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General Discussion / Re: Older eCS downloads
« on: September 20, 2015, 07:28:46 pm »
Hi Martin,

These are the messages I also get. The eCS 1.1 downloads were taken offline quite a long time ago. I always hoped they would come back online (as the "currently" in "Download currently not available" seemed to indicate) but it never happened.

With low price of storage, storage space for a few CDs is certainly not why these CDs are not accessible anymore. As for licensing, it shouldn't be either given that if we have eCS 1.1 listed on our profiles it means we did pay for the license at some point... Is there any way to ask Mensys the reason for their removing eCS1.1 CDs?


General Discussion / Older eCS downloads
« on: September 19, 2015, 05:34:11 am »
Hi all,

Would anyone know where to download the old eCS 1.0 or 1.1 CDs? IIRC, the Application Pack had some pieces of software that were not included with later releases (maybe HobLink, or SmartSuite, that I cannot remember..). Mensys still has "eComStation 1.1 Entry + Application Pack Media Pack English for Upgrade Protection Customers (no shipping costs) (CD1, CD2, CD3)" listed on my account, but then it only shows "Download currently not available, our apologies for the inconvenience". No better luck on the website...

Thanks for the help!


General Discussion / eCS for home-made NAS / file server
« on: September 19, 2015, 05:18:23 am »
Hi all,

It has been quite some time I have not used eCS (after it refused to install properly on my current laptop, bought 4 years ago..), so I am a bit out of phase with what has happened in the meantime, whether in terms of improvements, new apps, or new sales circuit (I have seen the Arca Noae posts but without really understanding what happened to SSI or Mensys).

Now let's get to the point of my question... When I was shopping for a new NAS enclosure today, the seller tried to convince me that building my own file server would be cheaper and better than the fancy Sinology or Qnap I was looking at. It may very well be true. While these file servers have their own, usually quite intuitive software OS to manage them, the seller told me that a well-configured Linux could also work, and I wondered if someone has already tried making a NAS / file server with eCS that would run flawlessly on modern hardware while providing the same kind of interface as the commercial solutions. After all, WSeB was known to be a pretty good server OS (although as a non-IT professional, some of the options kept me confused...).
Would a WSeB or eCS solution support hot swap of hard drives? Creating RAID arrays? Are there already some easy-to-install software packages that would set-up the web interface used to configure the various types of access to the data?
Has someone already done that and could share the experience (in terms of hardware configuration requirements, steps to follow, etc)?

Maybe this topic has already been discussed in the past few years, in which case redirecting me to the good forum page would be the best answer!

Thanks in advance for the help!



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