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Simple answer.
Method 1. Just zip it up (Archive Tool), replace the disk, reinstall ArcaOS (use a 2GB boot partition) and then unzip your stored data to the second partition on the new disk

Method 2.  Pull old disk and replace with new one, Install ArcsOS (in a 2GB boot* partition - remaining disk space can be one or more partitions**).  Obtain a SATA/USB adapter with external power supply*** - assuming the old disk is a SATA disk, attach the disk to the adapter and plug in to a USB port.  Copy over all the data you want - when finished keep old disk as a backup.

*    A separate boot partition means you can reinstall the os without losing your data.
**   Partitions for programs and home make updating easy.
***  Example of USB/SATA adapters available on Amazon (maybe other places as well)
     1)  Atolla USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5 Inch and 3.5 Inch HDD SSD with USB Data and Charging ports with 12V/2A Power Adapter Support UASP and Drives 4TB - Black
     2) Inateck USB 3.0 to SATA Converter Adapter for 2.5 3.5 inch Hard Drive Disk HDD and SSD, 12V/2A Power Adapter Included UA1001

I use both of them without problems, the first one with a 3TB disk (jfs format) for backups, the second when I need to try and recover data from friends computers before reinstalling windows (shudder).

I would also recommend method 2 because it potentially causes least wear on the failing disk.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:07:15 pm »
Dave, as they say 'you are da man'.  I don't think I have looked in the plugins directory since I installed the Innotek flash plugin back in 2003.  With that removed FF45.9 starts but I still have to kill pocket and reader.

On startup there is a slight increase in speed, doesn't take quite as long before I can open the bookmarks, sites come up a little faster.  I will say more after I have had a poke around in 'about:config'.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 17, 2019, 10:44:08 pm »
Thanks for that Dave.

After a fight with rpm/yum to get it to actually download from the exp repository, still not certain if it did actually do anything but the anpm gui  no longer shows it as available, I did manage to get a much larger trp file, (attached) but no FF45.9 running.  Oh for the days when all the DLLs were supplied and if you needed to update one you just unlocked it and copied the new one in. 

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 15, 2019, 09:02:38 pm »
Sorry Dave, I didn't realise that the xqs files were missing.  I don't suppose that I can just transplant those files from another build of FF.

I am still unable to get FF45.9 running on my Ryzen test machine, I think I have installed every possible version of LIBC066.DLL that I can find and always get the same results (at least I used past experience and zipped up the usr directory so I could return to a known working state after each failed attempt - *@!*#* RPM should be taken out behind the wood shed and disposed of).

I can't help wondering how you manage to get such good results with your builds.  The only reason that I am trying to get the later builds of FF running is because your build of FF 17.0.11 will no longer load some of the sites I visit because of their switching over to https.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 13, 2019, 11:34:42 pm »
Thanks for that bit of information but how does one patch into the experimental repro with the anpm?

The attached trp file is what I get when trying to start your FF45.9.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:17:43 pm »
First of all, two things. 1) Thanks Pete that got my British English spell check back
2) I can now download PDF documents again even though the Applications tab in Options remains blank.

Now to try and answer some of Doug's comments.

First off I don't want to read PDFs in the browser - there is no point when I need them for later reference.

Addons/extensions are essential in a modern browser is only for blocking adds (Adblock Plus) and javascript brought in from who knows where that can do who knows what - things like trying to copy login details etc. (NoScript).  I will not do any serious web browsing without at least those two extensions installed.

I tried the hosts file but it appears to have been compiled for the US area as it missed so many of the European problem sites and didn't stop any of those feeding javascript so I returned to using NoScript.  It is easier to block all javascript to start with and then enable as necessary - one local site tries to pull in scripts from 86 different sites, tracking, marketing analysis and adding the info about whit I clicked on to other sites were the main ones, when it actually only needed 4 scripts to work, 3 of which are embedded in the site.

Dave,  I have got 38.8 up and running as I want it - changed a couple of addons for CSS in the chrome dir.

I also got a lot further with your FF 45.9 that you pointed me to.  For some strange reason it doesn't like the LIBC066.DLL that I have on the ArcaOS 5.0.3 that I am testing it on (this is with the anpm telling me that everything is up to date, I never did trust RPM from when it messed up a SUSE server trying to update). Or maybe that DLL doesn't like the Ryzen processor.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 11, 2019, 06:44:01 pm »
Hi Dave,

Almost success.  I have got it downloading PDF documents but restoring the epub library is a right PITA (still on going with about 300 more to go).  Another PITA is the fact that Mozilla appears to no longer offer any addons for any version before 60 esr which made it almost impossible to get an en_GB dictionary that would install.

Now if I can get FF 45.9 to actually run on a Ryzen processor based system (I know the Linux FF 60 does on my Ryzen based box) I will be a happy camper.

Thanks for all your help.

