success, as of yet.

I consider this one solved. Thanks for the help.

Bennie Nelson

VirtualBox has a command for adding custom video resolutions (example: "vboxmanage setextradata "VMNAME" CustomVideoMode1 "1920x1200x32"). I tried this with and without the VB Guest Additions, and I did try the ArcaOS-supplied Gengradd driver, but nothing has worked.

VirtualBox, eComstation 2.1, Panorama, VB OS2 Guest Additions, and widescreen formats have worked for me for a few years, so I thought it would work with ArcaOS, as well.

I do recall the widescreen activator, but I have not found it this time around, and I don't have any mention in my installation notes from the past that indicates I ever tried to use it.

Thanks for the quick reply, Doug.


I am really pleased with ArcaOS, but I have run into one issue. For a number of years I have been running eComstation in virtualbox (most recently, v5.1.14) with widescreen video support working just fine (1920 x 1200, 1920x1080, and 2560x1440). With ArcaOS, however, I have not been able to get any widescreen resolutions to show up in the Screen dialog for Snap, Panorama, or Gengradd. Has anyone else gotten ArcaOS to recognize widescreen resolutions in Virtualbox?

Bennie Nelson

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