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Events / Those were the days.... Original Warp 4 commercial
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:39:01 pm »

Setup & Installation / Is eComStation DEAD?
« on: February 01, 2014, 10:36:09 am »
My Software subscription did expire these days. Before I got to prolongue it I am wondering if this is a good idea or not. Spending more Money or looking for an alternative like the - free of Charge - Linux Mint.


When I look back there is almost no Information about

- the "new" owner XEU.COM
- the stage of eCs development
- what is going on at all

in Addition there is almost no activity in the Bug Tracker anymore, when it comes to Mensys or XEU.COM.

Is it time to consider eComstation to be dead?

I am wondering if there is at least one Person around who does know something and is bold enough to write the truth, what ever it may look like.

Multimedia / OS/2 Warp Sound sample 2014 - Video
« on: January 12, 2014, 07:56:59 pm »
Even if I do not reach my goal - to show the difference between the Sound quality of the Lenovo X200t and the C-Media 8738 Soundchip with 5.1 Sound on my maximum Warp PC - it might be interesting for some.

Included is the short video I showed at the OS/2 User Meeting in Cologne.

I wonder, when Universal Studios may stop the Video because of the Sound I am using. ::)

Hope you enjoy.

Games / [Spiele] SCummVM for OS/2 1.6 - Hopkins FBI !!
« on: January 01, 2014, 01:50:26 pm »

Since September there is a new SCummVM Version 1.6 around, ported by Paul Smedley - I can not thank him enough for making this still possible!!

By accident I read that this now includes support for the Hopkins FBI game. I bought this some time ago, have never been able to get it to run stable because

- the CD hast to be in a drive each time you want to play (my Laptops lack a CD)
- the game was unusable because the hardware was to fast for it

But now - just install ScummVM 1.6 (do not forget the SDL files in addition) and copy the HOPDATA directory from the CD (I have got the OS/2 version and it works as well) to the HDD: Then just "add game" and navigate to the HOPDATA directory on your HDD - that's it!!

It is running smooth and great, with sound and superb graphics!

I attach some pictures for your convinience.

Please note:

- I use SNAP with my new "Maximum Warp Desktop PC" (that is still under construction), if you use Panorama Vesa you may have troubles with wrong colours (everything blue) in this case switch the system from 16M to 64k colours

- what you see is a eCS 2.2 beta 2 (that I almost reverted to OS/2 Warp 4) on an 8 core AMD FX 8320 Processors. With Panorama you can use all 8 cores, but Graphic performance (GeForce 6600 PCIex16 with 256 MB RAM) is poor compared with SNAP (SNAP is about 10 times faster). But with SNAP you can only stable use 5 of the 8 cores - pretty enough for OS/2  ;)

- All the best to all of you for 2014!

Events / Already full paid: OS/2 User Meeting 2014
« on: December 19, 2013, 04:04:54 pm »
For the notes: I have just paid the money for the rent of the room and the beamer at the Youth Hostel in Cologne for the next OS/2 User Meeting on 29th of November 2014.

As the Financial-/Duration- and Timequestions are all decided now we have enough time to collect ideas for the meeting from now on. :)

Events / First Infos OS/2 User Meeting Cologne 2014
« on: December 02, 2013, 11:12:41 am »
We just got the confirmation from the Youth Hostel in Cologne, where we stayed on last Saturday, that we cant rent the same room in 2014 for the next OS/2 User meeting!

I will receive the rental agreement during the next days.

If you are interested:

Date: 29th of November 2014!!

We have an option on Sunday the 30th of November but this has to be discussed in the Forums.

Stay tuned for more!


Events / Short Report about the User Meeting Cologne 2013 and Forecast 2014
« on: December 01, 2013, 02:36:41 pm »
Herse some quick informations about the event, a more detailed report and pictures will be provided later.

For us (Thomas and me) the event was a total success! We have had 16 attendees, some coming even from a longer distance, like Wolfgang Draxler who travelled from Vienna! We discussed a lot of topics about OS/2 Hard- and Software, the OS/2 internet web site, the future, and one attendee even showed us possible ways to create a bootable USB Stick with OS/2!

