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Setup & Installation / Help with Yum
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:33:05 am »
In a recently installed ECS 2.2 Beta 2, I try to install the libraries needed for Firefox 45.5, but when I run

 YUM Install ..(.list of required libraries)

it doesn't find several of them (e.g. Cairo, Pango, etc)

However, if I do the same in ArcaOS, it finds them all.

By using YUM list, I saw that in ArcaOS Yum has access to both .i386 and .i686 libraries, but in ECS it only has access to i.386 libraries. The missing libraries in my ECS are all of the i686 type.

How can I 'upgrade' YUM in order to have access to both type of libraries? I know it is possible, because in an old ECS  I have, yum sees both types. But I don't remember how it was done.

Eduardo Vila Echagüe

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