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AMouse has for me 2 advantages compared to SMouse in respect of mouse
wheel scrolling:

1. AMouse sends scroll messages and can be configured to behave otherwise.
   SMouse sends only keyboard messages.
   Scroll messages for a text window have the advantage that the window
   immediately starts scrolling, as if the vertical slider was moved.
   This behavior is ideal for text reading.
   Keyboard messages move the cursor. A window moves if the cursor
   reaches window boundaries. That means that starting scrolling may take
   some time, dependent on the initial cursor position.
2. AMouse effects on the window below the mouse pointer. It can be
   configured to behave otherwise. SMouse effects on the window with the
   keyboard input focus, usually the topmost window.
The Nice WPS Enhancer allows for redirecting mouse messages from the
window with the input focus to the window below the mouse pointer.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work with a virtualized OS/2
(VirtualBox and Virtual PC tested) and the adapted mouse driver from the
OS/2 addititions installed.

On a real system, with Nice and SMouse installed, I had success in
configuring Nice to behave like AMouse for item 2.

Both AMouse advantages are the main reason, why I'm not mainly using
a virtualized system.

Does anybody have any experience with that?

Internet / Availability of Firefox 45.9.0 as .rpm file
« on: October 06, 2017, 05:15:43 pm »
Does somebody know when the Firefox .rpm will be made available?

Do you also have details about the location? Do I have to add a repo server to ANPM?

General Discussion / First login finally works here
« on: September 28, 2016, 10:07:47 pm »
Since about yesterday, invoking directly logs me in with my os2world account. Great, thanks Martin.

Previously one has to load twice to get the personal additions for that side. That was the situation for the past months, maybe about a year.

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