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Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: August 27, 2019, 11:03:23 pm »
Is the video still available to download somewhere? I sent an Email to Mr Fastenrath but he hasn't answered.

We are celebrating our silver marriage (25) years these days, so I was busy with family business. Sorry for not answering, but Martin did shate the video I gave him, while I habe to thank Wolfgang Reineke who gave it to me before.

Thanks for the support!

Some more information here:

I ordered a used Thinkpad X250 wich I will use in most cases, and in my opinion will fit best for this as it is quite actual hardware (2015) that is still available and of good quality. The X250 will arrive next week and then I will begin to start. The X250 is very similar to the T450s I had some years ago, that worked quite will with ARcaOS (see Blondeguys Hardware offer as well, and Mike K├Âlling thankfully provided already a lot of information about his X250 here and at

I am still looking for good and license free background music and try to build a short trailer used be each video first.

In addition I already fixed the way I want to organize the videos:

0000 - 0099 ArcaOS Inside & Virtual
including requirements, BIOS, Installationmedia, ArcaOS inside Virtualbox, VM Ware, Virtual PC...

0100 - 0400 ArcaOS Hardware & Drivers
including test on different Hardware (like the X200T, the TP25, the X250, Sony Vaio Pro 13....), compatible Hardware at all etc., Drivers

0500 - 0900 ArcaOS Application Software
including Softwaretest, Reviews, Games and so on

Stay tuned :-)

Polls / ArcaOS Youtube Channel - Suggestions, Advice, Critics welcome!
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:25:07 am »
As said elsewhere I plan to start the ArcaOS Youtubechannel by the end of this month. I already grabbed the name ArcaOS for it.

I am already in contact with ArcaNoae LLC to coordinate with them and to avoid legal issues right from the beginning.

It will be no official ArcaNoae LLC channel, it will be a "Made by User for User" channel.

Each and any critic/information/advice is welcome!!

My intention or plan is like this:

- there will be several videos with allways one topic

- each video will be a maximum of 5 Minutes

- no spoken comment, "only text" - english (maybe in german as well)


I will start like this:

001 - What is ArcaOS in 5 Minutes

002 - BIOS Requirements

003 - Hardware Requirements

004 - How to build the USB Installation Stick media


Each video will have a number at the beginning of the descriptions and a hint, wich version of ArcaOS is used (will be 5.04 so far). So in the future I may replace those videos with newer ArcaOS versions.

I would like to upload the first videos already in August, so this month.

This is and will be allways "work in progress", so your ideas, critics and so on are allways welcome!

Once there is more progress I will give an information here in this thread as well.

Thanks for your attention!

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS Hardware Support Discussion
« on: July 31, 2019, 05:45:25 am »
Just to make it clear: I know the Situation at ArcaNoae and accepted the way they are doing things even though I would choose other ways. I am happy that there is progress at all and appreciate what they have done. Once I wrote them a Mail I allways got a reply. If so and if it is relevant to a discussion I isually share it there, as well as my experiences with it.

I offered my time for testing as well, with the Hardware I do have, quite new one usually, like Ivan. It did not happen and I accepted it, even if I do not understand it, like Ivan, but ArcaNoae has to decide what they want to do.

But what I really do not like is when someone, for years now, tries to cut down each and every discussion or criticism on this with allways the same, and obvious useless, arguments. ArcaOS is not a holy cow (Heilige Kuh), it is a living OS. And one part if this lige is Discussion, Testing, sharing knowledge. Otherwise it will become closed source and will die, not for the mostly industrial customers but for the "community".

Drawing a picture that ArcaNoae is a company somewhere behind a cloud and everything they are doing is the right decision, even if others, usually the "normal user" not only will not or never understand why but also has no ability to do so - is the wrong way.

I think ArcaNoae itself does not think this way. I would suggest, i.e., to spread at least monthly some news like bww and netlabswith the "biweekly newsletter" do. That would eat a maximum of one our work per month but would lead to a better and up to date information what is really going on. That is again just a suggestion, not "a must", as I do have no intention to pursuade someone.

By the way I plan to release a video about installing ArcaOS on the ArcaOs Video channel I created on Youtube. It will take sone more weeks, four I guess, and will be shown to ArcaNoae before I release it. Hints, suggestions and critic are welcome!

