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Programming / Re: 10% Fundraising for QT5 and new Browser
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:54:21 am »
For now there are more sponsoring campaigns than code changes related to OS/2 web browser projects. How is this new campaign related to the earlier November 2017 campaign (Source:

Hi Andreas, I try to answer - sorry for not using kyrillic or latin language, (I could only offer Deutsch, French, English or Simple Chinese) you can read everything at the Forum once you use your motherlanguage (I guess). This campaign is not related to VOICE, even though both may have the same target.

Programming / Re: 10% Fundraising for QT5 and new Browser
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:54:53 pm »
We are moving Forward! Thanks to all so far! I hope we can reach the Goal!

Programming / 10% Fundraising for QT5 and new Browser
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:21:08 am »
Please read here my idea about a fundraising for QT5 and the Browser, I hope it may encourage other Individuals or User Groups or...

(Using Google Translator)

You should definitely skip the disk test.

No, you shouldn't.

From my experience it is the best one can do on modern Hardware to check the box "skip the disk check" in the "Pre Boot Menue". It is better to use the Disc Tools once you passed the first stage of booting.

Yes - this is my experience and Yes, I do speak for myself  :D :D :D :D

Just to be 100% clear the disc checker should never be bypassed. I am bit confused what you mean with using the disc tool after the first stage of booting Sigurd.  The disc util loads in the ArcaOS installer when you selected your installer type. If you know what you are doing then disabling the disc checker can be an option. But in most cases disabling it will not help the user as minilvm will then run into an issue.

The disc utility does nothing at disc controller level. It only scans the hard discs for LVM information.


It might Sound strange for you, but that is my experience. I would not have been able to install it (ecs, arcaos) several times on modern Hardware, if I would have done it your way. Mini LVM run into Problems when I selected this Option, and I remember eCS 2.0 Beta 6 (or was it 5 or the Silver realease or the first GA...) where this lead to a damaged HDD Layout.... I can not justify what EXACTLY happend, but I never had this Problems when I disabled this Feature.

It only scans the hard discs for LVM information.

This might be a possible thing: .. it may not find LVM Information, and that lead to.....

That reminds me to the time (in 2010) where you several times said that it was impossible to install eCS next to an existing, preloaded Windows 7 System, in the end I had to build this: to proof my words and you wrong. This came to my mind once I read your "Just to be 100% clear.".....

Even though, as it seems it did/does not help here, so who cares.

You should definitely skip the disk test.

No, you shouldn't.

From my experience it is the best one can do on modern Hardware to check the box "skip the disk check" in the "Pre Boot Menue". It is better to use the Disc Tools once you passed the first stage of booting.

Yes - this is my experience and Yes, I do speak for myself  :D :D :D :D

Applications / Re: File Open dialog not resizable?
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:25:31 am »
As I wrote here:,1337.msg12644.html#msg12644 the Object Navigator taken from Object Desktop is a good choice as well. May be this can be made some kind of Open source? In Addition it gives the advantages to avoid all eco runtimes, that I do not Need for an up to date OS/2.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Censorship complaints
« on: February 26, 2018, 02:18:50 pm »
And we should all remember the differences in languages and cultures represented here can make statements come across harsher than perhaps intended.
All true. But as Lars stated above this is not the case with ak120/Andreas Kohl. We the German native speakers know
  • it's not a language problem (if you read his statements you know he is very very good in English compared to most of the other Germans/Austrians/Swiss here)
  • it's not a cultural problem (maybe some very slight damage given by the long ago punishment in Eastern Germany. But all other Ex-DDR guys I know handle that much better)
  • it's a personal problem with him which drives people crazy even in the German forum
  • he's very often offtopic and gives irrelevant inputs (constantly talks about ancient hard-/software no one else uses since ages nor the thread starter does)
  • constantly wants to demonstrate he, and only he, is right and knowledgeable
On the other hand he has some very deep knowledge in some fields and sometimes (unfortunately not very often) gives very valuable information.

I couldn't have said it any better. It is more or less a lack in human skills/interpersonal skills. I wish I could say something else/better, and I am really sad about it, but it is exactly as Andi writes. And what makes me even more sad: in 99% there is no reason for this at all.

Events / Re: Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:30:52 pm »
Excellent work, it has reminded me of my evolution
You just missed the OS2 warp conect, only.
 I have seen that you do things that I did not know could be done with this system, like writing on the screen.
Thank you

Thank you!
But you may have missed something: OS/2 Warp Connect is in the first third of the film, where the part about the different OS/2 Versions is. It is as well shown in Action as it is installed on the ThinkPad 701.

