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Hardware / Re: New laptop for Arca os
« on: November 15, 2017, 03:46:24 pm »
I can wait a few more months for the new laptops.
I am also impatient for the new version of Arca OS, the one which boots from Usb.

They look nice but non of them appear to be a real product at the moment.

The reviews appear to be based on pre production models that were shown at trade shows, they also appear to be aimed at win 10 as the operating system which does not bode well for getting any form of OS/2 on them (a good way to check that possibility is to see if thay have Linux drivers available).

By the middle of next year there might be something available in which case I would be looking to replace my ancient Acer Aspire 9300 (17" screen).

Hardware / Re: New laptop for Arca os
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:55:14 am »
I would like to purchase a laptop with Ryzen processor and Gpu, like these:

Are you thinking of the A12 soc processors or a full Ryzen and separate gpu?

Although the Ryzen and A12 specs haver 4 usb 3 ports on the processor the supporting chipsets allow up to 6 usb 2 ports with varying numbers of usb 3 and 3.1 ports.

So far I have been unable to use any of the usb 3 ports - fore some reason there doesn't appear to be any backward compatibility built in.  The usb 2 ports work without any problems.

Although I don't have a notebook with any of those processors I have several mini-ITX mother boards with AM4 processors (mainly A12 but I did build a system with a Ryzen 5 1600).  The Gigabyte board with the Ryzen 5 will not fully install ArcaOS even with the Uefi set to legacy mode but this is a board that is designed specifically for win 10 - you have to jump through hoops to install win 7.  The other boards work if you are careful with the Uefi settings and make sure that legacy is set for most things and make sure the ahci implementation will work whith the os2ahci.add driver (asmedia ahci will not).

You also need to remember that the laptop manufacturers are most likely to use usb3 rather than usb 2 (external usb2 devices work on usb 3 but the operating system must have the drivers).

A google search might give you more information than looking on Amazon.

Good luck.

Hardware / Re: New laptop for Arca os
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:31:16 pm »
Does the Qsinit loader solve the problem with the Uefi Bios?

My target is a laptop with the new AMD Ryzen processors.

I will do a research on Amazon. Thank you.


I personally think that it may be easier to find Laptops with UEFI Legacy support, but it maybe be harder to get ones with USB 3 that can be downgraded (Legacy mode) to 2.0.

It is not common for manufacturer to publish that can kind of details. Maybe it can be interesting to try some manufacturer forums or send one of that question on Amazon that some other customers of the laptop can also reply.


Hardware / Re: New laptop for Arca os
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:23:34 pm »
How is it possible to know, if the Usb 3.0 port can emulate the Usb 2.0? And the Uefi bios, can it switched into the normal Bios?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hardware / New laptop for Arca os
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:29:35 pm »
In the near future, I would like to purchase a new laptop as a replacement of my old Asus L3000 D.
Probably I will install Linux and Arca OS.

The main obstacles for Arca OS could be:

Uefi Bios
No Usb 3.0 driver
Sound driver

I red in the forum, that some laptops can emulate the normal Bios via Uefi and the Usb 3.0 interfaces, could be downgraded to 2.0.
Thank you.

Networking / Re: Netgear Wireless PC Card
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:06:00 pm »
I attach the picture of the card.
I also would like to purchase a new laptop with AMD processor. the laptop I am using is obsolete, from year 2003.
I am waiting for the new version of Arca Os, the one which boots from usb keys.


Just reading more about it:
* PC Card = PCMCIA Card (older name): 16-bit or 32-bit
* PC Card 32-bit version = Cardbus (alternative name)
- Source

I haven't found any references on the Netgear WG511 from the Hardware site.

Warp: Maybe it will be also interesting for you to try to find some other alternatives, like an Ethernet2Wifi adapter until Arca Noae releases newer wireless PCI drivers.


Networking / Netgear Wireless PC Card
« on: October 13, 2017, 02:16:42 pm »
Is it possible to make the PCMCIA Card WG511 working with eCS 2.1? Thank you in advance.

Hardware / Re: New Laptop with AMD Processor
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:13:07 am »
About the video card, 2 months ago on the display I got many times multi color stripes. It was under Win XP.
I did 2 tests with eCS 2.1 and everything was ok.
I tested the video card with the SNAP video driver.

Like you all of our computers have AMD processors from workstations to our servers and we would not change them for intel units even if someone paid us to do so.

Some of our clients have intel powered machines and we do repairs on machines with both types of processors.  All the workstations we build for clients are AMD powered and include AMD/ATI video cards.

Now a question.  When you say the video card is getting broken, what do you mean?  Our experience is that intermittent video is usually caused by damaged cables in the lid hinges with a secondary problem being overheating caused by dust build up on the coolers in the unit.

Hardware / Re: New Laptop with AMD Processor
« on: September 15, 2016, 10:14:19 pm »
Until now, on my computers I had only AMD processors and I never had problems.
I am considering to replace the laptop, because the video card is getting broken.

Sorry Eugene but I have to totally disagree with you.  My company has 8 AMD based laptops (6 15" and 2 17") that are used out on site.  These are 9 years old and have never given any trouble.  Yes, we did have to change the wireless card to one that has OS/2 drivers and yes I am upset that I can't get the the full wide screen resolution out of the Nvidia chipset on the 17" units but other than that they have not given any trouble.

