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Ian, i'm sorry

so if i've a 100Megabit/sec FTTC i should set as RWINsize

1022208 (30-100 Mbit lines depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2^4)

that of course with eCS/AOS is not possible since we have a max value is 246723
so you are saying that we can't have download faster than a 15Megabit/sec connection (i'm just guessing)

but it's not, since here i've 2 servers and on one i get downloads of about 6,9-7MegaBytes/sec

i'm now very very confused :)

Networking / Re: uacme
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:35:32 pm »
i use it on my webserver and it runs perferctly
i'm able to create and renew a number of SSL certificates from the HTTPS hosted websites

Server Version: Apache/2.2.34 (OS/2) PHP/5.4.45 mod_ssl/2.2.34 OpenSSL/1.0.2k
Server Built: Feb 3 2019 17:11:06

massimo s.

hi Ian,

on a 30Megabit/sec download / 10Megabit/sec upload full granted (with 8 internet static IPs)
router is a Mikrotik Hex lite, mtu is 1500
how should i calculate the inetcfg values?

at the moment i can get 1,8MegaBytes/sec of download, but if i connect a W10 pc (directly to the Mikrotik router) i get more fast download datarates e.g. 2,5 or more MegaBytes/sec

at the moment on the eCS machine values are theese ones:


DEVICE=C:\MPTN\PROTOCOL\SOCKETSK.SYS /GDT:256 /MEM:4096                         
RUN=C:\MPTN\BIN\CNTRL.EXE /SM 1024 /LM 720                                                                                                                     

(i've read on EDM/2 that values e.g. buffers can be raised to higher levels, this could help?)


keepalive 60
tcpswinsize 246723
tcprwinsize 246723
udpswinsize 246723
udprwinsize 246723
lingertime 60
ipforward 1
mtudiscover 1

drivers: eCS PC -> router is an old Intel pro 100 E 100Megabit full duplex (E100B.OS2)

i also suspect that this driver is very old and it's no good for newer connections


massimo s.

Networking / Re: Wireshark port
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:19:17 pm »
thanks a lot
now it starts, even if i'm new about this application and i don't know how to use it ;)


Networking / Re: Wireshark port
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:12:03 pm »
installed 2.2.13, but it ask about a ROCKEN.DLL library
installed also ANPM but can't find heimdal



hey, all CAT7 SFTP here, the switch is a gigabit ethernet layer3 cisco sg300-28  :)

NIC is binded at 1Gigabit full duplex

anyway doing ftp from other machines in my lan i get about 22MegaBytes/sec
the issue is only with downloading from the internet
where all W10 machines are a very lot faster, even the very old netbook asus eee pc and the smartphone :(

i've tried right now to download a big file from a eCS2.1 server in my LAN and it download via the old ibm ftp at 13MegaBytes/sec
that is not excellent, but surely quite good and sufficient for me

i repeat the issue is downloading http/s or ftp from the internet only
of course i see performances not real (in downstreaming) also from the varius speedtests (eg. ookla


Networking / Re: Wireshark port
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:26:23 pm »
hi guys,

i tried wireshark 2.2.13 on my eCS 2.2 desktop, but it complains about a "rocken.dll" library

since i don't want rpm/uym stuff on my machines, is there around a link to download this library?



about wireshark

i've tried to download wireshark (had to use my w10 laptop since unable to download from eCS'firefox), but as usual install something under eCS is a lot frustrating
i've all GCC/KLIBC DLLs updated, but it complains that it need a dll "rocken.dll"
searching on 3 different search engines i've found anything (also dunno why eCS devs hate search engines that are not the shi$$y googl monopolist)

that dll is not mentioned neither in the docs of the software

guys, we live in the era of terabytes hard-disks, we don't have anymore to deal with 100MegaBytes disk partitions, dunno why eCS devs still don't
bundle all the needed DLLs in a subdir in the package :-(
that's a lot frustrating :(

of course i really hope that i can fix this embarassing situation :(
since elsewhere i will get in serious troubles since all my firewalls are eCS+Injoy

i'm going to buy an ArcaOS to see if fix this issue


no, since all my eCS 2.1 or 2.2b desktop/servers/firewalls give a false/erroneus downstreaming result

about 13Megabit when connections are FTTCs at 50 or 100Megabits
so it's eCS that have some issue

different hardwares even xeon 4 cores, and all runs at 13Megabits, the fast download datarate i get is 2MegaBytes/sec

while W10 on the same lan even with an old asus eee pc dual atom with 100Megabit nic download at full data rate

even W10 PCs under theese eCS firewalls download at 13Megabit/sec erroneus speed rate

speed is there, but eCS 2.x tcpip stack slow down it to a maximum of 2MegaBytes/sec


yes, it's all there

each time i modify a parameter i do a reboot of the pc
after the reboot i also do inetcfg -get all
to check



