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For several years I've been using ECS 2.0 for E-mail, word processing, etc.  Thunderbird 31.8.0 is the version used in eCS.  For message storage I use a directory in a partition  different from the OS partition.  This week I installed ArcaOS, and set up my E-mail accounts in Thunderbird 38.8.0.  When I load incoming messages, the existing Inbox is deleted, and the new messages are stored in a file named INBOX-1.  I would like to be able to access my E-mail while using either eCS or AracOS.  Is there a method for allowing this?


On the first pass (booting from the DVD), a message stated that the Realtek 8139C+ was loaded; however, on the second pass an error message said that the device MMRE.OS2 was not installed.  The lantran.log file showed "PRO00025:  An error occurred when the program tried to bind TCPIP_NIF to MMRE_NIF."  This is a machine that I've used for several years, running eCS 2.0.  Any helpful hints appreciated.


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