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Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: January 14, 2021, 12:34:33 am »
I don't understand this with one program for launching java programs. One thing I know is that we have Java 6, but on some points it is not Java 6, different reactions, it does not work or we need a different memory specification. Lots of programs are very simple in running, but others are very hard and need sometimes lots of settings and options before it will do something. So I opt for using a command file, you can put in what you want and what will work for you. If you know how to start, what options and so on, see my website There are over 150 programs with where to get it and how to run.

Article Discussions / Re: OS/2 - ArcaOS 64Bits Kernel Discussion
« on: December 10, 2020, 10:17:08 pm »
As far as I know is that the memory is a little less than 4Gb. But this is for the whole OS, no matter if you have 1 kernel or 4 or 8 or... What could be done is each kernel its own little less than 4GB. So with a 4 kernel system you could install 16Gb memory. And 64-bit is a hoax. I have a W10 64-bit from work, everything is bigger including what you make with the applications, but no improvement on the 32-bit applications in my OS/2 system. We complain sometimes about this and that, with Windows 10 its worse. Each day I encounter problems with USB. The Wacom is sometimes working and sometimes not. Now this can easy be fixed, but its not okay. Office from Microsoft is a mess, really, no application does have the same file interface, parts are deaf for the cloud, some programs are even worse then found in the shareware corner. And you don't want to know what the company has to pay for this package.

Applications / Re: PMView - colour vibrancy gone after save?
« on: November 17, 2020, 04:44:45 pm »
Like this...
All done with only PMView.

Applications / Re: PMView - colour vibrancy gone after save?
« on: November 16, 2020, 10:51:41 pm »
No, that's not the whole story with JPEG. You can save JPEG almost without artifacts. PMView has a very nice feature when JPEG is selected. Choose Save as and then the button Options. Set quality at 100 and smoothing at 0. Check the box save exif information. Now your image is saved as the original. If you need an image for an internetpage then you change quality to 80 and smoothing to 2...5. Always sharpen the image with mild or moderate. Always use steps and never go in one time to the end result with everything you do with a picture. In this case the lossy algorithm is working in favour.
With the combination of Embellish and PMView you can do about everything other (big?) programs can do, sometimes even with better results. Remind, you can always sharpen an image but not blur it. So if you take a picture with your camera always not on end sharpness. In post you can always sharpen it, but not unsharpen (blur) it without severe consequences. 

Applications / Re: Installing win16 applications
« on: October 20, 2020, 10:24:32 pm »
I have separate disks(partitions) for 8:3, just make a small partition and format it with 8:3. Be aware that lots of programs can't handle disks in the right way if on the disk is something not 8:3. Programs can hang or do other strange things. This is not a problem for OS/2 (eCS and probably ArcaOS). Also lots of Windows 3.x programs can't handle large volumes.

Its far better for Oracle that they do not win, if they win they will face millions of lawsuits for there own code, a database is a database, why change code every version? In other words, they go down hard. Furthermore they can't force writing code in a certain way, Microsoft did tried that before and lost. Its against progression and inventing new code without a rewrite of a whole OS. If it will go on, then we can setup a lawsuit to all those firms which stopped with goods which needs a driver, an os etc. Say Psion as an example. Or Wacom for drivers not up to W10 and the tablet is still working. And there are a lot more examples. But that is my view and opinion.

General Discussion / Re: Search machines, what to use?
« on: September 13, 2020, 09:47:57 pm »
Thanks @Mathias, I have updated my links and kicked out Google and replaced it with DuckDuckGo. Also tried it with search strings. It does find a lot, but not my pages  :-\ and you don't have to cut through dozen advertisements or so. Also tried a search of which I know that there are only 5 to 10 pages which matches the search string. I got three in DDG and not the 500.000+ like with Google. Also tried the translators from Google and Microsoft, both still go direct to translate and don't give the page with cookies, for as long as it stays this way.

General Discussion / Search machines, what to use?
« on: September 13, 2020, 04:21:04 pm »
In the past weeks Google has changed some things, if this is policy I don't know. But I get sick in setting up cookies each time I visit Google. Today you get a screen with that you have to choose for following, cookies and alike. Not to mention that advertisements cookies are that numerous that about every one  don't even think to set them all on off. So you agree in the end because you get sick of it. For the last years Google search results are just bull, first advertisements, then the same but with only some search words in total different content, then things which look a like and may be after hundreds of pages with bullshit you can see some things which corresponds to the actual search. So I was not that happy last years, but this does closes for me the door. Internet should be free, but it isn't.

But, now what? I ended with DuckDuckGO and Qwant. Are there other search machines which are privacy friendly?

I don't know what influence this will have on testing and translating Java programs, not to mention setting up my space in English (translation Dutch to English) or in Dutch (translation English to Dutch). Currently I'm busy with something in Spanish, a language I don't speak or read. Have to see. Did test Google translation today. It still present itself as usual, no cooky shit yet. I also picked up Bing Microsoft translator. But both are evil in terms of privacy when it comes to search engine.

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: August 08, 2020, 11:36:39 pm »
You have to screen your config.sys on the position of this line, it must be one of the last in the device block. Everything uniaud needs has to be started before the line with uniaud.   

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: August 07, 2020, 05:41:18 pm »
I have added a new game to my Java corner. If you can call it a game is up to you. The program is called jTarot and it uses special cards.  jTarot is a tarot personal advisor. jTarot will do a "reading" for you when you need advice. You can read more on my page in English or in Dutch

There is a picture too;

Have fun and stay healthy!

Setup & Installation / Re: Startup.Cmd not executing
« on: August 05, 2020, 07:47:19 pm »
I don't have a startup.cmd. Everything which has to start up is in the config.sys. Startup.cmd is just a command file and acts as every other program which has to be started manually or is started with run in the config.sys. I don't know what you have in the startup.cmd file, but see if it can migrate to the config.sys file.

Setup & Installation / Re: os2krnl is not acceptable
« on: August 04, 2020, 01:08:33 am »
You can read that in the manual, look for SYS2028 and SYS2029. I have a Dutch manual, so I can't tell you on what page, but I think its  chapter 15.

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: August 02, 2020, 12:59:11 am »
Today I have added a new game to my Java corner. It is one big file 194.9Mb, no no, not a typo! This game is called Spice Trade and you can read more on my page in English or in Dutch (Mind that the game is in English!).

This is a picture from Baghdad in the game;

This will give me some time, the game takes you hours ;-)
So, have fun, happy gaming and stay healthy!,

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: July 30, 2020, 09:15:12 pm »
I have added a new game to my Java corner on my website. Its called Javoids and it is a space shooting game. Help works, even sound. You can read a little more on this page in English and on this page in Dutch

Picture of the game;

On the left side you can see a pdf. I did print the manual (link can be found on the page) to pdf, never can remember the keys in right order ;-(.
Have fun and stay healthy,

Setup & Installation / Re: Windows 3.1 inside OS/2 won't start
« on: July 28, 2020, 11:42:09 pm »
Progman.exe is on my system only called in windowed session, not in full screen.  Besides that, there is no information to go on other than that windows 3.1 doesn't start. This tells me that you don't have OS/2 full version. The full versions have WinOS2. There are OS/2 distributions which lack WinOS2 and where you have to install your existing Windows 3.1 in OS/2, but in that case your going to work with an OS2 version which will show more than a few problems on motherboards from the past twenty years. For what I remember is that the OS/2 installation without WinOS2 over an existing Windows 3.1 was not one without troubles.
So you have to give more information about your OS/2 version and what you did.

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