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Events / Preparing for Warpstock Virtual 2020 ...
« on: October 30, 2020, 01:02:13 pm »
... just preparing for my session "A touch too much" for the Virtual Warpstock 2020!

Looking forward to be a part of the event!  :)

Hope to see you there!

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:30:21 pm »

Thanks guys - I need to think about how best to proceed. At this stage, I think it's best to resurrect the logging that was broken around kernel 4.0 timeframe - I'm hoping that will elicit some clues as to why the mixer isn't being detected.

I'll post here when I have some news.

Hi Paul,

may be you can team up with "abwillis1", he helped me out with getting Uniaud to run on a Thinkpad X250.

Please see:

(ArcaOS Bugtracker Bug 2637)

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: October 24, 2020, 02:37:34 pm »
Hi All, is based on the linux 4.14.x kernel - again - no hda mixer detection here in Virtualbox.



Hi Paul,

tested this 4.14.202, seems to show the same results as with the older one.

Boots OK, does not detect the mixer.

Great to see 4.14 boot at all!

What can I provide to assist?


Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:14:29 pm »
Hi Paul,

the hardware I am using is far to new for the driver, I guess. So I did not expect it to work.

Even though I attach my results, may be I can be of help in a future release.

The hardware is a lenovo Thinkpad T480 with Intel core i7-8550 CPU.

Your driver loads and boots but can not detect the mixer. I guess this is what you would expect with this hardware.

If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Thanks for your great work!!

Applications / Re: Windows 10 and ArcaOS 5.x Dual Boot
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:52:34 pm »
It happens quite often to me that once I change the partition laypiut Airboot manager stops working. It tells me to boot from diskette.

The most succesfull solution in case of having trouble with Airbootmanager was to me:

- Boot DFSEE USB Stick
- Select: NEW MBR; Keep Tables
- Activate Windows 10 boot Partition as active Partition
- Boot Windows 10 and reinstall Airboot

But the best solution was:

- Using IBM Bootmanager instead of Airboot Manager
-> never had such kind of problems even with Windows 10 and OS/2 Double Boot on a 2 TB SSD, please see my T25/2 video at youtube.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 weird *A* key
« on: July 22, 2020, 08:49:14 pm »
Sigurd, do you know the Lenovo product code for the backlit DE keyboard?

The linked one above is NOT backlit.

For the moment, I did some testing, and clicked off the "a" key..
I cannot see any dirt or dust underneath..
Then tried to push the key without the "a" cover... and found out, it doesn't work as good when pushing the right side of the rubber underneath the key. - Left side almost always worked.
Then.. I took some paper, scissors.. and cut a small piece off the paper, put it underneath the key, clicked it in.. and.. like new. --> so for the moment it works fine again, but I doubt it will for long.

In the meanwhile I am trying to get a backlit Thinkpad S1 Yoga 12 keyboard with DE layout.

00PA855 und (gegebenenfalls) 00HT997

Off Topic discussions / Re: Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 weird *A* key
« on: July 22, 2020, 09:31:39 am »
But then again, if anybody did this already, and the keyboard CAN be maintained and revived, getting a new one would be a waste of money..

So.. any hints welcome. : )


Noch detaillierter:

Ich versuche auch schon eine ENTF Taste (die bei mir wackelt) zu bekommen, weil ich nicht die Tastatur nochmals tauschen möchte, aber es scheint aussichtslos.

Hardware / Re: USB 3 - ArcaOS - Hardware Reports
« on: June 22, 2020, 12:55:45 pm »
Thanks for the reports

Sigurd. Nice, you made a custom Thinkpad Retro. I will make a page for it with your report. Do you still have the original "Lenovo ThinkPad 25 - Retro", or it was used for your custom Thinkpad? If you still have the original one I can use the pci.exe report to complete the HardwareID of it.


Hi Martin,

thanks, but the Original T25 is for sale now and therefore OS/2 is already deleted. I think it does not make much sense to make special side for the T25/2 as it is the only available "unikat" around. Others did the same as me, but with differenzt T480 hardware (i.e. no Touchscreen). It might make sense to make a page for the T480, as the T25/2 is almost one. But there are so many things today not working or limited, that this may make no sense either (i.e. only 1 GB RAM visible, no Sound etc.).

By the way please do not wonder, I deleted my ArcaOS Channel on Youtube as well as I do not have the time nor motivation to keep it going on.

Thanks for your ongoing support for OS/2-eCS-ArcaOS!

All the best!


Hardware / Video on Youtube about my Thinkpad 25/2
« on: June 21, 2020, 12:31:10 pm »
So I do have finished my Thinkpad25/2 Project and published a short video on Youtube.

If you are interested:

Hope you have fun!

Important: my youtube channel is not linked to advertisements nor anything to make profit at all. It is a non commercial channel.

Applications / Re: OS/4 (non technical issues)
« on: June 19, 2020, 10:52:17 pm »
For one point I have to correct myself and apologize: the USB 3 Drivers seem to work quite well, I would guess those are more Beta than Alpha, see my post in the other USB 3 Thread.

Hardware / Re: USB 3 - ArcaOS - Hardware Reports
« on: June 19, 2020, 10:49:45 pm »
My Thinkpad 25-2, based on a Thinkpad T480 (I build my own Thinkpad based on a T480 with the Palmrest, Keyboard, Touchpad etc. from the Thinkpad 25, all the inside electronic is a T480 with 32 GB RAM, Nvidia MX150, 2 TB SATA SSD etc. USB Hardware see Screenshot; unfortunately sound is not working so far, have to dig there):

USB 3 Driver work very well. USB DVD is working, USB DisketteDrive is working.

