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Hardware / UVC Webcam Support for OS/2 in an SMP environment
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:19:11 pm »
Stichting Voice International has donated me a refurbished DELL LATITUDE E6500 laptop which enables me to develop and test my OS/2 software in an SMP environment.

I have been busy the last couple of months trying to solve the webcam timeout issue when running on an SMP system. I had to make a small change in the usbehcd.sys device driver. I modified Lars' latest source code i.e. the source code of his 10.207 USBEHCD.SYS device driver as he maintains it in the Netlabs USB repository. Moreover I had to modify my webcam programs to avoid a trap in usbehcd.sys upon exiting these. Now I am able to run the laptop internal webcam as well as the Logitech C250 webcam while running eComStation 2.0 with 2 CPU's active and I did not encounter any timeout nor traps anymore.

Several German people as to Webcam and Mehrkernprozessoren - Wim Bruls Treiber) have already been busy testing with good results too. Therefore I have updated my UVC Webcam Support web page with and and I have put these now open source products on hobbes too. I have attached containing my 13.20160904 USBEHCD.SYS device driver with installation instructions  for any volunteers to try and test on their systems.

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