  Check inside your C:\TCPIP\BIN\B4TCP.CMD file and make sure it has this:

if exist %etc%\inetcfg.ini CALL inetcfg.exe -set all

 If not add it. This command applies the inetcfg.ini file settings when you boot.


ok, turned off sack and rebooted the pc
but the download datarate is still like in years 90... :(
upgraded the eCS pc from 2.1 to 2.2b nothing change

i've changed 3 NICs, the intel 1000 embedded on the new mobo Supermicro X7sbe (xeon 4 core)
intel pro100
intel pro1000xt

allways the same slow download datarate
no change :(


1) various test servers will be impacted by your local tcpip stack settings, for example, take the SACK I mentioned in my response to Roderick, I did shut it off right now to test it out, the immediate impact => DIES!!! I get a burst of full speed for about 2-3 secs then the traffic completely stops...judging by this result alone I would be inclined to say that having SACK OFF is a mistake...yet hitting several of the other test servers shows no impact, so your results will vary

The advise is based on the first download server that Mensys ever put online for downloads for eCS. I managed 4 servers running OS/2 in a large datacenter with 100 megabit uplink. And with a lot of traffic you could get the TCP/IP stack to get exhaust the system its memory in about 30 minutes by switching SACK on. There is clearly a bug in the stack! Hence the comment on the inetcfg.ini of eCS to *never* turn it on.


that line is there

and my ip stack
has theese values

keepalive 120
all the 4 winsize 246723
lingertime 60
ipforward 0
mtudiscover 1
firewall 0




  Check inside your C:\TCPIP\BIN\B4TCP.CMD file and make sure it has this:

if exist %etc%\inetcfg.ini CALL inetcfg.exe -set all

 If not add it. This command applies the inetcfg.ini file settings when you boot.


i cheked, that line is there


keepalive 120
tcpswinsize 246723
tcprwinsize  246723
updswinsize  246723
udprwinsize  246723
lingertime 60
ipforward 0
mtudiscover 1
firewall 0




  Check inside your C:\TCPIP\BIN\B4TCP.CMD file and make sure it has this:

if exist %etc%\inetcfg.ini CALL inetcfg.exe -set all

 If not add it. This command applies the inetcfg.ini file settings when you boot.


you are lucky

here setting the same values to my stack IP i have no iprovements at all
still 500-600KiloBytes download from Firefox or from wget at the command prompt on my eCS2.1 desktop with an Intel pro 1000 XT PCI-X Nic… binded at gigabit ethernet to my Cisco gigabit ethernet switch
that communicate with my Cisco 8xx router that runs an FTTC 100Mb/sec…. :(

i've also tried changing NIC card with an Intel pro 100 (100Megabit so, it should be completely sufficient for a download datarate)
with no success at all, here allways max 500-600Kilobytes of download datarates :(

guys, any help?

i've this issue on all my eCS machines :(
the issue is spreading since now users are upgrading internet connections from hyperlan WADSLs (12/1) to FTTCs 50/10 & 100/20 :(


Ian and Remy,

Guys, another update...I thought I would max out the settings with the goal of achieving highest performance...then if I start running into problems I would dial things back a step at a time.

So here are my current applicable INETCFG.INI settings:


keepalive       300     300     0       7800    KeepAlive (sec)
tcpswinsize     246723  32768   1024    246723  TCP SendWindow Size
tcprwinsize     246723  32768   1024    246723  TCP RecvWindow Size
udpswinsize     246723  41600   1024    246723  UDP SendWindow Size
udprwinsize     246723  41600   1024    246723  UDP RecvWindow Size
lingertime      120     120     0       65535   Linger Time (sec)
ipforward       0       0       0       1       IP Forwarding flag ON/OFF
timestmp        0       0       0       1       TCP TimeStamps ON/OFF
msl             30      30      1       16384   TCP MaxSegLifeTime (sec)
sack            1       0       0       1       Selective ACK ON/OFF

...the xxxwindsize have been set to MAX values.

I still need to research a bit to understand the impact of the following:

timestamp (I think this may be used by SACK, not sure though)

....and drummroll for the results please!!!  ;D

1) => 87 Mb/s
2) => 40 Mb/s
3) => 91 Mb/s
4) FF download => 5000 KB/s, so roughly sustained 50 Mb/s

All in all, I would say that is basically what I'm seeing on my Winx boxes.

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