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Setup & Installation / Re: Help requested for Class List error on boot.
« on: September 22, 2017, 04:55:07 am »
Hi Pete,

You're brilliant!  Thank you very much for having taken the time to reply (twice) and in both instances you were able to help me.  It is very kind of you to have offered your knowledge to help me.
I downloaded Multimac-20170901.exe, ran it and let it overwrite all files and after having rebooted am able to start PEER without any error.  Thank you very much!
I am not clear as to why the problem happened in the first place, but at least the outcome is positive.
FYI, I did not do an easy install of ArcaOS.  I installed PEER manually after installing ArcaOS because I found out that installing PEER was the only way I could connect to a second computer which runs ECS2.0 which I use as a destination for backups of data from the ArcaOS computer.


Setup & Installation / Re: Help requested for Class List error on boot.
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:54:10 am »
Hi Pete,

Thank you for your assistance.

I used WPSClassManager to remove Ezplay and WPTouch.  All appeared to go smoothly.  Well, sort of, the process went off without any sort of error.  I rebooted and all seemed well. I then tried to start PEER and the system crashed with Trap000e with an "Exception in module MMRE".  At this point I have to do a hard reset of the computer to reboot ArcaOS. 
The system crach with a trap 000e error is repeatable.  It happens every time I try to start PEER (Lan Logon) or "Sharing and Connecting".
Do you have any ideas as to how I might resolve this new issue?

Setup & Installation / Help requested for Class List error on boot.
« on: September 21, 2017, 11:18:18 pm »
I am running ArcaOS5.  I have recently installed updates including ACPI v3.23.07, , AHCI v2.03 and os2krnl v14.201

Since doing so, when I now boot the computer once the graphical interface has loaded I see a window with a CLASS LIST error saying "The classes in this tree could not be loaded. You should remove them from the WPS class list." 

In the left hand colum on this window are listed two classes: 
1) Orphaned classes with two entries : Ezplay and WPTouch and
2) WPObject with numerous subclasses.

I don't know why this is happening and neither do I know what to do.  I can close the window with the shown error message and all appears to be well and everything I do on a daily basis appears to be working normally.
If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening and more importantly, what I should do about it I would be most appreciative.
I am happy to provide further information if requested.


Hardware / Success using Brother L6200DW printer with ArcaOS.
« on: September 21, 2017, 10:52:30 pm »
In case anyone is looking to use a Brother L6200DW ( ) black and white laser printer I can now say with certainty that it works under ArcaOS 5.0

I connected the printer using a cat5e network cable to an 8 port switch connected to a router.  The ArcaOS computer and the printer both connect to the 8 port switch.

I had to download the Linux (DEB) driver from the Brother website and decompress it to find the ppd file. 
On the printer itself I set an IP address outside of the assigned DHCP range on my router.
I then used the "Install CUPS printer" option in the Printers folder.
Using the CUPS add printer option I pointed it to the PPD file when prompted.  The setup then identified the Brother printer and completed the driver installation seemingly correctly with no errors.  However, just as with my last printer (also a Brother laser printer) absolutely nothing would print.  Despite the CUPS setup having identified the printer each time I tried to print I received an error stating that the printer could not be found.
Just as with my last printer, the only way I could get the printer to actually print was to change the output to an SLPR port.  In this instance, I added an SLPR port, changed the "LPD Server" to the address of the printer, left the "LPD printer" as the default * and left the "High performance" and "LPRPORTD Compatible" options unchecked.
Doing the above allowed me to immediately print to the printer.  I was able to print emails successfully and PDF files immediately.  However, when I tried to print anything from OpenOffice V4.1.3 nothing would print, there was no error message and nothing in the queue.  Anything I tried to print seemingly just vanished.  I did find the solution though I have no idea why it works.  What solved the problem of being unable to print was to open the printer driver options, go to the "Queue Options" tab and check the box next to "Print while spooling".  Doing this immediately allowed me to print using OpenOffice 4.1.3
I still find setting a printer using CUPS to be confusing and have never managed to get it to work without having to change the output port to SLPR.
I am now printing successfully from ArcaOS5.0 to the Brother L6200DW over a network connection.  I have not tried to connect the printer via USB or wifi as I have no plan to use either of these methods.
I hope that this information may prove useful to some folk.

From the article found at :  It appears that I, as a holder of a current Arca Noae Drivers & Software subscription, am entitled to a credit of the unused portion of my subscription against the purchase price of ArcaOS.  The article makes mention of completing an online form for this purpose, however I am unable to find said form anywhere on the Arca Noae site in order to apply for the credit.

I am unclear as to exactly how this process works, whether the credit will be applied upfront towards the purcharce price of ArcaOS, as a rebate after purchase or as a credit to be used against future purchases with Arca Noae.  However, the article does seem to state that some kind of credit is available for those of us with a subscription with Arca Noae who purchase AraOS 5.0 Blue Lion.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance as to how to apply for this credit.  Two days ago I sent an e-mail to asking for assistance with this issue but have so far not had a response.  I quite realize folks at Arca Noae may be busy and my question was posed towards the end of the week (thursday), but I thought that if anyone here is able to point me in the right direction to apply for this credit I could then proceed to do so and then get on my my plan for purchasing and installing Blue Lion.
Many thanks to anyone who can help me in this matter.


Events / Re: New OS/2 distribution
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:49:18 pm »
This is wonderful news and I am so grateful to Arca Noae and all involved for making this effort.

I very much look forward to hearing more news abourt the project and wish all involved much success.

I am relieved to hear that there will continue to be development of OS/2 / eComstation as it is my main work platform.

Thank you Lewis and all those working with Arca Noae.  A very big thank you indeed!


Events / Re: Are you going to WarpStock USA?
« on: September 12, 2014, 06:32:33 am »
I would be willing to contribute a few dollars to help Martin get to Warpstock.  Given his efforts to help others, I think it only reasonable and fair that all of us who benefit from his work chip in a little each to show our appreciation and help him now that it is a time in which he could do with our help.
For those of use that have used or do use OS2World and have in some way benefitted from the hard work of Martin, I think it only right that we help him in return.
If a means of contributing funds can be quickly setup to help Martin with his costs in getting to Warpstock then please make public that mechanism so that we can all then donate a few dollars.  A lot of people donating just a few dollars will go a long way.  Come on folks, let's help those that help us.

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