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Internet / SFTP client
« on: June 24, 2017, 12:58:39 am »

Is there an SFTP client available other than the command line one that comes with eCS ArcaOS? I searched and only found KSPC which needs open SSL knix.
The command line one does not accept any input on a password prompt here with a certain site. I don't know if that is SSH related, using Pauls SSH.
Might try installing the knix SSH and KSPC later.

Related to this, currently the SSH clients rpm is broken and there seems to be a problem fixing it. Paul, if you read this, perhaps you have a few pointers? Ticket

I have tried to install ArcaOS to E: with selecting custom install and selecting F: to install the Unix environment to. On F: lives an existing yum/rpm/anpm environment. The installer hangs at the point it is trying to install the unix environment- The last log entry I see is:

Boot drive: E:
Destination: F:

I have tried moving etc\rpm, etc\yum and user\lib\rpm away from F: but it didn't make a difference. Has anyone else noticed similar behaviour?
Installing with unix environment to E: works as expected. I could simply edit the config,sys and delete the unix stuff from E: as a workaround but prefer to work out if this is a bug first (The installer hang itself IS a bug, it encounters a problem and does not report it).
As far as I'm aware it should be perfectly ok to share a unix env between two bootable partitions on a third partition because the rpm database is on the unixroot partition, so stuff should stay in sync.

Reported to Arca Noae as ticket

Events / Warpstock Europe in Rotterdam
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:48:42 am »
For those going to attend Warpstock Europe 2017 who like their food I am willing to make a restaurant reservation (restaurants here usually do not have seats available without reservation on Fridays and Saturdays). Some options are: SanSan, Sichuan kitchen, authentic, fairly spicey, Saigon, Vietnamese food, pretty good but 'western' version of food (authentic noodle soup though), Little V, really nice Thai food, Vessel 11, English (yes, they do serve very edible dishes), Smaak van Afrika, reasonable African (both west and east) cuisine. a host of Frencht style places usually a bit more expenisve, steak houses, etc etc. To make a reservation I will have to know how many will attend, so if interested, state your preference and date you would like a reservation for.


General Discussion / OS/2 Voice sponsorship
« on: March 10, 2017, 08:56:04 pm »
++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++


Hello everybody, 

Just like money does not grow on tree's, the same is true for software. While open source projects are great for some a lot of development time is needed. 

At end of last year VOICE made donation to Bitwiseworks of 2000 Dollars to help support Firefox development. Here you can find a list
of VOICE supported more with your donations: 

You can buy 1 or more OS/2 Voice sponsorship units here: 

If you have any questions please send us an email!
Or we hope to see you at Warpstock Europe 2017 in Rotterdam. Visit for details. 


Roderick Klein
President OS/2VOICE

Events / Warpstock Europe 2017
« on: March 10, 2017, 08:24:42 pm »
++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++


This year the OS/2 VOICE foundation will be hosting the European conference about OS/2: Warpstock Europe 2017 in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands in the central library on Saturday the 20 and 21 of May 2017. Please see for details! 

We are working hard to put the schedule online, expect that within the next few days! But you can already find the information how to get to Rotterdam and where to stay on the website. Also hotels that are close by. Most hotels are within walking distance of the main library. Rotterdam central station are just around the corner and Rotterdam Blaak train station is underneath the main library! 

Access for 1 day is 25 Dollars for 1 day. You can buy access for Warpstock Europe via the Arca Noae website (See www.warpstock) for details. The organization team would very much like if you pay your access in advanced via the Arca Noae website with your creditcard or via paypal! At the requests of Arca Noae please do not send checks from Europe! They are extremely expensive to process! 

There will also be a social event on Friday evening at 19:00 which is organized by my personally. Everybody is welcome to join the tram trip of 1 1/2 hours. The tram will leave at 19:00 at tramstop Blaak just 1 minute walk from the main library. If you do want to join the tram trip buy with your Warpstock Europe access a ticket with the tram for 0 Dollar. For coffee and tea in the tram, please book in advanced!!! 

When on the tram you will be required to pay me Euro 7.50. Note the rent of the tram costs 600 Euro! I will partly pay this myself and we have been sponsored by Daniel Caroll from the US!! 

Some of the things you can expect at Warpstock Europe 2017: 

* The latest news from BWW regarding its software development. 

* The latest news from Arca Noae regarding its brand new OS/2 distribution called ArcaOS. 

* We will also have an OS/2 quiz to test your knowledge on OS/2 its history, technical details etc. This quiz will most likely also be accessible via the internet! 

More details to follow on the program! 

We hope to see you in Rotterdam. 

