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Internet / Re: PMMail and EARLYMEMINIT=TRUE problem?
« on: October 09, 2019, 11:38:38 am »
If memory serves..

The only time you should not have EARLYMEMINIT=TRUE in your config.sys file is if you are using a motherboard with ISA slots, possibly that includes laptops with PCMCIA 16bit cards as well.

And if you are using HPFS386.

Hardware / Re: UNIAUD Update: Thinkpad X250 - The Perfect ArcaOS Laptop
« on: October 03, 2019, 09:58:32 pm »
Just to inform: I have been contacted by ArcaNoae and informed that it was more or less not a good idea from me that I uploaded the uniaud test file to the Forums. I already did delete it on my own after a few hours.

So I do not know when this patch will be published and if it will be "closed source" or not. I write this because some users already asked me wich X250 model would fit best (indeed I would guess it will work with any X250 ::) ) and want to inform, that the sound driver may bot ne public available. Please keep this in mind once you plan to buy an X250. For more Information you better contact ArcaNoae direct.

All the best.

The Videos will be published within my already existing Youtube Channel, so there will be no special channel. It would couse to much work otherwise.


As I wrote elsewhere: there is a patch für die UNIAUD Driver (see my report or Bugtracker 2637) so that Sound inlcuding Volume is working now with the X250 (and probaly a lot of others!).

So I will start preparing Videos this weekend!!

Thanks to the support from the ArcaOS Team with the Bugtracker!

Hardware / UNIAUD Update: Thinkpad X250 - The Perfect ArcaOS Laptop
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:31:59 am »
Thanks to Abwillis1 (Bugtracker 2637) Sound is now working on the Thinkpad X250 (and evtl. some more other models) including Volume Control!

AbWillis1 writes i.e.:

With unitest1, I see that the speaker playback volume is 0.
With unitest1:
unimix -id1 -val87 -cnt0
unimix -id1 -val87 -cnt1

These can be added to startup.cmd if they produce sound like they look like they should.

So, The Thinkpad X250 is one of the recommended ArcaOS Laptops now, as there is:

- ArcaOS can be installed from USB Stick (BIOS settings needed)
- there is still USB 2.0 support with this Laptop
- FullHD Resolution is working
- LAN is working
- about 2.9 GB of RAM is visible, RAM Disk is working
- Sound is working with this patched UNIAUD (attached)
- DOS and WINOS2 are working (without DOS window) with the VIOP Patch

-> so I can start my ArcaOS Channel using this Hardware then!

All the congrats and credits to abwillis1 and the ArcaOS Team for geiving help, advice and support via the Bugtracker!

@ Blondeguy: can you test it with the T450s as I do not have this hardware anymore?
I will test it with the Thinkpad 25 as well.

EDIT: I deleted the uni file as I do not know by now if it is allowed to chare it or if it is due to softwaresubscriptions regulations not allowed.

Hardware / For your Eyes only......
« on: September 24, 2019, 04:36:18 pm »
Here are the two Kings of my OS/2 related Hardware collection.

The Thinkpad 701c Butterfly (1995) and the Thinkpad 25 Anniversary Laptop (2017), both running nativ OS/2 Warp.

Both are good begin and end points (so far) for "my OS/2 Time" from 1995 to 2019. Guess the Thinkpad 25 (aka T470) is some kind of Final Frontier for me when it comes to OS/2 on modern Hardware "Nativ"  ::)

Setup & Installation / Re: Warp 3 with WINOS2
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:16:48 pm »
There was an article in OS/2 Inside Edition September 1996 how to install WINOS2 on a RedSpine Warp 3 with HPFS formatted drive.

So: you do not need DOS nor FAT formatted drive, only the Warp 3 (Red) and Windows 3.1(1) CD or discs.

Have done this serveral times, easy and works.

I answered this question in 2014 here:

The original german article is attached.

Setup & Installation / Re: And it works! DOS and WINOS2 on Thinkpad X 250!
« on: September 04, 2019, 08:06:43 am »
Thinkpad 25 (aka Thinkpad 470):

- Fullscreen both working
- Windowed none

Setup & Installation / And it works! DOS and WINOS2 on Thinkpad X 250!
« on: September 03, 2019, 01:48:03 pm »
While I am playing around with the Thinkpad X250 I realizide by accident:

I am wondering, I just took a look again at Bug report 1193 in Bugtracker, and on August 20th 2019 David added a file called vio-1.0.wpi and now:

- DOS Fullscreen
- WINOS2 Fullscreen
- WINOS2 windowed

are working on the X250, even in SMP Mode!!

- DOS Windowed mode takes no input (does only show  :/ )
- DOS Windowed mode switched from DOS Fullscreen with Alt+Home starts very slow and freezes after a fiew inputs

It took some seconds more during booting, but it works!

BUT PLEASE NOTICE: It is mentioned in the readme, that it might not work on each and any Hardware!!

Wonder, why this is not mentioned elsewhere!! Great!!

And a question: is it possible to spread this file to other people or is it somehow restricted?

I am wondering, I just took a look again at Bug report 1193 in Bugtracker, and on August 20th 2019 David added a file called vio-1.0.wpi and now:

- DOS Fullscreen
- WINOS2 Fullscreen
- WINOS2 windowed

are working on the X250, even in SMP Mode!!

It took some seconds more during booting, but it works!

Wonder, why this is not mentioned elsewhere!! Great!!

