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General Discussion / Re: Installing eCS under Virtual Box
« on: October 29, 2015, 11:51:55 am »
Doug, thanks for a swift response.  Unfortunately, "networking" from the VBox eCS to the rest of the system will not work as I cannot adjust the security settings (we no longer have full administrator rights - so much for trusting employees).   On the bright side it appears I may still be able to run eCS using boot manager and keep the Win 8.1 setup.  With a shared VFAT partition, that will work for me (I hope).


General Discussion / Re: Installing eCS under Virtual Box
« on: October 27, 2015, 10:43:01 am »
Doug and others,

thanks for providing advice on how to get the screen resolution right.  It now works.  I will come back with some comments related to install instructions on that matter.

My next issue is sharing folders.  Here, it looks as if I am up against a dead end in the sense that according to the VBox help system, shared folders is not possible when OS/2 (eCS) is running as the guest OS.  Is this correct, or have someone figured a smart way to solve this?


General Discussion / Re: Installing eCS under Virtual Box
« on: October 22, 2015, 01:36:13 am »
Special thanks to Martin, Ivan, and Gregory for their input.  Gregory's 30 step guide was very useful (recommended for others).  So, no I am almost there: eCS is up and running in the Virtual Box, but wide screen activation remains for it to be useful (working on a "stamp" in the middle of the screen does not cut it).  Internet access (even through the host system WiFi) works, and I am hence quite enthusiastic.

With Gregory's advisory is almost there, but when I try to extract the files (they are not extracted for space concerns) I run into problems.  My system (a Dell Latitude E5450) comes with Win 8.1 64 biit Executive preinstalled from the university computer dept.  When I try to extract either the 32 or 64 bit files from an eCS window under the Virtual box (using the command VBoxWindowsAddition-XXX /extract /D=F:\Drivers, where XXX is either X86 or amd64 from the Install Additions under VBox on S:), I get a old OS/2 Windows error message in the eCS window that the files are not extractable.  Is there a problem that I named my virtual disk F: for this process, or am I doing something else wrong?

Any advice on how to proceed is much appreciated.

Otherwise, I agree with statements on this site about the computer department's folly on arguing for WinXXX for safety reasons, but I have few options given that network disks and full email access from clients like ThunderBird (on the bright side, they have not forced me to use Outlook) when running the preinstalled WinXXX.


General Discussion / Re: Installing eCS under Virtual Box
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:09:43 pm »
Hi Martin and Ivan,

thanks for the guidance.  I will try your suggestions once I am back at the office (and given your comments, I expect it will work right away :-) .  I'll also check for the Virtual Box 5.0.6 to have the newest one available.


General Discussion / Installing eCS under Virtual Box
« on: October 17, 2015, 10:17:37 am »
Sadly, my employer is forcing everybody to Windows to (the computer dept. claims) to lower costs and increase security.  For me this means installing eCS under Virtual Box (ver 5.0), and I am having some difficulties.  The main problem is that the eCS installation program asks to format the virtual disk to install.  When doing so, I am asked to restart the installation program. 
  • If I set the boot order to installation device and then hard disk, I have to start all over again, and the newly created virtual disk image is not recognized by the installer
  • If I set the boot order to hard disk and then installation device, it stops with the comment no files available (reasonable as nothing has been written to the virtual disk) and aborts
I think (2) is the way to go, but then I need some way of telling the installer that I actually have a formatted virtual disk ready for the install.  Anyone here with some advice on how to proeed?

Internet / Re: Thunderbird 31.6
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:16:34 pm »
@Dave: after reading some of the links you provided, I have also renamed the files key3.db and signons.sqlite (closed TB, did the change and restarted) as this is where passwords and signons apparently are stored.  Result:
  • When checking for incoming email, the password manager emerged for both accounts and I entered the passwords again.  The passwords were properly stored
  • When sending (from either account) I was asked to enter passwords and sending worked.  However, for the smpt-servers the passwords were not stored. (closing TB and starting it up again, and I was asked to reenter passwords for sending, but not for receiving)
These results suggest that there is something wrong in the way TB treats passwords, and that making a new profile may not work either.  This is not a large problem, but as always, it is nice when a system is working 100% the way it should.

Internet / Re: Thunderbird 31.6
« on: August 11, 2015, 11:39:06 am »
@Dave: thanks for tips and comments.  For private email (Gmail) I send via SMTP, for my work account (Microsoft) I send via the SMPT server provided by my workplace for non-win users.  In the saved passwords (under Options/Security) it appears that new passwords are not changed. I deleted the old smpt user for sending from Gmail, but it still did not ask me to use password manager to store the password when I just sent an email  I am hence a bit doubtful if going the profile manager route will solve the problem.  And by the way, for incoming emails it works (and passwords are updated).

Internet / Re: Thunderbird 31.6
« on: August 10, 2015, 09:17:55 am »
I have also downloaded TB 31.8 from Hobbes (thanks Dave), and it runs well on my system (eCS 2.1). It also appears to be stable and is more robust in handling enclosures than previous versions.  My only grudge is that the error that apparently came with ver. 24 (inability to store passwords for sending - passwords for receiving are stored) still seems to remain.

General Discussion / Re: Windows 10 and privacy
« on: August 04, 2015, 09:46:12 am »
The Financial Times has yet another story on privacy in Win10:  I will not comment on this, but leave it for your own judgement.

Otherwise, on privacy in FireFox I keep tracking cookies to a minimum (no automatic acceptance), occasionally manually clean my cookies, and have ticked off for not providing sites info on my tracking preferences.

