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Off Topic discussions / Back on the chaingang...OFF TOPIK
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:58:54 pm »
its beyond our control...unless of coarse you continue to use OS/2! ...takin' a break!

Applications / Applications Needed - Multimedia
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:11:04 pm »
sharing with you, the DREAM, yet again...I sent out the mssg. that I have a lot of IBM stuff...I do not know if the older shareware from IBM & Compatable sources, like DONNUX, Inc., et. al. are portable over to OS/2 or in fact if any of that generation are useable directly. Some of the titles can be searched on Hobbes, which I have used for many decades for downloading PC & Compatables which some of which may already had been released for PS/2 as well. The key word, "compatable" used to mean that many apps in the 80's were already useable with pre-windows, UNIX and OS/2 platforms. Do you know of a cross-reference portal for older apps that may have been designed for use w/o porting them over? I have a very large collection of studio apps and have thousands of disks with olde shareware. Some studio titles that I am interested in finding for OS/2 in a native form are:



SURF's UP! V3.0

AMF MUTI-MEDIA JUKEBOX which is also a WIN Program requiring VBRUN300...

...all the above were common in 1995, not necessarily downloadable from Hobbes nor are they apps released just for OS/2-however some in my vast collection including VLC may have already been ported or released for OS/2 initially?

I still have many Software LABs disks that I am researching-trying to find if they have been ported to OS/2 back in the day or were released as OS/2 progs...I do not know if Nelson Ford had intended to have shareware delivered to the public for anything other than TwinDOZE.

BTW, I am also trying to find out if the  Game "Wild Ride" -surf shack- A run and gun arcade game; distro by INTERplay [on CD for WIN 95] was ever released or has been ported for OS/2 Ver x.x?

Setup & Installation / HPFS - Used to Remote an old NT Partition?
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:30:09 pm »
REMEMBER A DAY...PINK FLOYD...I HAVE A ATA DRIVE WITH A BAD IBM WARP3 INSTALL. After installation the machine rebooted and I then get 2 os/2 messages blinking at the top left hand corner with a blinking underbar on the line below...hit a key would be probably the obvious, yet nothing happens. Is this because it was installed w/o changing something in the PreBootX or BIOS? Is there a partition program on a CD I can use to ID an old HDD and remove any traces of formatted WinDoZe installs? Hmmm...I do remember a day but there were no hassles, at least not like this dilemma using OS/2 straight out of a new box...arrrrg :-X :-X

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / LION
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:58:28 am »
My Insurance Agent gave up a G3, dual booted to Windows/os 8...since it was a present I thought of ways to hide stuff and use a VM ware type of thing and then a sandbox; but before too long the whole box went Poof! On eBay there are many G4's now being sold for around $300USD/per system which I thought might work as a platform for a WARP4 Server with the OSX Lion version of MAC already factory installed. Has anyone done this-running a stable system? [...but NOT w/Windows like I did before... which became a catastrophe;;;( 8) ]

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