Regarding repairs to laptops.  We do that as well and there is very little money to be made doing so no matter what brand the processor is.  Modern laptops are not designed for repair unless you regard replacing the motherboard a repair.  With a lot of intel based units you can't even replace the processor.

Hardware / Re: New Laptop with AMD Processor
« on: September 14, 2016, 02:02:25 pm »
Let us know how it went.
Thank you.

I have an AMD-based Toshiba notebook.  I'll see if I can get it to boot tonight.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin

Hardware / Re: New Laptop with AMD Processor
« on: September 14, 2016, 02:01:05 pm »
Hi Martin,

for BIOS do you mean the traditional BIOS with ACPI. Probably all new computers are equipped with UEFI BIOSES.
All modern AMD processors should have the VT-X or AMD - V extensions.


I don't have a direct latop recommendation but I suggest you to check:
- Check that the BIOS has ACPI legacy mode.
- Is also good that the computer has VT-x or on AMD AMD-v  to run virtual machines.
Wifi is going to be difficult issue until newer drivers are released.


Hardware / New Laptop with AMD Processor
« on: September 13, 2016, 11:04:12 am »
I am considering to replace my Asus laptop, which is almost 13 years old. The video card is getting broken.
Does anybody know a laptop with AMD processor (APU), which will work with eCS?
The biggest questions could be the network drivers, I suppose.
Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Hello Jim,

what not opening a new discussion in the "Setup and installation area" of the forum?

You can reach it here:,16.0.html

You mentioned eCS 1.0, which has been released in year 2000-2001, I suppose. When did you purchase your laptop?

I am a newbie to this forum, so please forgive my errors. Not a newbie to OS/2, having first started with it with version 2, but haven't used it in a long time.
This observation is very self centered, as it involves what I want to do.
I want to find a laptop that will work with eCs 1.
I do have an old Toshiba (Satellite M35X-S161) but it gets a can't operate this drive which as I remember means I don't have the correct driver. Appreciate any help on this.
As to the question at hand.  It would seem you could get everyone on "O/S2 World" to list what they have and drivers that work.
If they have a Toshiba Satellite XXXX-XXXX state that and what works and what doesn't.
If they have a desktop they same.
If they have a custom desktop. what parts work and what don't.
If they are using a virtual machine then what type and what are the settings.
I know it is a big job if you look at the end of the job it seems gigantic, but if we look at just one at time it will grow.
Last time I looked at the HCL there were only two laptops, I can't believe those are the only ones. I don't know if the HCL is modifiable then it should be. Have someone knowledgeable check them and lock them.
Please excuse me if I stepped on any toes or broke any rules.

Article Discussions / Re: How to improve the installer of OS/2?
« on: May 25, 2015, 08:42:09 pm »
I think its time the people in the community stop having this negative attitude towards YUM.
It makes no sense. Yeh it has issue's but problems can and should be fixed.

We already discussed this subject and I think we already have listed the good and bad about RPM/YUM. While I'm "sucking it up" with RPM/YUM because it is very good to install dependencies, I really hope that the "YUMIE thing" will be a step forward. But from what I had been told having the option to move away the FHS from the root drive is not on their plan.

Neither of us can say what the community should stop taking about, if it is your opinion is good, but it does not mean that we should stop having a positive or negative attitude towards a software on this platform and be silent about it. A community is just a bunch of people that may have different opinions and I want to keep it a free space for people to talk about this platform.


Its a free world. But certain discussions thst just revolve around issue's that in todays small community
are if little use to the community. I have heard sometimes so much bashing to RPM.
While most of gcc work is done by a hand full of people.

I think as having worked on the installer at Mensys and have given so many customers until last year (before i left Mensys). I kind of know where the problems are.

That people do not like yum. Thats fine. But so far i have not heard people that complain, work on an alternative! And maybe some of the developrs working on gcc ports have got a reason to use rpm ? Of which a lot of software is provided free of charge!

And maybe its time to consider the grand picture and not just your private hard disc.
As I said people left os/2 partly because of the application update issue.
I know also normal users are out their still using os/2 and they are not as knowledgable on os/2 as some os2world members.
A yum/rpm with gui would make live easier.

I am an OS/2 user since  Warp 4. I remember the installation procedure of OS/2 4. It wasn't user friendly!
The same with the Fixpacks and the other fixes.

At that time, installing Windows and its Service packs was much easier.

Also having an easier update of the programs would be appreciated.

Setup & Installation / Re: eCS demo CD beta 5
« on: December 12, 2013, 02:52:37 pm »
I am writing this post from the desktop pc with eCS Demo Cd 2.2. As I already said, the system works fine and the ACPI recognized all 4 processors! The 16 Gbyte Corsair USB key has been properly detected.

I have chosen "boot with your own values" and the ALSA driver was already enabled. In spite of that, the sound is still missing. Motherboard ASUS M4A88T-V EVO with AMD 880G / SB 710 chipset.

Audio ALC892 8-channel High Definition Audio Codec

Anyway, a good job!

Most likely the audio driver works when you select it in the pre boot menu (boot with own value's).

What is a real problem is that the mixer with audio chips per mainboard/laptop manufactor are WIRED different.
The result is the audio is played but you don't hear it. We are still looking to fix this. But its not an easy one.
I forgot the technicall details.


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