PCI.EXE attached.

Well Done!

Applications / Re: OS/4 (non technical issues)
« on: June 17, 2020, 10:55:11 am »
I want to note that I am an official user of drivers from Arca Noae. I paid them for a subscription and expect them to work.

If they aren't working, open an incident in the Arca Noae Mantis Bug Tracker. I suggest reporting only supported configurations. I will also note, that the USBXHCD driver is a PREVIEW version, and is not actually supported. Be sure to READ the docs. If you need an updated driver, but have not renewed your subscription, don't expect freebies.

Actually OS / 2 has not been supported for a long time and is rather not alive.

Arca Noae has legal authorization to distribute patched versions of OS/2 software (the ArcaOS kernel is one example). NOBODY else has that legal authorization, including the OS/4 group (even eCS was not permitted to do that). If Arca Noae started to use stuff from, or produce stuff for, OS/4, they could be shut down. It is in their contract with IBM.

The OS / 4 kernel has been seriously updated; significant errors have been removed from it; it is significantly faster than the OS / 2 kernel. In the OS / 4 kernel, virtual machines run significantly faster. And in some modern systems, the OS / 2 kernel does not work at all and the system starts only with OS / 4. Not only that, some Arca Noae drivers do not work on the OS / 2 kernel, but they work on OS / 4. And most importantly, the OS / 4 kernel is supported and updated regularly.

Arca Noae drivers are supposed to work on machines that are running supported versions of OS/2, If they don't, report the problem. It may not be fixable, but I guarantee that it won't be fixed if you don't report it. The support group does insist on supported configurations (no PREVIEW software, or "unknown" operating systems - like OS/4). They don't have the resources to try to do otherwise.

Perhaps the OS/4 group will support their software. The biggest problem with OS/4, is that the legal status is far from clear. If, as they claim, it has been developed in a clean room, that may still not pass the legal system. Until it has been judged by the legal system, the status is unknown (and I doubt if the OS/4 group could afford the legal fees, so they would lose by default. So would Arca Naoe, if they break the rules of the contract). Use OS/4 if you like, but don't expect Arca Noae to even recognize that it exists. They just can't take the chance that IBM will take them to court.

If we abandon development that ensures progress, then there will be much less movement in our cemetery.

There is movement. The biggest problems, at Arca Noae, are too few good programmers, and not enough money in the pot. I have no idea how OS/4 is funded, nor do I much care.

Doug, you are still sitting on a high horse.

As we all know there are limited resources and limited money.

Eternal repeating does not change anything nor make things better.

Reading the docs tell: USB 3 is ALPHA Code. Well done after 4 Years of Development! Once there is a problem and one can not solve this, it may be time to go for help or open oneself. Naming Lars and Wim are only two of those who might have been able to assist (assumed and provided they would have liked to) or help. So the argument "Limited Resources" does not count when it comes to USB 3. The reason for this is another one:

ArcaNoae decided to go the other way, making what is left from OS/2 to some kind of closed source.

And in addition: why have there never been - as suggested before - some kind of open beta for USB 3? Instead there is some kind of open Alpha here with 5.05 now, a product that is for sale?! But - who cares - it is like it is.

I remember the kernel versions I got from Holger, based on the 14.106 Kernel and in addition his patches for WPS files. Even if I do not really understand what technically he has done - the results counted. And his kernel and WPS patches did lead to a much more stable OS/2 (or ArcaOS) than I have had ever before or after.

I might make a shot in the dark, but I would guess some of his - you may would call it from your "Lord Protector for the Holy ArcaOS" position as some kind of illegal - changes have somehow find their way into ArcaOS.

So ist the OS/4 kernel - if you like it or not, it does provide usefull functions and abilitties the AOS Kernel miss.

In the end results count:
ArcaNaoe is basically doing a very good job.
USB 3.0 is far from working stable, it is some kind of Alpha software.
ArcaOS is getting more and more closed source.
"Protection Policy" for Software is contra productive in our days. It will destroy what is left of the "OS/2 community"
Suspect others - like OS/4 team - without a real proof as "illegal" is not OK and sounds like narrow minded thinking!

In December we will held our OS/2 User meeting in Cologne, we will see if there is enough demand for a meeting in 2021 or if it will be the last. We are waiting for the DE Version for some years now, and motivation (and the age/time) is running out for most of us. 8)

Applications / Re: DOSBox Issue - STDCPP6?
« on: May 24, 2020, 09:00:25 am »
 I have to correct myself: my problem was not having this sigserv message, it was that dosbox only starts once, if at all, but never for a second time. Most times (99%) the program window appeared with no message, only a black screen,  and freezed the system.

It is resolved with the sdl.dlls as I described. I was misleaded because I had this STDCPP6 message in popuplog, that was mentoined in this thread here as well. Anyway, sorry.

Applications / Re: DOSBox Issue - STDCPP6?
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:07:42 am »
Had the same issue, resolved it by only replacing the SDL.DLLs with those from Version

Have not seen any sideeffects on other appplications so far.

This is what popuplog looked like before:

05-24-2020  07:22:32  SYS2070  PID 0039  TID 0001  Slot 008f

05-24-2020  07:22:39  SYS2070  PID 003a  TID 0001  Slot 008f

05-24-2020  07:22:43  SYS2070  PID 003b  TID 0001  Slot 008f

05-24-2020  07:24:02  SYS2070  PID 003c  TID 0001  Slot 008f


thanks for your replies and thoughts! After reading this and those from the forum, Thomas and me decided to keep the User meeting as it is, so it will be the same as the 7 times before, only on Saturday with German as language. Thanks again and all the best!!


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