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Hardware / Re: ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 15, 2019, 07:48:50 pm »
Addition to your Wiki pages:

I have got:

- 20DK (not DL)
- Intel core i7-5600U CPU (not i5)
- Release year is 2014/2015 (not 2013, in 2013 there have been the first generation of S1 Yoga, with the Intel core-i Generation)

Hope this helps

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 15, 2019, 07:42:45 pm »
Hi Martin,

here the answers I can give you right now:

- first of all: substitute the ArcaOS USB drivers with those from Lars Erdmann (Version 232)

- Webcam running then out of the box with Wim Bruls Websee Driver

- Stylus started a few moments ago working thanks to Wim Brul!
(Do not forget the Pre required drivers: USBECD, XSMOUSE from Wim Brul and the according settings)
  - Single tap with the Stylus = Left Mouse Button click
  - Pressing the Button on the Stylus = Right Mouse Button click
  - Single tap with the stylus while pressing the Button on the Stylus = Left+Right Mouse Button click

- Writing with the Stylus in Jarnal = no problem works like a charm!

- USB 3.0 -> the machine has it, but I disabled it in BIOS so the work as USB 2.0

Your other questions: I will come back to this later.

Thanks for all your work, and adding it to the wiki!!!

All credit goes to Wim Brul, he will have a look into Touch support next, when his time permits.

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 15, 2019, 09:43:52 am »
Martin, here some official Lenovo Images of it, for your wiki.

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 14, 2019, 05:56:09 pm »
Hi Sigurd.

Can it be possible for you to share the pci.exe and lsusb report of your machine?

Which video driver are you using for it?

If I'm getting the translation right, audio is working, that is great. Is that the Uniaud version available on 5.0.4, or are you using a different version?


Hi Martin,

attached the files as you wanted.

ArcaOS Version: 5.04
Graphicdriver: Panorama, will switch to SNAP 3.19 though

Have to replace the ArcaUSB Drivers with those from Lars Erdmann, as those from ArcaOS do not support Isyncronus Data Transfer, wich is needed for:

- Touch, Stylus, Webcam



All the best from me as well! I hopte you can enjoy the christmas holidays even though!

Hardware / ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:21:56 pm »
If you are interested in my progress with this case, please take a look here:

In case you are not familiar with German, please use Online Translator  ;) ;D

Hardware / Easy check: can ArcaOS be installed on this Lenovo Laptop?
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:15:33 am »
There is a very good and easy test, wether or not ArcaOs can be installed on a Lenovo Laptop.

Till now this has to meet at least three specifications:

- Secure Boot can be turned off

- CSM is still there / Legacy boot

- USB 2.0 support

with this:

Lenovo BIOS Simulator

one can check all this before ordering hardware. That is pretty need.

My observation is, that there is no Lenovo model since the 5th Intel core-i generation, that has inbuild USB 2.0 support. That stresses the need for the USB 3.0 driver.

I attach some pictures for my next hardware test, the Lenovo Yoga 12.

During our user meeting Yesterday we had by surprise the pleasure to install an ArcaOS Alpha Version with UEFI support on the Lenovo X250 Laptop in UEFI mode!

It was a very (very!) promising Installation!

For more information please use Online Translator and look here:

Thanks to ArcaNoae for making this surprise possible!

Hardware / Re: OS/2 Driver Requirement Brainstorming
« on: November 26, 2019, 08:48:17 am »

I also do not know if to have "GUID Partition Table" support (driver) we need first the UEFI BIOS driver ready, or if it can be accomplished without that driver.
It would be interesting to finally be able to install ArcaOS in an dual boot configuration without wiping the hard drive. I know there are workarounds like cloning hard drives, etc, but it would be great to finally have the driver for a simple installation.


If GPT will work it will be interesting to know, if there is a need for a new Bootmanager or if Airboot or (guess not) the old IBM Bootmanager can handle this.

Regarding UEFI, GPT etc it would be worth to adopt more from DFSEE, if possible.

WLAN and USB are more or less to far away.

Hardware / Re: Report: ArcaOS on Natcomp @note (2001)
« on: November 26, 2019, 08:45:25 am »
Ich hatte mal dieses Mainboard (irgendwann in den 90ern :-)  ) , auch mit SiS 900 Chipsatz. War ein sehr schönes Board!

Ich kann mich nicht mehr erinnern ob der Onboard Netzwerkchip mit OS/2 funktioniert hat oder nicht.

Jedenfalls steht auf der Homepage, unter LAN, auch ein Hinweis auf RTL8201 PHY, vielleicht hilft ja auch ein "Modernerer" oder "älterer" Realtek Treiber.

Viel Erfolg.

Events / Re: User Meeting Cologne 2019: win a Thinkpad X250!
« on: November 11, 2019, 10:48:56 pm »
Some Pictures of this almost in brand new condition Laptop:

Isn't that great?

And one Picture with his elder brother, the ThinkPad 25 with OS/2 Warp 4.5 native on it  ;D

For more Information About this Laptop and ArcaOS see here:

(Already using Online translator) ::)

Events / User Meeting Cologne 2019: win a Thinkpad X250!
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:39:14 am »
During this years User Meeting in Cologne on 30th of November attendents have the possibility to win a Thinkpad X250!

This is an i7-5600u Model with 8GB RAM, 256SSD, WWAN etc etc and meanwhile well supported by ArcaOS (see other Threads regarding the X250).

It is in VERY (Accus very well, and no bumps or scratches) good shape, but - for international users - it does have an DE (German) Keyboard Layout.

During the Meeting one can buy a ticket and somenone else will then pull the winner. There are 20 Tickets alltogether, each 10 Euro. The money collected will be directly transferred to BWW for the QT sponsoring.

Hardware / Re: Pen for OS/2
« on: November 03, 2019, 11:17:01 pm »
I believe Sigurd Fastenrath has posted videos of a Samsung table running with Pen for OS/2.

Just for information: I did not use PEN for OS/2 as it did not work together with the drivers I used, made by Wim Brul.
This drivers do not only work with stylus but also with touch, depending on the device you are using (i.e. Thinkpad X200 Tablet, X230 Tablet, Samsung Serie 7 Slate etc.)

I installed PEN for OS/2 to use the On Screen Keyboard Part of it, and to see if it would be usable at all. There is a Virtualkeyboard available from as well, wich is more modern.

For Writing I usually do use the JAVA 6 Program Jarnal. There are Painting Programs running with Java 6 as well.

I recently was able to get a Thinkpad 710T (from 1993 that should arrive this week) and I am going to try to install OS/2 2.1 and PEN for OS/2 on it as it should work with it. Looking forward to test it  ;)

Thanks for all the replies. I've to work it through.

I try different things in parallel - adding ArcaOS to the installed SSD while preserving the W10 installation.

I described a way for this here that points to hereür-truecrypt

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