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Applications / Re: ArcaOS title bar themes
« on: July 11, 2019, 04:32:28 am »
hi Daniel

You can copy the eCS supplied thememgr software to your ArcaOS installation - We won't tell anyone, honest  ;-)



Hi All

Does the x220 have cpu and case vent fans? If "Yes" good chance they need cleaning/replacing.



Mail-News / Re: Security fixes for Mozilla
« on: June 05, 2019, 03:41:56 pm »
Hi Dave

As some have noticed, I've uploaded the SUa2 builds, both i686 and Pentium-m builds of Firefox (nightly), SeaMonkey and Thunderbird, all on my Bitbucket pages.

All I see at are firefox and ffmpeg packages. Am I looking at the correct url?



Hi Ben

Using WPIView I see that RWINI.DLL is included in the anpm_1_0_4.exe installation package.

I suggest either reinstalling anpm1.0.4 and checking that support files are selected.

If that fails simply use WPIView to extract the missing file(s) - WPIView is available here or in zip package

Looks like I might have to install this anpm update by using WPIView as, for whatever reason, anpm1.0.4.exe "Cannot open log file "M:\var\log\warpin.log" for writing."

I have this in my config.sys file:
   SET LOGFILES=J:\var\log
so looks like Warpin ignores that config.sys setting...

It does - there is a setting for the log file location in the Warpin Preferences which has now been corrected.

Now no problem installing and running anpm1.0.4 - the RWINI.DLL file is unpacked into \sys\dll.



Programming / Re: Mozturbo help
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:24:34 pm »
Hi Eugene

If you start ANPM and then click Find, select file and enter the filename you can quickly identify the package required.

In this case it seems to be in nss-softokn-feebl which I see should be available from netlabs-rel.



Programming / Re: Rexx Socket / SMTP
« on: May 03, 2019, 05:01:45 pm »
Hi Per

No idea myself - but if I need to know I would start looking in Rexx Tips and Tricks Version 3.60 which informs me there are/were various libraries available to help with connectivity.

Maybe this rxsock INF file will be of help



Programming / Re: ODIN - loading DLLs
« on: May 02, 2019, 05:01:02 pm »
Hi All

Years back I tried running something possibly called NTI CD Burner (definitely similar) via odin pe.exe
It failed due to a "wrong" dll file being supplied by odin. I backed up the odin supplied dll file and replaced it with the WindowsXP version.

That worked - but only for that application.

I also discovered that the Acrobat5 installation provided a better way of running windows apps than odin itself. Details escape me at the moment but I think for OpenOffice 1.1.5 I had a program object for Acrobat with office.exe as the parameter. I guess I could try and find an old setup to check what I did exactly - you may find this using Google as I posted it in several newsgroups.

I am not sure how complete database components are in WDsibyl - - but that is the closest thing on OS/2 to Delphi. It may be worth looking into.



Programming / Re: ODIN - loading DLLs
« on: May 01, 2019, 08:27:18 pm »
Hi Doug

I am not an odin expert but would expect windows apps to be limited to using windows dll files - I think that is what the windows app coders expect as well.

And vice versa re: os2/ apps calling windows dll files.

Finally: Possibly an error message about wrong dll file.



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 29, 2019, 03:37:24 am »
Hi Dave

Yes, I stand corrected - although it is usually found towards the end of the line  :-)

Certainly worth remembering to look at data and .conf files ported from *nix using a hex editor if ported software is known to work but does not when unzipped/installed on a system. In this case it would have prevented a lot of "circular tail chasing"  ;-)



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:40:21 pm »
Hi Paul

Yes, that is the models.dat file in use - and it was not the models.dat file with the problem.

For libc logging I referred to this page and followed instructions there

I used this cmd file

  set beginlibpath=j:\programs\sane\lib;
  set SANE_DEBUG_DLL=255
  set sane_config_dir=/programs/sane/etc/sane.d
  scanimage -d hpaio:/net/envy_photo_6200_series?ip= 1>ENVY_01.pnm 2>debugENVY02.log

and generated libc_0036.log

I then reset my system to use the non-debug libc066.dll and rebooted - there seemed to be a problem starting Seamonkey with the debug build installed.