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS Hardware Support Discussion
« on: July 30, 2019, 10:45:20 pm »
It did not "fail", it has a problem that hasn't been resolved yet. This is still pre-Alpha grade software, after all.

I am wondering, in May 2016 David A. said USB 3 is at about 90% done, in December 2018 Lewis R. said he HOPE to have a Beta Testing in February 2019 and since a while you are writing it "Exists" -> and now we are at "Pre Alpha Stage". Is this some kind of backward engineering? What's the opinion of the ArcaNoae people about this?

BTW, ArcaOS IS Warp 4.52, with essential updates to keep it working on modern hardware (well, almost modern).

Really? You must be kidding! After using OS/2 for almost 25 Years I still thought ArcaOS is a total new Development that started from scratch (or even before)! Was'nt eComstation a development starting from scratch as well? Where have I been the last 20 years...?

Perhaps somebody will learn to use their heads, and not ask silly questions, with insufficient data to support what they are asking.

We have a good saying for this in German:

Es gibt keine dummen Fragen, nur dumme Antworten.

For your convinience I will translate it: There are no silly questions, there are only silly answers.

That is one of the main reasons why the Arca Noae principals don't bother to read these posts (another is that they are too busy trying to get the whole thing working better). The few of us who do read these posts, and respond, are not really part of the inside group, all we do is test things for them. If you are not interested in our (outsider) observations, say so, and we will shut up (well, I will anyway).

Interesting, do you or do you not speak in behalf of ArcaNoae? Is that what ArcaNoae told you for not taking part in Forums?
That might be one of the problems: there is the "inside Group", the "outside but tester Group" and then there is that's what's left: the "real outside Group". I wonder that the community at all is big enough to fill all these positions! And please: Do not ask a questions once your are not part of one of the two first groups.

Those guys are working their collective asses off, trying to make a product that actually works. Some things are easier than others, and they get done quicker.

And here again: the Refrain repeated for years now, a common knowledge. Sometimes if it goes this way and having this progress over years with an essential problem it might be a good idea to consider to try another way, perhaps collaborate with other developers. Yes, there are no other USB developers around. By the way: I am wondering about the work a guy named Lars Erdmann is doing with USB. Or Wim Brul - I remeber that thanks to his work I got working USB Pen and Touch support with OS/2, not on hardware from 1996, it was a more modern one....

But in the end - who cares? Die Karawane zieht weiter.... :)

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS Hardware Support Discussion
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:23:28 pm »

If you would like me to test the USB 3 driver just e-mail it and I can easily try it on 5 different AM4 motherboards.

Sorry, I can't make that call. Be assured, that AN does have a Ryzen processor for testing. That is how they got the boot loader, and Memdisk, to work. They can test USB 3 with that machine. If it is the same as your machine (no guarantees), they should be able to make it work. Rather than showing an advertising picture, it would be more helpful if you would show the results of running C:\sys\install\DETECT\pci.exe.

That kind of answer - where the writer uses his mothertongue! - is one of those I like most: like a kind of "God" telling people what they SHOULD do.

Even better would be that you should learn not to buy the "latest and greatest" hardware, until it is supported. Something off of the clearance shelf is usually better supported, and cheaper (of course, Ryzen is now on the clearance shelf, and AN probably have more catching up to do).

To answer this kind of "helpfull advices" the same way it should be like this: (say it with your own words):

"Even better would be you should learn not to answer in unspecified manner. It is usually better to tell wich kind of "Ryzen processor" is meant here, the first, the second or the third generation that is used by ArcaNoae? Otherwise people might get confused what Hardware you are talking about and you might rise exepectations, that never will be fullfilled."

It is not only boring to read condescending teachings like this.

And if I understand your answers regarding testing the "Existing USB 3 driver": it only works with an Adapter on a T43 (almost 12 Year old hardware that is better supported by Warp 4.52) that is even not desinged to have USB 3.0 at all. ALL other testing failed.

Without using or trying to use ArcaOS on modern hardware a lot of helpfull and benefiting information for the system at all would have never seen the light of day.

