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Setup & Installation / eCS 2.2 transforming into Warp 4
« on: November 28, 2013, 10:09:03 am »

as I am trying to transform eCS 2.2 to the Warp 4 look I already did this:

- Deinstallation of PNG Desktop Bitmaps via warpin (
- Copying WarpD.BMP as background
- reinstalling Xworkplace 1.09 with German language files
- using Warp 4 Icon Style and Warp 4 Windows Style

-> so I do already almost have the Warp 4 look and feel.

But this things I can not overcome - is there anyone having had success with it?:

-> disable Split view for the whole WPS
-> getting back the Drive Letters in Folders object
-> changing system vide the folders view from "Standard" to something else

Thanks in Advance!

Hardware / SNAP - Customize for modern Videocards!!
« on: November 23, 2013, 03:24:45 pm »
Just go to hobbes and search for Snap7300!

Great, isn't it? Thanks to Holger!


some (bad) news lead to a new discussion started here:

Your comments are welcome if you are interested in. Users in other countries may face the same problems.

The Server is down and as one of those left who has had access told as at

(please read more here:  )

Well, this Forum has been the most important one for OS/2 Users here in Germany. As of now there is no special plan how to overcome this situation. As Uwe Jacobs posted he has got a Backup of the DB Database.

In the past there have been some activities to transform the two German forums and into one "new" while keeping the old messages of both.

So this might be the point to establish a new forum there, if this will not happen the os2 community will have some trouble to keep alive.  :-[

This is another important Topic we will try to discuss in Cologne later this month.


If you are interested in following the further development here is a separate thread:

For those interested in:

I am working on a "new" Hardwareproject: by accident I was able to get an IBM Thinkpad Transnote via ebay USA from 2001. It was clear for me from the beginning just as I was realizing that such Hardware existed: That's something to be "Transwarped"  ;)

So I already made some efforts to restore it, replaced the CMOS battery and things like that. If you are interested in, here is the Link to the Forum where I published my progress:!

I guess - as it is Hardware from IBM - maybe some of you have been using it in the past?!

I am really looking forward to see where OS/2 Merlin will lead me with this hardware....  ::)

Events / One month till the user meeting in Cologne!
« on: October 30, 2013, 08:09:28 am »
in exactly one month our eCS - OS/2 user meeting will take place in Cologne! The anticipation rises from day to day!

We are also happy that some other users confirmed their attention!

In my personal opinion (Sigurd) the eCS 2.2 project seems to have died already or is close to be dead  :'(, another good reason to visit this event - we may get some information from Mensys then ( :-X ?)and if not could discuss possible and impossible other ways of keeping OS/2 alive.  8)

Or just bringing back memories of the "good old days"! Or just saying and celebrating a "Goodbye", or.. what you would like to do relating OS/2 and eCS.  :D

We are looking forward to meet you!

Sigurd and Thomas

Hardware / Webcam Support for OS/2 and eCS!!
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:48:40 am »
After a long time of intensive development and tremendous work done by Wim Brul and a bit testing of me I have the honour to announce that finally Webcam Support for OS/2 and eComstation has been achieved!!

For detailed information please visit this website:

Please note that there are still some limitations as sometimes especially the internal Webcams may freeze, but all in all another great success made real by Wim Brul!

All credits to him!

As I tested as well the X200T and X230T versions I guess X200 and X230 (without Tablet) should or may work also, as well all other Laptops with the Ricoh or Chicony Camera with the same Hardware ID in it.

Please try an report if you like!

Have fun :-)

P.S.: That was the "new" function I wanted to present at the User conference in Cologne as a suprise  ;)

-> We may establish this way live pictures/Videos from the User Meeting in Cologne via the Internet  8)

Important: is not allowed to use, link or distribute the pictures attached.

Multimedia / Screen Recording with eComStation
« on: September 03, 2013, 04:13:40 pm »
While playing around with my X230T I did find (may be mentioned or noticed here before) a Screen Recording and Playing program, working with JAVA6 of OS/2 - eCS.

To be find here:

The Program "Converting" seems not to work but I did not test to much   :)


I am working on tailored eCS 2.2 clones for the

- Lenovo X200t Tablet
- Lenovo X230t Tablet

at the moment.

I do have some questions and observations, that may have been noticed by others before but I would like to ask/state them here once again. Help is appreciated!

1. Observation: WLAN and GENMAC installation failed to work -> Reason: the eCs 2.2 beta config.sys is sorted, the 'helperw.exe' file needed for the GENMAC is placed in the middle of config.sys, once I moved it to the beginning of config.sys it started to work

2. Question: I do want to change the "" sheme for desktop icons as I prefer the "usual" one - changing it via "Appearance, Icon Theme" failed, there are still the icons. How to change them?