On the T450s, sound is possible with Uniaud.sys using /A:1
All 8 GB is recognized but only 3.3 GB is available for programs and the rest must be a RAM disk.
LAN to WAN is really pretty nice. I'm using VIX mini, which runs DDWRT.
DOS full screen works, and Alt-Home changes it to a DOS window.

Lack of USB 3 support is delaying my use of a newer laptop.
Uniaud can play through headphone jack, but not on internal speakers.

I think the lack of BIOS in new PC is going to be a problem starting early 2020.

Hi, yes - you are doing a really well job!!!

I did use the T450s in early 2016 with eCS - please look here: and it worked for me pretty good as well. While the Network Card Driver Problem was pretty soon solved thanks to ARcaNoae with a new driver, the Sound Problem was a show stopper. My model did have an internal additional Nvidia graphics card and that worked as well, even though it flickered for two or three times during booting.
That there are "only" 3.3 GB visibile is (I guess) because of the reserved memory of the internal Intel graphic. Did you play around with the RAM you can adjust for the internal graphic in the BIOS and check if it has an effect on the usable RAM? I can not remember if I did so.

Unfortunately on the X250 DOS Fullscreen does start and shows the prompt, but you can not enter something. Switching with Alt+HOme shows the DOS Window but with the same result - no input possible. The "usual" problem with this, changing or adding lines in config.sys / autoexec.bat do not change this.

On the other hand it is such a pitty - with a working Sound driver and a solved RAM and DOS Problem one could really recommend the X250 as a nice and fast running ArcaOS device...

Polls / Re: ArcaOS Youtube Channel - Suggestions, Advice, Critics welcome!
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:48:38 pm »
This idea or project is cancelled so far. The reason is that I can not find any hardware less than 7 years old (i.e. Thinkpad Series 220) where at least Sound is working. I did choose the X250 Thinkpad first, but there are so many shortcomings now, that it does not make sence.
No Sound
Only 2.4 GB RAM recognized
No USB 3
Yes, I did know from the beginning that there are some shortcommings, but without even Sound and the Memory problem it is simply to much.
Yes, one could use an USB Audio Adapter, a LAN to WLAN Adapter, but still...
So there is no way to show the Slogan on the ArcaNoae Hompage "supporting a wide range of modern hardware". Unfortunately.

So, if someone else would like to step in and open an ArcaOS Youtube Channel - go ahead!

I have another Video in mind though, showing Warp 3 on the Thinkpad 25. It was in October 1994 when Warp 3 sow the light of the day... :-)

It is on it's way... some things to doublecheck though. Guess it will start before our User Meeting in Cologne on November 30th.

Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: August 28, 2019, 10:06:10 pm »
Completly different experience, using OS/2 and Windows on a lot of different hardware since 1994. To get a Game like BIOFORGE to run under pure DOS was as tricky (remember the 640kb free RAM needed) as to install Warp 3. Windows 95 was faulty, but cool and all the new Games have been supported. And the Stones advertisement "Start me up" was just fantastic. Windows 98 SE was quite a good and stable version.

Windows xp was great, felt to me like: this is what OS/2 would have look alike if serious development would have continued. Pretty fast and stable. Indeed a lot of OS/2 was still inside. Vista was a mess as it was to slow and did try to prevent the user from making mistakes by restrictions in the rights. I remember feeling to spent more time on checking confirmation boxes than actually working with it.

Windows 7 was and is really great. It corrected almost every short coming of Vista. 64 bit became really usable. I personally was impressed by Windows 8.1 as I like the Touch interface very much. I even used a Windows 8 (Nokia 640) and Windows 10 Mobile (Microsoft Lumia 950XL- personally the best phone so far) phone as long as possible.

Funny: Microsoft did exactly the same errors with Windows phone that IBM did with OS/2. History repeats if you take a closer look at it...

Using Windows 10 for about 4 years for my business now (Windows for more than 20 Years now), never had problems. Yes, I am the lucky one. Installed this May my new Sever with Windows Server 2019 and have to admit: the easiest and best Server Software I ever installed. So easy to install and manage, compared to other or earlier versions.

Changed the phone to a Samsung Galaxy, not because of the phone but for the future hardware: the Galaxy Watch LTE. The best piece of hardware I bought during the last 10 years... If it would have a camera and a bit more space (both I think will come in the next couple of years) I would have had already sold my mobile phone. It is such a fantastic device. Using the watch since almost a year now.

I am about to switch from collecting Laptops to collecting Smart watches.

As time permits I am still "falling back" on my hobby to try to get OS/2 to run nativ on modern hardware, with the Thinkpad 25 ( aka a special Lenovo Thinkpad T470 version) as my latest, and I would guess, greatest success in this case.

EDIT: I have to correct myself: thinking about it the greatest success was the Lenovo X200Tablet Laptop, because:

- I was able to install eComstation 2 next to Preloaded Windows 7 (something Mensys said is "Not Possible" at that time)
- I managed to get to run:
-> LAN
-> WLAN (Thanks to a patched BIOS and the 4965 WLAN Driver by Willibald Meyer)
-> WWAN / UMTS (!) (Thanks to the USB Modem Driver and Injoy Dialer)
-> Stylus Support (later Touch support as well) thanks to Wim Brul
-> ACPI Support (Thanks to Mensys ACPI Driver)
-> SNAP in VESA Mode, so WinOS2 and DOS running both seamless and fullscreen
-> SMP Support
All in all I would say this was the best supported Laptop regarding OS/2 I ever had (and still have :-)  )

Will see where the future will lead me to, but my focus is going to change on Smart Watches, I guess.

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