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Multimedia / Use of webcam
« on: May 20, 2020, 02:05:55 am »

I would like use my webcam under ArcaOS.
USBEHCD.SYS is installed and my webcam seen as Logitech, Inc.  Webcam C270
Now, how to display the webcam ? (video + sound)


Applications / ClamAV-GUI.
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:24:59 pm »
Working on next AVxCAT v2, I used VLC for tests and found some interaction with my ClamAV-GUI  build making some rxu functions not responding until VLC is down !

ClamAV-GUI update was since this finding, my highest priority.
To prevent this, I switched to use as default dll, rxutilex (rxu left as second option - available dll is automatically selected). With rxutilex, it works better and free of VLC interaction (rux.dll)

I suggest to migrate to ClamAV-GUI 3.6.3 and install rxutilex...;dll for those not having it (base installed under ArcaOS)
This build has many changes.... 

Best regards

PS: If you install  the widget (be improvement), dont forget to add the option to detect firewall is up or not (tested with IJFW)
e.g. paramters for ClamAV WG (daemon)
       clamavgui_path  beepon  clamav_virdb_path  maxday_noDBupdt  1   << 1 to check firewall up/down 

Some screen capture about widget and its dialog panel when [enter] on the widget icon.
And a second view about the older clamavm (scheduler for clamav-gui) after code change and already at alpha stage.

Applications / Shared storage
« on: April 25, 2020, 09:37:40 pm »
Hi !

Any idea why an older ffmpeg compiled with gcc 4.4.4 doesn't left any shared storage holes at close time while ffmpeg compiled with gcc 5.5.0 left about 20MB (all dlls size) of free unusable holes in the shared memory at close time ?

(FFmpeg or ffprobe)

Updt: problem occures as well with ffplay but in all cases only with dll's loaded above 512MB line  (when below, no issue)


Applications / CPUTEMP
« on: March 10, 2020, 12:46:16 pm »
Hi I downloaded lates SL "SystemLoad"
In the package, CPUTEMP.WPI is provided but trying to install it, I've got a warning icon due already installed CPU temperature API at 2.0.3 while the one in the package is 2.0.2 !

Is there a raison about this regression ?


Applications / ApacheOpenOffice 417 Quick Start
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:41:13 am »
I tried to put AOO quick start into start up folder or ArcaOS start up folder (ffturbo and lunchpad already into ArcaOs start up folder).
In both cases, I have following message at boot time. any idea ?


Programming / Trim command
« on: January 25, 2020, 10:22:35 am »
SSD may working slower after some time according how the SSD is used.

Do you know if ArcaOs or someone else  could implement a TRIM command under OS/2 ?
I found following link telling about TRIM

But I do not having the needed skills....


Applications / AVxCAT
« on: August 16, 2019, 10:41:10 am »
New screenshot to update older one :D

Internet / TOR and FF
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:22:53 pm »
I'm trying to use TOR.
I installed it and it start well (ready) (with help of Vidalia)
I than tried to configure FF as it should using proxy, the given port used by TOR etc...
I tried 9050 - 9051 - 9150 - 9151 (DNS checked, no proxy for etc...
I never could get any web page under FF (38 or 45) using TOR !
How do you do to be able to use FF with TOR ?


Applications / ClamAVGUI (rexx)
« on: August 02, 2019, 08:32:34 pm »

I put on my site for a few days prior annoncement:

It has several updates, clamav icon is centered and size is screen resolution adapted.
Quick Scan updated to be faster
Widget corrected to well detect outofdate virdatabase
(To use the run of the desktop widget, rxu.dll needed under os2\dll or clamavgui program path - it enables a messagebox allowing to start clamavgui or non with some icon color description )

A few tests feedback before end of next week would be nice. Thanks

Setup & Installation / network: MMRE driver
« on: September 06, 2018, 01:23:25 pm »
Does MMRE driver support "ReceiveChain" ?
I would like use it instead of default "ReceiveLookup"

Any suggestions are welcome

Storage / VBE graphic storage use
« on: August 04, 2018, 04:50:07 pm »
Hi !
I'm looking for the amount of graphic storage I have for my panorama driver.
I used testlog generic to check.