Best regards, 

Roderick Klein
President OS/2

Off Topic discussions / Interesting flow chart..
« on: January 04, 2017, 01:09:18 am »
Rather funny)

General Discussion / Software support
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:55:42 am »
I recently had a bad experience with software support. The latest version of a program will not start and throws a sys3175. I reported the problem, got no reaction at all to 2 emails. I directly approached the developer on IRC, he didn't have a solution at hand, didn't ask me to do further testing or provided a version of the program with bug tracking features. In other words, no support at all. I bought this program about 4 years and 3 versions ago. It may not be realistic to expect support over such a long period, then again, if the licence provides all future versions, they should be supported imho. If the seller is not prepared to extend support this far, he should state that clearly and offer a support subscription. This is just an opinion, and by no means an invitation to start a flame war. This is also meant as a reminder to that it is extremely bad business practice to completely ignore customers.
I would like to add that the software I bought written by Glassman has been well supported, with quick responses to bug reports and feature requests. So it's not all bad)

Internet / Firefox beta 4 released
« on: March 10, 2015, 03:52:16 pm »
*bww bitwise works GmbH progress update March 10, 2015

This is the fourth beta release of Firefox for eCS (OS/2) version 24. It
contains some UI fixes (makes the "Clear Recent History" dialog and most
recent sites' thumbnails on the new tab canvas work again) and makes
XUL.DLL finally loadable into high memory.. Also this release uses the
new GCC runtime (version 4.9.2) which significantly reduces the size of
executables and DLLs and the memory footprint of the running application
(by about 5-6 megabytes).

file contains more detailed list of changes.

file contains software requirements and detailed installation instructions.



    If you find a bug (which is likely), please create an issue at the
    issues page <>.
    But before you create a new issue, be sure it is not already
    reported by searching through the existing ones using the Search
    field at the top of this page.


    When Firefox crashes it creates a trap report that may contain
    useful information for the developers. These reports are saved in
    |.TRP| files created in the directory where |firefox.exe| is
    installed. By default these reports contain only basic information.
    In order to make them even more useful (and therefore make a fix for
    your problem much more likely) please do the following:

      * Install the latest EXCEPTQ runtime from
        <> (currently, this
        is the latest).
      * Install the Firefox symbol files by downloading the
        || archive from the link below and unzipping it to
        the same directory where you installed Firefox.
      * Make Firefox crash again and attach the resulting |.TRP| file to
        the issue describing your problem.

If you want to support us or a specific project then please check out
these links:
You are one of the people making the future possible!

With regards, the bww bitwise works GmbH Team

General Discussion / New USB drivers
« on: March 10, 2015, 12:12:06 pm »
Arca Noae has updated their USB driver suite to 11.10

Setup & Installation / Keyboard, codepage and headache
« on: February 07, 2015, 01:25:43 am »
I have bought a new keyboard. Unlike the old one, which had a US international layout, this one has a Dutch layout.

With the setting I have now I can get it to work properly.
My current setup is:

I use this to be able to use Russian in both vio and pm.

The problem I have is that I can set 850 as primary codepage. In vio sessions that's not a big deal, a chcp 850 takes care of that. In PM sessions, even when I set the codepage to 850 in the properties language tab, it still seems to use 866 because the keyboard will not produce euro sign or accents. If I start e.exe with a .cmd file with the lines:
chcp 850
It all works as it should. I am puzzled by this. Why doesn't the properties setting do the same?
What I would like best is to have 850 as the primary codepage, but that would probably mean an overhaul of keyboard.dcp. Is it possible to do a system wide chcp somehow before the pm comes up? 

Applications / Yum update went wrong
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:57:07 am »
Today I ran yum update. The packages to be updated were rpm ones and the update went wrong.
See for details.
Has anyone else experienced this?
In any case, better wait with updating the RPM packages until it has been determined what the cause of the failure is.

General Discussion / XEU and eCS?
« on: October 09, 2014, 12:15:35 am »
I just noticed that apart from there is a new website which seems to be their online shop. It has no mention of eCS at all...

Storage / exFAT
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:58:19 am »
The latest release of DFSee supports exFAT. exFAT is slowly gaining more importance for large (>32Gb ) flash drives. I just noticed that Samsung has a GPL licenced Linux kernel space driver for exFAT Would it be possible to use that as a basis for an OS/2 IFS driver?

Applications / HTML to epub conversion
« on: September 06, 2014, 08:52:12 pm »
I want to convert to epub for easy reading on my e-reader. Are there tools that can easily convert html to epub for OS/2? I have tried several online converters, the ones I found and tried do not recurse through the pages(. There seem to be some java tools, but what I have found are no ready 'end-user' products.

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