I may have cracked this...

I opened the libc_0036.log with e.exe and tried searching for "models" with a "Not found" result which surprised me.
However, looking through the generated log I see:-

0004fc19 01 01 0004 Entr 0002 _vsopen: pszName=0x00e0e3f0:{/hplip/share/hplip
/data/models/models.dat} fOpen=0x0 fShare=0x40 ...
0004fc19 01 02 001a Entr 0002 __libc_Back_ioFileOpen: pszFile=0x00e0e3f0:{/hplip/share/hplip
/data/models/models.dat} fLibc=0x20000 fShare=0x40 cbInitial=0 Mode=00 ppFH=0x00e0ce24
0004fc1b 01 03 0017 Entr 0002 fsResolveUnix: pszUserPath=0x00e0e3f0:{/hplip/share/hplip
/data/models/models.dat} pszNativePath=0x00e0cca0 *pfInUnixTree=0x00e0cc28
0004fc1b 01 04 001a Entr 0002 __libc_PathRewrite: pszPath=/hplip/share/hplip
/data/models/models.dat pszBuf=0x00e0cca0 cchBuf=260
0004fc1b 01 04 001a Leav 0002 __libc_PathRewrite (0 ms): ret 0 (0x0)

Except I do not actually see what I have copied and pasted above. The 1st line above containing "vsopen: pszName=" should show the path/filename as a continuous string. Instead there is a line break that is invisible in an OS/2 editor and Seamonkey.

So the line in hplip.conf "home=/hplip/share/hplip" gets "/data/models/models.dat" appended, by hpaio.dll, to locate the data file. However, it seems that either hpaio.dll introduces a line break or it already exists resulting in the path for the data file becoming:-

/hplip/share/hplip?/data/models/models.dat - where ? is used to represent the musical note.

Guess I could look at this using kon.

Yes, the "musical note", hex value 0d, shows clearly, it exists at the end of all the hplip.conf lines.
Removed using kon and saved modified file.

Scanning retested.
No problems with "no envy_photo_6200_series attributes found in /hplip/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat", scan works - sort of...

So, Dave Yeo was right as it was a *nix line end problem - but for the wrong file  :-)

A bit of log showing a message that I have not seen before

[dll] init: backend `hpaio' is version 1.0.0
[hpaio] sane_hpaio_open(/net/envy_photo_6200_series?ip= scan/sane/hpaio.c 387 scan_type=7 scansrc=1
MIB search path: I:\USERS\PETER\HOME/.snmp/mibs;/net-snmp/share/snmp/mibs
[dll] sane_open: open successful

I seem to be missing something to do with MIBS... does not seem to prevent scanning though.

There is still a problem: While the scanner performed a scan the results are rather poor - and only black has been scanned, no colour.

Some fine tuning needed, somewhere...

Used the scanimage -A switch to get scan options for this scanner and as a result tried this command:-

scanimage -d hpaio:/net/envy_photo_6200_series?ip= --mode Color --resolution 300 1>ENVY_options.pnm 2>ENVY_options.log

Much better result - and in colour.

Do you want the libc debug log and scanning log emailed? - probably no point as we seem to have this sorted.

Thanks Paul - from unsupported printer/scanner to all working within a couple of weeks  :-)


Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 27, 2019, 08:47:54 am »
Hi Dave

Paul has the same software installed and, judging by his log snippet, it has no problem reading the file so probably not line endings.

In fact I am not convinced that the file is found and think this is the underlying reason that the file is not read.
Reason: I deleted the file but still got the same error message - which includes the correct full /path/filename.

What we cannot work out is why the file is not found on 2 systems (now) here but is found and accessed successfully on Pauls system. I tend to suspect that somewhere in the *nixy support chain I have something that is not at the right version - or is missing completely.