On the other strand of info. under this topic: Partitioning  of the disks (a bit on the side from the title, but given the existing posts).  I have a small JFS partition for the operating system (on D:) and separate JFS partitions for programs and user files.  That way, making clean upgrades or reinstalls (formatting the partition to get rid of old stuff that may mess up the system) become easier and faster.  With the amount of disk space I have, three eCS partitions + a Win7 partition (can't escape Win completely) and AirBot boot manager, this works fine for me.

General Discussion / Search facility on the forum - an excellent thing
« on: August 02, 2015, 07:26:20 pm »
Earlier today I experienced that my flash plugin no longer was working.  Tried several measures, but no success.  I was just about to post a message on this site if someone else had experienced the same (under FireFox 31.8 ), when I remembered the excellent search facility on this site.  Hence, I searched for flash, and then there was an earlier post from NeillWaldauer (and a most helpful response by Dave Yeo to remove pluginref.dat in the FF profile directory).  Voila, flash was back and up running.

The morale: while it is easy to ask for assistance on the forum, it is even easier and faster to make a search (go to the forum pages and search from there), and it may just happen you find what you are looking for).  In this case it did.  So, many thanks from Norway to those administering the forum  :).

Trying to recover my steps and reasons this error occurred almost out of the blue, I recalled that I had installed the "Copy plain text" add-on.  I am not certain this is the reason flash had been moved in pluginref.dat to the invalid segment of that file, but the time the file had changed, corresponds well with when flash stopped working.

Article Discussions / Re: Choice of update channel for eCS / OS2
« on: August 01, 2015, 09:13:59 pm »
@Boris: I have never claimed that people should not try to read (and understand) the readme files.  On the contrary.  What I am saying is that some times the readme files require a level of technical knowledge that many users do not have.  Along the same lines: if it is not very time consuming to make installation of updates a bit more user friendly, why not do it.  I think it will solve a lot of problems (installs are correct and things work rather than developers having to do case-by-case explanations), and we lower the user threshold.

Regarding the second point on sales.  It was not meant literally, but like making people adopt certain perspectives.  I apologize if that was unclear.

Still, I stand by my two main claims:
  • It is important that we treat each other respectfully and to avoid driving people away - we need more OS/2 / eCS users.
  • Agreeing on a modern and user friendly way of installing updates will save many people, developers included, a lot of time and provide additional enthusiasm for OS/2 / eCS
I hope this clarifies matters.  We may still disagree on some issues, but that is healthy as long as the discourse brings us forward.

Article Discussions / Choice of update channel for eCS / OS2
« on: August 01, 2015, 04:08:22 am »
As some of the comments on Firefox 31.6 are quite distant from its headline, I have chosen to start a new tread.

P. S. The worst thing is that the very valuable OS/2 developers time is carelessly wasted on solving irrelevant problems of users failing to comprehend the readme file.

I am willing to bet $100 that Boris does not work with sales  :).  While I think it is important to have something substantial to sell, sales should not be disregarded as irrelevant.  If IBM had been better at promoting OS/2 in the 1990s, OS/2 may have been the leading operating system of today.  All our issues on missing drivers, appropriate software, way to few  development resources, etc. would have been a non-issue.  Unfortunately, these issues are real problems for OS/2 / eCS that contribute to leaving us where we currently are.

Any user, techie or non-techie, contributes to the development of OS/2 / eCS by paying for the operating system or for licensed software, and by providing feedback.  Admittedly, non-techie contributions are not as large as from those actively taking part in software development, but their contributions are not zero (or even negative) as Boris' statement above suggests.  Please, treat each other respectfully - we are too few to loose anyone.

However, Boris' remark touches upon one important issue - developers need to agree on a suitable and modern update channel.  Rpm-yum is one of those in some sense, but it has a high user threshold.  Moreover, it does not come without some effort as well. As for any update channel, developers need awareness on changes to the system.  Choosing an update channel that attracts rather than sends users away cannot be wrong?

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: July 29, 2015, 12:55:20 pm »
I found a file on (under Test versions: kai/png/zlib/urpo) that contains the necessary dll's.  Thanks to the warpstock organizer Steve Wendt for making this available so that WarpIn installation works.  Firefox 31.8 (beta 5) up and running and seems to work excellent.

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: July 28, 2015, 11:24:01 pm »
@Boris: I use eCS 2.1.  As a non-techie I do not feel comfortable making my own install CDs for the beta version of eCS 2.2.  Apart from a few quirks (like no pre-configured rpm-yum) my system is very stable.  With the reviews of FireFox 31.8 (beta 6), however, I was willing to risk installing a beta version of that program using WarpIn.  It would then be easy to deinstall if it did not work.

In general, I think the success of eCS partly depends on attracting more users.  Volume in usage provides more resources for development.  In another posting on these pages today I point to concerns regarding the privacy of Win10 (see Win10 and privacy on these pages).  I observe that Boris does not share my optimism here, and I do see his point that attracting completely unskilled users is not the route to go.  But there are other categories of users who do not qualify as techies, but who are not completely blank either.  A bit like me :-)  [but this post probably falls a bit outside this string, but please bear with me this one time]

General Discussion / Windows 10 and privacy
« on: July 28, 2015, 06:36:55 pm »
There are growing concerns about privacy protection due to new software.  A recent piece in the Financial Times provides some interesting comments: see for details.  It is particularly the commentary field that contain many interesting view points.

So, where is the opportunity for eCS (OS/2) in this context?
  • Some Win users have not even updated to Win7 or Win8 as they value their privacy.  Many of these users are probably still using older hardware which would make eCS (OS/2) a viable option for these users
  • Some users are looking at Linux as an elternative to Win, but then they face many of the same difficulties as we do + they get (pending the Linux they choose) user interfaces that are quite unfamiliar to them

I have previously argued we need to attract more ordinary users (like me) to make eCS (OS/2) be more than an interesting option for the select few.  Privacy concerns related to Win10 may provide us with some interesting (and unexpected) opportunities.

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