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Applications / Re: Lotus WordPro for OS/2 under ArcaOS
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:32:34 pm »
With some detailed assistance from the ArcaNoae team i just now installed SmartSuite17-EN and ssuite173fix-en
Config.sys edit: changed the order of the Lotus additions to the Libpath so they are all at the end

Thanks for the heads up about the Lotus TEMP and TMP settings:
Better to avoid duplicate locations, I suppose.

Wordpro reads the WordPerfect files (and many other types) and saves them in a range of options.
Thanks for the tip about saving formatted files as MSWord .doc to transfer the formatting over to AOO
Great stuff

Applications / Lotus WordPro for OS/2 under ArcaOS
« on: January 18, 2018, 10:00:15 am »
This is a request for info.
I have a number of document files from years back that i want to convert from WordPro and WP6 formats into RTF so they can be read by AOO.
I think that Lotus WordPro can do this, but I'm nervous about installing it under ArcaOS. As I recall Lotus did a lot of editing of config.sys in order to run. I have eCS on another partition on this machine. Maybe better to install Lotus there so it doesn't interfere with the ArcaOS configuration?
Any thoughts and suggestions on this request will be much appreciated.

Applications / Re: Applications OS/2 Needs
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:18:41 pm »
It'll extract to \usr\local which will put it on the PATH and LIBPATH if that is @UNIXROOT\usr\local and you have the stock ArcaOS setup.
It probably doesn't matter where you extract it to as long as it can find its DLLs. Simplest way is to have a wrapper script that sets BEGINLIBPATH before launching vlc.exe
That's hopefully not necessary. Simply copy the stuff from subdirectory "bin" to "lib" and run the executable from this place. Quick'n'dirty but it works.

Many thanks for this 'quick and dirty 'tip. i've been downloading and trying to install VLC versions without success for four years, and now its up and running. Maybe this info could be included in the vlc

Hardware / Re: Hardware Reports / Reviews - More - MORE !!!!
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:09:48 pm »
This report of the  Lexmark CS410dn running under legacy Lexmark C750 pscript drivers is very interesting!
It's available from (with a warehouse 20km for here) for 120 euros.
I am presently 'back and forth' with AN Mantis bug tracker to try to get an HP LaserJet pro M252dw working , with no success so far. I need a printer. The specs on the Lexmark web site say that this machine has two usb ports; one on the front for 'flash drives' and one on the back, I would assume for connecting to a pc.
If you could confirm that its possible to use usb from the pc (ArcaOS 5.0.1) for printing to CS410dn I can put it on my 'backup list' and feel more confident in a way forward.
tia for your comments and suggestions.

Hardware / Re: Brother-HL-2035 not printing ? ? ?
« on: January 25, 2016, 09:24:17 am »

Looks like the HL-2035 is supported by gutenprint...  It's listed at

So it should be possible to get this working with CUPS....

Well, the HL-2035 is recognized. usbDock finds it and gives it an icon. It seems to me that perhaps the usb drivers need to be upgraded. The options appear to be:
1) subscribing to Arca Noae in order to get their new usb drivers.
2) trying to install the new drivers from
         the readme says its has to be one, or the other -- no mixing
         the process looks to be long and complicated.

I have to decide which way to go  :-\

Hardware / Re: Brother-HL-2035 not printing ? ? ?
« on: January 24, 2016, 07:48:16 pm »
Hi David

1-Not possible to print a test page.
2- No broken or disconnected wire.  usbDock shows the printer is connected. job details page shows a red block betweenj pc and printer for each file I try to print.

Possibly a silly question but do you have all the necessary cups support files in place? - especially the current libusb package?

I ask because the red block seems to suggest a lack of connectivity between pc and printer.

hi Pete
Probably not. I sort of gave up on CUPS and the printer about a year ago.
I have a recent download of Is that the package? The readusb.txt file tells me that this set of files cannot be mixed with the Arca Noae usb versions.
I started this line of questions again having arrived at the finances for an Arca Noae subscription and maybe its best to try that first? does it include the current libusb files? Is there a checklist of all the necessary cups support files?
tia  :-\

Hardware / Re: Brother-HL-2035 not printing ? ? ?
« on: January 23, 2016, 07:54:04 pm »
My questions are very silly, but ...
1-You can print a test page
2-You can have the broken wire or disconnected

1-Not possible to print a test page.
2- No broken or disconnected wire.  usbDock shows the printer is connected. job details page shows a red block betweenj pc and printer for each file I try to print.

Hardware / Re: Brother-HL-2035 not printing ? ? ?
« on: January 23, 2016, 07:49:26 pm »
Unfortunately it's totally impossible to use a GDI printer (brother HL-2035) with PCL (LASERJET) drivers. Only option to use is the hl1250 ghostscript printer driver.

Does this mean re-configuring CUPS so that loads the hl1250 driver instead of the one listed for hl-2030?

Hardware / Brother-HL-2035 not printing ? ? ?
« on: January 23, 2016, 09:59:30 am »
Brother-HL-2035 not printing after two years of struggle with CUPS.

Thanks to a reply to my questions from Lewis G Rosenthal of Arca Noae I now understand   that it might be possible to use the PCL drivers. Now I need to figure out how to do this. (its been a long time since I installed a printer).

Do I need to delete the HL-2035 (which has ECUPS.Brother HL2035 has the default
driver) and re install it with HL-1250 driver as the default?

usbDock recognizes the HL-2035 as connected.

If someone could point me to advice on the best way to proceed, much appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: OS/2 Google Trends ?
« on: September 20, 2015, 08:31:22 pm »
Probably not an answer to this, but have you tried Quant?
Its a French based search engine that seems to work as well as Google, without the ads and clutter
just a thought

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