It was really a harmonic event, with really factual discussions! We are very satiesfied with it! As Thomas and me sponsored the costs for the event this time, the attendees did donate that much money during the event that this already covers the cost for next year! So I will try tomorrow to rent the room during the same time (end of November 2014) there - I will report if this will work out - and then we will go on with the next User meeting 2014! 8) :)

Setup & Installation / eCS 2.2 transforming into Warp 4
« on: November 28, 2013, 10:09:03 am »

as I am trying to transform eCS 2.2 to the Warp 4 look I already did this:

- Deinstallation of PNG Desktop Bitmaps via warpin (
- Copying WarpD.BMP as background
- reinstalling Xworkplace 1.09 with German language files
- using Warp 4 Icon Style and Warp 4 Windows Style

-> so I do already almost have the Warp 4 look and feel.

But this things I can not overcome - is there anyone having had success with it?:

-> disable Split view for the whole WPS
-> getting back the Drive Letters in Folders object
-> changing system vide the folders view from "Standard" to something else

Thanks in Advance!

Hardware / SNAP - Customize for modern Videocards!!
« on: November 23, 2013, 03:24:45 pm »
Just go to hobbes and search for Snap7300!

Great, isn't it? Thanks to Holger!


some (bad) news lead to a new discussion started here:

Your comments are welcome if you are interested in. Users in other countries may face the same problems.

The Server is down and as one of those left who has had access told as at

(please read more here:  )

Well, this Forum has been the most important one for OS/2 Users here in Germany. As of now there is no special plan how to overcome this situation. As Uwe Jacobs posted he has got a Backup of the DB Database.

In the past there have been some activities to transform the two German forums and into one "new" while keeping the old messages of both.

So this might be the point to establish a new forum there, if this will not happen the os2 community will have some trouble to keep alive.  :-[

This is another important Topic we will try to discuss in Cologne later this month.


If you are interested in following the further development here is a separate thread:

For those interested in:

I am working on a "new" Hardwareproject: by accident I was able to get an IBM Thinkpad Transnote via ebay USA from 2001. It was clear for me from the beginning just as I was realizing that such Hardware existed: That's something to be "Transwarped"  ;)

So I already made some efforts to restore it, replaced the CMOS battery and things like that. If you are interested in, here is the Link to the Forum where I published my progress:!

I guess - as it is Hardware from IBM - maybe some of you have been using it in the past?!

I am really looking forward to see where OS/2 Merlin will lead me with this hardware....  ::)

Events / One month till the user meeting in Cologne!
« on: October 30, 2013, 08:09:28 am »
in exactly one month our eCS - OS/2 user meeting will take place in Cologne! The anticipation rises from day to day!

We are also happy that some other users confirmed their attention!

In my personal opinion (Sigurd) the eCS 2.2 project seems to have died already or is close to be dead  :'(, another good reason to visit this event - we may get some information from Mensys then ( :-X ?)and if not could discuss possible and impossible other ways of keeping OS/2 alive.  8)

Or just bringing back memories of the "good old days"! Or just saying and celebrating a "Goodbye", or.. what you would like to do relating OS/2 and eCS.  :D

We are looking forward to meet you!

Sigurd and Thomas

Hardware / Webcam Support for OS/2 and eCS!!
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:48:40 am »
After a long time of intensive development and tremendous work done by Wim Brul and a bit testing of me I have the honour to announce that finally Webcam Support for OS/2 and eComstation has been achieved!!

For detailed information please visit this website:

Please note that there are still some limitations as sometimes especially the internal Webcams may freeze, but all in all another great success made real by Wim Brul!

All credits to him!

As I tested as well the X200T and X230T versions I guess X200 and X230 (without Tablet) should or may work also, as well all other Laptops with the Ricoh or Chicony Camera with the same Hardware ID in it.

Please try an report if you like!

Have fun :-)

P.S.: That was the "new" function I wanted to present at the User conference in Cologne as a suprise  ;)

-> We may establish this way live pictures/Videos from the User Meeting in Cologne via the Internet  8)

Important: is not allowed to use, link or distribute the pictures attached.

Multimedia / Screen Recording with eComStation
« on: September 03, 2013, 04:13:40 pm »
While playing around with my X230T I did find (may be mentioned or noticed here before) a Screen Recording and Playing program, working with JAVA6 of OS/2 - eCS.

To be find here:

The Program "Converting" seems not to work but I did not test to much   :)

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