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 27, 2019, 05:24:47 am »
Hi Paul

Whether using a drive letter or not the models.dat file is not found/read. The only obvious difference when using a drive letter is that the drive letter occurs in the syslogd hpaio output.

Note: Your advice about not using a drive letter is heeded  :-)



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 26, 2019, 11:52:37 pm »
Hi Paul

So far no matter what I try I cannot get past the error shown in the syslogd hpaio output "no envy_photo_6200_series attributes found in /hplip/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat"

Of possible interest is that I deleted the file models.dat and still get the same message - not a "File not found!" message. That could indicate the problem is not reading the file but locating it. However:-

[J:\]dir models.dat /s

The volume label in drive J is Apps.
The Volume Serial Number is C642:65BE.

Directory of J:\hplip\share\hplip\data\models

 3-12-18  8:10a     1,203,541    328 a---  models.dat
        1 file(s)   1,203,541 bytes used

If I put hplip.conf in %ETC% - that is M:\MPTN\ETC - I prefix the drive letter "J:" - the drive hplip,cups,sane are installed to - to the paths in hplip.conf which will respond with "no envy_photo_6200_series attributes found in J:/hplip/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat"

If I copy the original hplip.conf to J:\cups\etc and use "set etc= \cups\etc" in a cmd file run from J:\programs\sane to start a scan I get the above message without the drive letter "J:".

Seems to me that hpaio cannot find the file despite it existing where hpaio expects it to be - hpaio adds the "/data/models/models.dat" string to the "home=/hplip/share/hplip" setting in hplip.conf...

The only way to test whether this is a drive letter issue is to move /etc/, /usr /var - the rpm-*nixy directories - on to drive J: adjust the config.sys and reboot.

Done! - with no change in the hpaio problem. So, does not seem to be a drive letter issue.

I can only guess that there is something missing - or, possibly a wrong version - on my system that hpaio requires to locate/read the models.dat file.

On the brighter side: No problem importing the hplip 3.18.12 ppd file into psprint.drv and creating an OS/2 printer. I did have a minor glitch where the first print output, from OpenOffice, failed with a filter error. I set the log to debug and had another go followed by a look through the log. I spotted a complaint about bc not being found, checked with ANPM, installed the bc package and retried printing. Works fine  :-)



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 26, 2019, 05:11:26 am »
Hi Paul

Thought I'd spend a few minutes testing the cups printer setup re: the hplip hpcups.drv.

I started by deleting existing cups and gutenprint directories and unzipping cups2.1.0, gutenprint5.2.12, cups-filters1.0.71 and the 2 hplip3.18.12 packages into place. Created the gs.exe link in \cups\bin, started cupsd.exe and pointed seamonkey to localhost:631 - had to reload the page to clear the cache and get the correct page to appear.

Ran through the Add Printer routine without problems; printer found on the network and identified correctly, offered the correct driver/ppd file, completed the setup and printed the Test Page.

Only took a few minutes, maybe 6, and that included copying zip files down the network and unzipping them into place.

So, looks like hpcups.drv works. I would expect the ppd file generated to work fine with psprint.drv after the necessary cleanppd, ppdenc and pin processes - it looks identical to the ppd file I "borrowed" from the rpm hplip 3.17.11 package except for version numbers - and that works fine with psprint.



Applications / Re: Using a scanner with hplip?
« on: April 26, 2019, 12:39:19 am »
Hi Paul

I notice that you do not mention where you got the hpaio.dll involved from - presumably an updated build as it appears to work.

Having spent a few hours trying to understand why hpaio.dll cannot get the data from models.dat here regardless of how I tweaked the hplip.conf file and noticing the different code line numbers in our logs I suspected that you could be using a different build of hpaio.dll - Yes, seems I currently have the naff one...  ;-)

Getting Tame working with the scanner is an adventure I can put off until hpaio is sorted and reasonably stable - although I seem to recall a useful discussion about adding scanners to Tame on these forums recently  :-)



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