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Setup & Installation / eCS install problems on a recent mainboard
« on: August 24, 2016, 03:28:32 am »
I have just attempted, unsuccessfully, to install eCS on a system based on an Asrock mini-itx mainboard. The board is a Q1900-ITX with a 4-core Celeron. The disk is a Samsung SSD connected to a SATA port controlled by the Intel chipset.

If I select the ACPI option in the boot menu, the system boots to the installer without complaints. The disk is detected with either the AHCI driver or the Dani driver, depending on the mode I select in the UEFI setup. But if I use AHCI, I'm unable to format partitions in HPFS format. If I try in a command line, I get the error that not enough memory is available to run format Formatting with JFS works. If I use ATA-mode, both HPFS and JFS formatting work.

But after the first install phase has completed, the disk in not bootable. Or not detected as bootable by the UEFI firmware?

I have tried with both eCS 2.1 and 2.2 beta, and the same thing happens. No error messages, but the system won't boot from the disk and complete the install. Any advice?

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