3. Observation: while on the X200t 'DOS Window' and 'WIN-OS2 Window' both need time to start for the first time, on the X230t both do not start at all (both Laptops installed with Panorama). Will give SNAP a try on X230t, on X200t it is working, but I still leave 'Panorama' as this is the prefered one by the developers; and I do expect SNAP not to work with the X230t

4. Observation: Adjusting the Panellight works on X200t via FN keys, on X230t not

5. Observation: Sound on the X200t works, on the X230t it does not (producing some kind of noise) -> I may have to ask Paul for help ;-)

6. Observation: USB 2.0 on X200t works great, on X230t as well (the USB 3.0 of the X230t are not supported, as expected - but one have at least ONE USB 2.0 there)

7. Question: once I shut down or reboot eCS 2.2 on the X200t I get a beep, on the X230t not. Someone with the same experience?

8. Observation: It is really nice to have the Keyboard Backlight with the x230t, the X200t does not offer this functionality

!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: is not allowed to use or link the attached picture, those are copyright by Sigurd Fastenrath only!!

Events / Advance Notice - OS/2 - eCS User Meeting Cologne 30.11.2013
« on: June 29, 2013, 11:59:34 am »

this is an Advance Notice of the private initiative to host an OS/2 and eCS User Meeting in 2013, in Cologne, Germany.

As Thomas Müller and me have not been able to participate in Warpstock Europe for the last times we decided to meet each other to talk and share experience about OS/2 Warp and eCS, especially on modern hardware.

As it makes more fun the more users would participate, we decided to book a room on our cost in case some more users would like to participate.

The figures are:

- Date: 30th of November 2013, Saturday, from about 11 in the morning till 20 in the evening (or longer if needed ;-)  )

- Place: the youth hostel where Warpstock 2006 was hosted -

- We already arranged the room "Lille" there, where about 30 people will have seats and tables. There is WLAN access and a Flip Chart as well. Thomas and me fully pay the rent, so even if there will be no one else participating it will be no loss for us (But hopefully some will show up)..

- Therefore there is no need to pay for entrance nor need to registrate. We want to have the organisation work as less as possible. You "just" have to pay for your journey, the stuff you might want to drink or eat and the room you might want to rent in case you want to stay overnight. Even though it might be a good idea if those, who already decided to take part could inform us - we do not expect more than 30 people to come - but if so we would have a problem as there are no other, bigger rooms free that day. But I guess even more than 30 people can use the room. :-)

- There is no "program" planned, it is just to share experiences and so on

- I would like to offer free of charge installation help if needed for OS/2 or eCS on Netbooks, Tablets and Laptops - if I have the ability to. If you would like to have help it may be a good idea to send me an email before so I can be prepared for this.

- This is not planed to compete with Mensys, Warpstock, User groups or whatever, it is just a privat initiative - and everyone interested in this is invited to come!

- IMPORTANT: As everything is already fixed it is about 99% that it will take place and will happen - but I have to wait for the hirecontract that will arrive the coming week to sign it and send it back. So - if you plan to come please wait untill I have the hire contract signed - I will report this as soon as it will happen, I think till the end of next week.

- If you want to stay overnight the youth hostel gives you the possibility to, but there is a limited amount of rooms. You have to book and arrange this by yourself, the link above shows you the way. But I would advice you to wait with this at least till the end of next week, when the hire contract is finally fixed

- Thomas and me appriciate all hints, critics and suggestions you might have regarding this idea, please feel free to state them i.e. here with this topic. In theory there is the possibility to give a presentation as well - if someone would like to do so - as a Beamer can be rent for 25 Euro.

-> And - if you like - at that date the anual famous Cologne christmas markets have already started so you might take the chance to visit them in the evening as well.

We will report as soon as there are more news.

Thomas and Sigurd

Multimedia / A study in Elephant Blue - The Video
« on: April 14, 2013, 08:47:17 pm »

hope you have fun! May be some of you share the same feelings I do have had during the last part of the Video.

Multimedia / Guess - what.....
« on: April 12, 2013, 11:48:03 pm »
..... will show up in a couple of days...  ???? 8)

See attached picture please......