Events / Re: Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: February 22, 2018, 06:52:16 pm »
I did misunderstand.
No Problem, do not worry  :)

Your video did what you intended and I do mean it, you made it look so easy doing this video although I know it required hours of work.
I am pretty happy that it seems to look easy, in fact it took me almost 5 months (October 2017 - February 2018) and about 200 hours of work. Postprocessing (Cutting, adding comment and Music) was the most Labor intensive work - something I really really underestimated.

I did notice you mentioned some hardware drivers made for your system.  Are these not available?
I have to thank you! All the Drivers I noticed (from i.e. Wim Brul, Lars Erdmann, Holger Veith etc.) are free available - except of one - the Kernel 14.112SMP (in fact I do have a 14.113.b right now). This one is given to me by the author only for testing purposes. I do hope, that as much as possible of his benefits will make it someday into the ArcaOS Kernel.


Events / Re: Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:02:41 am »

Great job.  Your modified system was awesome.  Great job putting the video together.  You made it look easy.

One thing I would liked to have seen and what you can put in your next presentation is what ArcaOS looks like today; OS/2 then and ArcaOS today. You showed the capabilities of the OS, but you did it showing old graphics.  You demonstrated that the ArcaOS is very backwards compatible to running DOS, Windows, old OS/2 programs.  My first impression was an old operating system running old programs.

What can ArcaOS do today?  You demonstrated that it is very backwards compatible to old programs, but what  other things can ArcaOS do today? 
1.  It is still being developed.
2.  It's WPS (GUI) has no equal among any other other operating system.
3.  Updating software has never been easier using RPM
4.  It is not the resource hog that Windows is.  The more programs you install in Windows, the slower it gets.
5.  It has the internet capabilities that all modern operating systems require.
6.  Its look is modern and can be easily changed to one's taste.
7.  Its JFS file system is one of the most versatile and stable file systems out there.
8.  Open office is available for ArcaOS. (ArcaOS needs to get that missing RPM package "libxsit" included with the next update to make installation problem free).
9.  For people who are tired of having their every keystroke monitored and what they are doing on their computers logged.  That don't like the idea that someone can secretly enter their system and record and listen to their chat using the computers web cam

Can you rename your video?  Call it OS/2 then.  The new one Call OS2/ArcaOS now.  Or OS/2 Past.  The new one "OS2/ArcaOS today.

ArcaOS should include links to the development tools needed for those that might want to try their hand at developing software.  This would appeal to any Linux folks that may want to try their hand at software development.


Hi David,

thanks for your comment, but there may be some misunderstanding:

- what you have seen in the video is not ArcaOS, it is my tailored clone based on ACP2 + Warp 4
- the video is not about ArcaOS but OS/2
- I mentioned ArcaOS because it is the future of OS/2

As I wrote during the IIRC Chat last Saturday I "may(!)" produce some non verbal videos about ArcaOS as some kind of Short informations:
- what kind of hardware is needed
- installation
- what does it look like
- maybe: ArcaOS on Thinkpad 25  ;)

Therefore I ordered already ARcaOS 5.02. But I am not sure if I can find the time.

If - then I will write something about it here.

Some notes to some of your points:

3. Updating via RPM: as one can read in different threads this is something that is in progress, but today not really there (Applications like Firefox, OpenOffice etc. are missing)
4. Resource hog: when it comes to HDD/SSD space you are right, but when it comes to RAM....
5. Internet capabilities: I think this is to far, there are Internet capabilities, but these can not be compared to other Systems as there is to much missed


Events / Re: Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: February 19, 2018, 01:23:29 am »
Finally - it is uploaded!

Hope you enjoy 45 Minutes about OS/2!

Just to add:

This is really great stuff! I was able to use with the Driver vom Lars+Wim (older one) and this Hardware:

on my Lenovo T450s (that I already sold last week):

- headphones
- speakers

and ... YES ...

- microphone

So that I was able to use Voice Type Dictation/Navigation for OS/2 on my pimped up Warp 4.52 nativ on this T450s!

One will see this in my OS/2 Movie, that was estimated to be finished x-mas 2017, but I underestimated the needed Post Production of thís already 45 Minutes Video. But it will arrive....  8)

By the way I supported Lars by sponsoring him via bitwise, and that was something really worth it!

Thanks to Lars and Wim!

Article Discussions / Re: ArcaOS Wishlist - 6 months !!
« on: December 29, 2017, 10:20:41 am »

Applications / Re: Software Reports
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:41:29 pm »
Using ArcaOS 5.01

Installing eSchemes makes the whole system unstable.

Installing Animated mouse pointer 1.01 locks the system up. 

Both resulted in me installing ArcaOS 5.01 again.

That is the reason why I do not use any of these programs with my Up-To-Date OS/2 Clones, not even an eco runtime.

Events / Re: Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:29:36 pm »

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