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General Discussion / Re: Can ArcaOS replace my current OS?
« on: January 17, 2020, 02:37:21 pm »
Thank you guys for the friendly answers, i will try eCom on my x200s durin the easter break.

Best Regards,

General Discussion / Can ArcaOS replace my current OS?
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:40:00 pm »

i am a new user here with somewhat broken english, sorry about that.

I am using computers since DOS5 or so and somehow the different OS's was always more interesting to me than the user programs. So far my path was the following:
DOS -> Win3.1 -> Win95 -> Linux -> Win98 -> Win98/SE -> BeOS -> Windows XP ->Zeta -> Linux -> OSX -> Linux -> BSD

I once installed eCom station (downloaded from some shady website), but had no real chance to get more experiences, as my hw was not really supported that time.
Nowadays i use BSD for media consumption, and using Haiku since the beginning of the project to port open source projects.

Yesterday i felt the urge to switch the OS on the media PC to something new again, so maybe this time i could pick OS/2.

I am old-school if it is about computers, i don't like fancy eye-candy, i need only a stable OS.

Here is what i need:
- Email (IMAP)
- IRC (with the ability to connect to more than one server in the same time)
- Web browser (Firefox)
- Media player (vlc/mplayer/mpv)
- Torrent (using Transmission right now, can be anything else)
- Sound player (currently using mpd)
- Calibre
- Ability to copy music to my rockboxed ipod
- Ability to copy books to my FAT32 ebook reader
- Telegram
- Some picture editor
- A relatively modern compiler toolchain to try to port the programs what i mostly use (we are using GCC8.3 on Haiku for example)

I got an intel i5 3337U based ultrabook (Acer Aspire M5, UEFI with CSM)
- 10G RAM
- wired LAN (no need for wlan)
- HD4000 GPU with 1 external screen (<- important)
- some Realtek HDA sound chip

otherwise i have an X200s and a T440s (but i would not use this for OS/2 as this is my main Haiku machine)

As there is no real way (AFAIK) to test my hw with ArcaOS without buying it first i would ask you guys: is my HW supported by ArcaOS (i know, it is not easy to answer) and if my use cases covered by available applications on ArcaOS?
I assume Calibre (PyQt required) and Telegram (Qt5) is not available as the Qt5 port is not yet mature enough (FIXME), but i can survive that (i already got it mostly working on Haiku, but had no time to package it yet because the many dependencies).

I have adequate undertsanding about computers and software, so if my HW supported i would bite the bullet and switch to ArcaOS or eCom (if it is still maintained).

Thank you guys!

Best Regards,

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