I would like to ask for help to solve the last problems I do have before I would like to freeze my DFSEE Installation Image of the tailored OS/2 Warp 4. Wim Brul is so kind to help me once again to recreate the Finger/Touch Support for the Samsung Serie 7 Slate as it was broken because of a BIOS Update some time ago. I am able to use this Image and install it with DFSEE in about 5 minutes on each and every PC i have, but I am customizing as well one special edition for my Slate.
I already have most things done (Warp 4.52 with FP5, all the free zip things like: Cups, Java, ODIN, QT 473, Samba and so on, a very few parts of eCS like ACPI, AHCI, and Panorama; some more free drivers USB (183),Stylus,WINOS2,; some more programs Injoy+InjoyFirewall,HPFS386, Air Boot Manager 1.08,Freetype, Warpsans, SMPlayer, PM123 and and and) and the Image is now at 1.5GB. This image can be copied to a Partition that could range from 4 to 64 GB as DFSEE is able to "Sync the file to the partition size", and 64GB is the limit for HPFS.

And - very important to me - I do not have one file from running, no ecoruntime or usbwidget or or.. - and that makes the installations to become much more stable, especially compared with eCS 2.2 beta. I did not include YUM/RPM as well es it was at least not necessary till now, I was able to install everything with the ZIP files.

In addition I added all the files IBM or Mensys cut off - like Warpguides, OS/2 Warp Tutorial and so on. I extracted the OS2 Warp Logo from the Warp Center and integrated it in xcenter of xworkplace.

At least I would say "my" Warp Clone is up to date with the software and hardwaresupport. And this Image/Clone file is working great in combination with DFSEE. I reinstalled it serveral times.

In some case I would like to say I followed the Path Doug Bisset describes for Beta testing of ecomstation 2.2. I added something new to the clone, if it works I build a new image, if not I just replaced it with the image before and started again. As it takes only a few minutes to image/restore I was able to build the clone in my free time starting from an OS/2 Warp 4 scratch to what I have now in almost three weeks.

And here are the things I would like to fix at least and ask for your help - Thank you very much in advance!

- PEN for OS/2 - does someone know how to change the keyboard layout from US to German? The keyboard is really great, no need for me to use the "Virtualkeyboard" of

- ACPI - I have to use the /VW switch on the Samsung Slate, otherwise the boot process stops with "Can not load OS2AHCI.ADD because IRQ 19 allready claimed" -> so obvious for me tha the handling of hig IRQ is not working as it should as eCS 2.1 with ACPI 3.21.07 does not have this problem (but some more I do not have with Warp 4). I only have the ACPI32107.wpi file installed, no more ACPI related files. Do I need something else to handle the high IRQ in the right way?

- Atheros WLAN - I still try to figure out to run the Atheros WLAN 9285 chipset. I already opened the Slate and could change the MiniPCIE Option GM67 card, and put an Intel inside, but I would loose Bluetooth or 3G,a s there is no Intel chipset Mini PCIE card around with Bluetooth, Wlan and 3G - I do use and need all three for windows. And I am not sure if the WLAN Multimac for Intel will see the light of the day (hopefully it will). Someone posted to me a mail with some hints for this card (I already got the driver loading in UNSUPPORTED mode but the boot process stops - I guess because of netbind.exe or an IRQ conflict) - but unfortunately I lost this mail. May be thsi person is reading here and can send it to me once again?

- Sound - is working with latest UNIAUD with Warp 4 much better then with eCS 2.2 (do not know why exactly, but I have less boots without sound than before) - and strange - I can adjust loudness with the usual thing, the uniaudmixer and with SMPlayer -b ut not with PM123  :o . I am using a startscript in startup.cmd to enable sound at all.

- Memory management - the Installation "only" sees 512MB of the internal 4GB of RAM - according to the xworkplace program "OS/2 kernel" - as it is an Intel Core i5 second generation cpu the same problems occur with eCS 2.2 beta. Is there a program that can show me the amount of space OS/2 "really" uses or sees?

Thanks in Advance and Bye!


General Discussion / Happy birthday os2world - in motion
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:44:38 am »
And thank you very much, Martin - and all the others involved and working here during those years!

Happy Eastern, Tante pasquale, Frohe Ostern + Bye!

Thats what cloning with DFSEE finally leads me to.....

Is that the announced "testing of a 'big' comupter magazine"?

I guess the main point might be this one:

Zitat: "To wrap this all up nicely, eComStation is an excellent business
solution for those stuck in legacy land, "

In my opinion:

- there is at least one review of ecomstation

"it compare well with against (!) Linux and Windows " (must be joking for
someone not familiar with OS) but no mention of:
- No WLAN support
- No bluetooth support
- No USB 3.0 support
- No ivP6 support
- No working suspense/resume support
- still weak USB 2.0 support
- Panorama is faster than before but still....
- it is still better to use APM instead of ACPi on older (legay hardware),
especially on Thinkpads up to "60
- The new icon set of - hopefully this can be changed in the
usual way :-(

This might sound very negative but I think it is better to tell people what is
possible and what not.

The old story: why not writing:

"eComStation works well, but only on selected hardware".



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