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Networking / Re: Various Warp Connect v3 networking problems
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:49:22 pm »
Note - most of these fixes can be installed with the IBM CSF utility, hopefully you know how to use it in mode that it'll install straight from a hard disk instead of requiring playing the game of floppy-toaster.  If you've never used CSF then let me know and I'll see if I can find the info on using it in the hard disk mode (its been a while and I don't have that info in front of me as I type right now, but I could find it).

Actually, I only ever used a GUI tool that I believe only works on Warp 4, or the "floppy toaster" method you mention. Wasn't aware that CSF could do it from hard disk. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Will definitely apply the fixes you recommended, once I know how to go about doing so.

Thanks much

Networking / Various Warp Connect v3 networking problems
« on: July 12, 2013, 07:52:07 pm »
Hello all,

I am in the process of building an OS/2 Warp Connect v3 box (blue spine), and on bootup, I get the following output:

Code: [Select]
IBM OS/2 LANMSGDD [04/26/95] 2.01 is loaded and operational.
IBM OS/2 LAN Protocol Manager
NET3406: An error occurred while opening network device driver NET1 = NETBEUI$
NET3406: An error occurred while opening network device driver NET2 = tcpbeui$
SYS1719: The file C:\IBMLAN\NETPROG\NETWKSTA.200 specified in the IFS statement on line 93 of the CONFIG.SYS file does not contain a valid device driver or file system driver.  Line 93 is ignored.
Press Enter to continue...

After I press Enter, I get many lines like this:

Code: [Select]
Vendor=10EC,1799 Dev.=8139,5000 Bus/Dev/Func-No=  0/10/0 EtherID=@0030BD721E1C

And after many of those lines, this:

Code: [Select]
More than one Realtek Fast Ethernet PCI adapter has been detected!
Warning: Driver can not determine which one to use.
Solution: Please specify and check adapter ID in PROTOCOL.INI file.

DriverName = RTSND$
EtherID = @0123456789AB

DriverName = RTSND2$
EtherID = @02468ACE0246

or use MPTS to edit the EtherID field for both drivers.

Enter number of adapter to select (1-4) or press [Esc] to cancel:                 

At this point, I choose 1, and get the following result:

Code: [Select]
Selected adapter @0030BD721E1C (1).
Network Line Speed is 100 Mbps / Full-Duplex Mode.
Link configuration: Auto Negotiation enabled.
Flow Control: Transmit:Disabled, Receive:Disabled.

Then PM comes up, and immediately shows a message box with the following message:

Code: [Select]
SYS2102: The network is not started.

When I choose OK, WPS loads and then repeats the same message, followed by this message:

Code: [Select]
LNM0038: Either Network Messaging or the Netpopup service is already running. Network Messaging cannot be run if either of these are already running.

I see many PROTOCOL.INI files when I search drive C, but am not sure which one to edit, or what exactly to change, as networking is my weakest subject when it comes to OS/2 systems.

Any pointers or advice? OS/2 is running on real hardware in this case, and the NIC is a Belkin F5D5000 (which is listed as a supported card in the rtl8139 driver package I got from Hobbes). I have not applied any FixPacks to the system yet, although I do plan on asking for advice about that in the appropriate sub-forum here later.

Thanks much in advance!


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