I have a i7 5775C with integrated graphic shipset and 128MiB edram
I also set additional storage under the BIOS to 32MiB
So, the total amount of video storage should be 160MiB

The result i've got is very strange !
First lines from graphic parts :
----- Output of: PanoUtil.exe -i -v -s -----------------------------------------
BIOS-supplied information
OemVendorNamePtr  = 0
OemProductNamePtr = 0
VideoModePtr      = c0009ae7
VBE VRAM size 1ff0000 (31 MiB) (rounded) 2000000 (32 MiB)
Number of modes = 18

Here I have 32MiB which seems to be same as BIOS shared memory... 
Where is gone the CPU graphic edram of 128MiB?

Let continue with the 32MiB bios setting.   
next in the report, I found:

Panorama v1.10 log for GID=0 started at 3.8.2018 12:21:59
This copy of Panorama is licensed to RÚmy Dodin #os5p014be69d7d.
Profile setting for Shadow...Enabled
VESA version is 300
BIOS-supplied information
OemVendorNamePtr  = 0
OemProductNamePtr = 0
VideoModePtr      = C0009AE7
TotalVramSize     = FFF0000           <<==== 256MiB !!!!
OemVendorName     =
OemProductName    =
EDID Version 1.3

And in the same report :
Panorama v1.10 log for GID=0 started at 4.8.2018 16:8:59
This copy of Panorama is licensed to RÚmy Dodin #os5p014be69d7d.
Profile setting for Shadow...Enabled
VESA version is 300
BIOS-supplied information
OemVendorNamePtr  = 0
OemProductNamePtr = 0
VideoModePtr      = C0009AE7
TotalVramSize     = 1FF0000         <<<==== 32MiB
OemVendorName     =
OemProductName    =
EDID Version 1.3

Now, I no more know whats going here, all these values are been get from the bios but the bios is unable to send different storage values !
Did some of you check the amount of video storage according the real available value defined/installed ?
What about CPU graphical edram ?
How to check more deeper what happens... any idea is appreciated

Storage / PMSHELL
« on: July 29, 2018, 08:50:51 pm »
Did some of you get storage issue ?
I saw that as soon my shared memory gors below 10Mb, I have display freeze and fullscreen mode fails.
I check free memory using SL.

I tried to kill PMSHELL used by WPS which results into a WPS restart and 70MB freed memory into share storage.
How to configure to have shared memory freed as soon it is no more used ?

General Discussion / Display issue !
« on: July 19, 2018, 04:08:28 am »
I use panorama.
since my os upgrade, I have more often the screen from below picture and system hung when I do a CAD to go into the CAD menu
In the last 24h, i've got it 5 times...
To recover, I have to power off/on + chkdsk disk   

Any idea about what could be the culprit ?   

Article Discussions / Network Driver / Performance
« on: May 28, 2018, 12:47:28 am »
Network driver
With only 20% speed of what the system is able under windows.

To resume:
Under windows, I have 75Mbps
Under ArcaOS, I only have 10Mbps - all is going slow despite all optimization have been set (before optimization, speed was near 5 Mbps)

This seems to depend on what program you use, and what tool you use to measure it. It also depends on what else is running at the same time. I find that the network activity will slow dramatically, if you are also doing a large write to USB. I also see many cases where IPMON says that very little network activity is taking place, but RSunc is doing a multi gigabyte data transfer, at a reasonable speed. I also have an ArcaOS machine, that is used as a NAS. I often see it doing 30 to 40 MBs (according to IPMON, which seems to be unreliable) transfer speeds. when more that one machine is working on SAMBA.

I agree that there is a problem with something, but I don't agree that it is the network driver that is causing the problem. One possibility is that all drivers (or whatever does it) will only return a speed of 100 MBs, in OS/2. If a program actually looks at that, and follows it, the speed will be governed to 100 MBs. From what I see in IPMON (which is obviously unreliable)., the speed is far less than what windows does. If I time a network transfer, at half the speed of windows, it doesn't vary much.

I have the problem using my local NAS or going on intenet.
My conections are going though "CPL" this part has a mesure speed of up to 230Mbps under windows.
All test where done with only firefox up and running (going through Injoy firewal or not (no high impact seen when using injoy) , nothing else and each time, the speed is nearly 20% of what I have under windows. Display under firefox is much slower than under windows etc... ( unresponsive end point already often happens making me to disable/enable the interface to get again a responsive network with only the 20% of speed ! because I use a loy my nas and network, this is very impacting and using my nas for backup is not possible due to the long needed time to proceed )

Onboard shipset: Realtek RTL8111G     

Internet / Firefox 45.9.0 for OS/2 GA
« on: November 02, 2017, 03:12:04 pm »
When will "Firefox 45.9.0 for OS/2 GA" be available for ArcaOS user ? ( under ArcaOS package manager )

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