Hi Julien,

Attached is a cleaned and prepared for import by the PIN.EXE from my library of Brother PPDs (I prepared them while I was deciding which printers to get).

Hi Julien, 
The enhanced postscript printer driver roberto is talking about is the PSPRINT.DRV I mentioned at the beginning found in <boot drive>\sys\install\PRNDRV\PMDD_6 It also has the readme telling how to setup and add a PPD for your printer (heading: Importing PPD Files).

You can print to file in firefox and use that to produce a PDF, which is what I use it for.

I have found CUPS is more trouble than it is worth, in fact I have never got it to print to any of my printers which I why I have all postscript printers now.  With the imported PPDs they just print.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 10, 2019, 09:40:29 pm »
Hi Dave,

that wasn't it either.  I am now fighting to get a new profile up and running with several of my extensions.  The ones that were in the extension directory as xpi files were no problem but the one I need ix in a directory and looks like it is an unzipped xpi file.  Do you think it might work if I zipped that dir up and gave it an xpi extension?  Job for tomorrow, been out all day and still have to cook dinner ;)

When I get this new profile working I will try and get ff45 running - at the moment all it does is peg out 2 of the 4 processors for 45 seconds then switch to the other two for the same length time then wash and repeat.  The only way to stop it is to kill the process.  The fun and games using an AMD processor - it never used to be like that with OS/2 (I'm not changing to Intel processors considering all the problem they are having)

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 10, 2019, 12:19:17 am »
Hi David,

There are three main things in GSView that beat Lucide.
1) much better zoom increments.
2) the ability to set a scale for a drawing and take measurements from it.
3) the ability to set a DPI value for the display.

As an example, towards the end of last year I needed to work with some A0 size drawings that were emailed to me. Lucide wouldn't open them (something to do with problems creating thumbnails I think). GSView had no problems and I could zoom in and take the necessary measurements whicj saved me having to setup a windows box to run AutoCad.

Sorry no pictures, those were sensitive commercial drawings.

BTW, I am not trying to put down Lucide, in fact it is my PDF reader of choice for equipment manuals and SF stories I have in PDF format.

Hi Dave,

I have the first of your urls bookmarked from when I setup the Linux box.  Reading the second one, it appears that all I have to do is copy the epub dir to the new profile and put the correct extension in the extensions dir.

Hi roberto,

I assume you mean did I restart Firefox.  Yes I did since you can't make the changes with FF running and to because I changed the SET MOZ_NO_RWS setting I also rebooted the computer.

Internet / Re: Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:10:00 pm »
Hi Dave,

I did the delete mimeTypes.rdf, it got recreated at next start (reduced from 63K to 4.8K) and still nothing in the Applications tab and the popup for how to deal with a file does not appear any more.  I assume the next thing is to try a new profile but raises the question of how do I migrate all the e-pub books that I have in the old profile to the new one.

Hi David,

I don't have a default program set for PDF files, sometimes I use Lucide and sometimes I use GSView depending on content. Lucide is good for reading text and GSView is excellent for drawings and engineering diagrams.

It all depends on the settings for the printer.  If the printer has the ability to scan to FTP over the network it is easy.

1) setup Peter's FTP Server and enable either a directory or a disk (I have disk F: set to rw) set the login name and give it a password.
2) open the printer settings, go to the scanner settings page and give it the IP address of the server, the login and a directory for the scans and the ftp password.  Then setup several scan profiles for example, colour scan, document scan, scan to pdf, etc (depends on how the firmware of your printer is setup.
3) do a test scan. If it works OK, if it doesn't you most probably have a problem with the ftp server setup (I have to admit I had a problem adding another drive to the settings because I was years since I first setup the server).  There is also the possibility you might get one of the scanner settings out of range (go over the manual carefully and don't try and ask it to do something lot listed).

Peter's FTP Server is available on hobbes.

Internet / Unable to download PDF documents with FF 38.8
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:55:09 pm »
Today I found a problem with ff 38.8 - I am unable to download any PDF document, yet I can do so with my Linux box or win XP in a VM.

Digging around in options I find the Applications tab has no applications listed and no way to add any (see attachment) yet the 'mimeTypes.rdf file is in the profile and appears to have everything listed.  Even the PDF Download add on that works with ff 17.0.11 does not work.

Is there a way to get the ability to download PDF documents back or do I have to fire up a Linux box every time to do that?

Hi Julien,

I have a couple of Brother laser printers (DCP-9020cdw and HL-3170cdw) that work using the PSPRINT driver (on ArcaOS) and the PSCRIPT driver (on OS/2) via the SLPR port driver.  The only thing necessary to get them working was to import the PPD from the LINUX drivers (after cleaning them) using the instructions included with Alex Taylor's PSPRINT-30_905 package.

I can, and do, use the scanner of the DCP-9020cdw via Peter Moylan's FTP Server.

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