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Hardware / ArcaOS Hardware recommendations?
« on: June 24, 2017, 10:21:45 pm »
Hi all,

In the advend of ArcaOS I'm looking for some suggestions about recommended or supported/tested hardware.
Since OS/2 1.3 we all know: OS/2 doesnt run on any hardware. Each new version had new pitfalls to avoid. from "Memory Adressing upside down", over "Storage device driver" and "RAM-Memory / HDD-Partition Limitiations at install", until ACPI/UEFI-Bios problems - this list was always longer than the lists of Windows  or Linux. 

So its more astonishing, that there seems no recommend hardware list.
the ArcaOS Wiki says: "Arca Noae is continuously working to keep a current Hardware Compatibility List."

Can I (or we - the customers) please get a glimpse of the list? Or should only the users test new hardware like a surprise menu?


Hardware / ecs on actual desktop PC
« on: May 22, 2014, 08:09:42 pm »
Somehow, the new os2world-maschine hates me. First, my old user login is vanished, then almost all "register" links goes nowhere and finally, no reister-mail was created. Maybe in a former life I was Marvin, the robot.

Hi out there,

In the last time, there are no success-stories about an installation of ecs on modern _desktop_ hardware. It looks like ecs doesn't run on this hardware anymore, but this is wrong.
Last week I took an Haswell-CPU (actual generation of socket 1150) together with an typical uefi-miniATX-board, 4GB of DDR3-RAM and start up ecs 2.2 beta 2.
It works! Even the installer works with more than 512MB. And everything works out-of-the-box.

To be precise:
-CPU: intel i3-4xxx Haswell-CPU
-RAM: one 4GB-DDR3 module
-Mainboard:  biostar H81MHP
 it uses the actual intel chipset H81
 supported by actual intel 1150-socket CPUs

ALC892 sound (HDA compatible), real parallel and one real serial COM-port (on onboard-pinheader, but useable), old fashioned PCI-Slots and two PS/2-Ports for older accessories.
The USB3-Ports are not supported but USB2 works even on the ecs-beta-DVD for mouse, keyboard and memorystick (reading ecs.key).
The SATA3-Ports are used in SATA2-mode so you have 4 SATA-Ports.
Unfortunately no IDE port and most sata-to-ide-adapter doenst work with DVD-ROM drives.
It offers RTL 8111 gigabit network, but I wasn't able to get a connection by this chip. So I put a cheap $10 RTL 8169-Card into the board and got network running.

I believe this could be said about other actual boards, but no one mention it. Thinking back to my expierence about former ecs-versions and any combination of uefi-boards, this is a very good sign.

This board is sold in EU, but at Newegg, there is a similar build board: Biostar H81MHP2 (lacks DVI and one PCI-slot, but offers LPT and COM-port at the outside), but there seems to be one one sells this down under (NZ+AU). For those who stick more with Asus or Gigabyte: similar build boards are out there too!


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