So please, there are people who try to test it on modern hardware and not want to stay with old hardware. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Hardware / Re: USBDRV 10.225 - full support for USB audio
« on: July 29, 2019, 09:40:14 pm »
Because USB 3 does exist, and USB 12.1 is designed to have USB 3. It just doesn't have USBXHCD.SYS included, yet.

It does exist for "some of us", just as it is for about more than 3 Years now.

To clearify what "it does exist" means without speaking in miracles is:

(My question to ArcaNoae a few weeks ago got - regarding USB3 - the following answer sent by the ArcaNoae Sales Team):

The USB 3.0 stack is basicaly ready and on some systems it does work. However on *some* Intel chipsets the USBX.SYS host controller driver does not work yet. This is why the USB 3.0 driver has not yet been released.  David Azarewicz is working on the issue to try and resolve this.

@Lars Erdmann: it is a pitty, that your work (and possibly the same with the work of Wim Brul) may not be able to be used with the "closed Source USB 3 Driver" from ArcaNoae, once it does "really exist"

Applications / Re: OS/4 (technical details only)
« on: July 12, 2019, 11:02:12 am »
Are you interested in Results using OS/4 kernel with OS4ACPI on Thinkpad 25 with Intel Core i7 7500U CPU?

Yes, it is interesting.

I have got it up and running, OS/4 kernel starts in log mode, so I can see a lot of messages during start.

So far I discovered the following traps wich do not occure once I use the 14.201SMP Kernel with the same OS/2 4.52 based system (not ArcaOS). I have the latest QSINIT installed and from that I am using that Bootmenue where I can switch between different config.sys files. So I am able to boot what I want to use.

Traps so far (again: does not happen with kernel 14.201SMP):

- starting DOSBOX freeze WPS
- sometimes opening Drives (Icon view) freeze WPS (50%)

I have never head about this behavior.  Need more testing.

Hi, I will respond to your e-mails later this weekend. I do use lastest unofficial kernel as suggested by David Graser.

During booting OS/4 kernel I have the message: "Can not load PMDD.SYS" and to confirm it, may be I have not exactly followed the instructions (did not have this errormessage on other Hardware though). I will have a closer look.

Applications / Re: OS/4 (technical details only)
« on: July 10, 2019, 08:10:23 am »
Are you interested in Results using OS/4 kernel with OS4ACPI on Thinkpad 25 with Intel Core i7 7500U CPU?

I have got it up and running, OS/4 kernel starts in log mode, so I can see a lot of messages during start.

So far I discovered the following traps wich do not occure once I use the 14.201SMP Kernel with the same OS/2 4.52 based system (not ArcaOS). I have the latest QSINIT installed and from that I am using that Bootmenue where I can switch between different config.sys files. So I am able to boot what I want to use.

Traps so far (again: does not happen with kernel 14.201SMP):

- starting DOSBOX freeze WPS
- sometimes opening Drives (Icon view) freeze WPS (50%)

What can I provide for you?

I am not using ANPM, Open Office is already running, have to modify for latest Firefox/Thunderbird to get them to run, once this works I will test the AVX capability with the AVX Firefox. During start OS/4 kernel reports "AVX capability" of the system (or some kind of similar message, do not have it at hand now)

By the way: I plan to build a Thinkpad 25 "Frankenpad" later this year that will be based on a Thinkpad 25 but will have a Intel Core i7 - 8550U CPU (8th Generation in contrast to the usual 7th Generation), so it will double kernels and provide even more speed. In addition it will have another Display as the one in the Thinkpad 25 is unfortunately of very poor qualitiy (low brightness, low colours). Will test my customized Warp 4.52 including OS/4 kernel with it as well then. The first parts did already arrive  :) :) Including the "Legendary" keyboard of the Thinkpad 25, the best I have ever used, so far. Really hard to find and get. I plan to call "my" Thinkpad 25 the "Thinkpad 25-W" Edition, where the W is a synonym for "Watson" and "Warp" ;)

If interested in you can follow the Thinkpad 25-W Edition Thread here:

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS 5.03 running on Thinkpad 25
« on: July 08, 2019, 11:28:01 am »
I switched from ArcaOS to my own custom OS/2 Clone based on Warp 4.52 including latest drivers and all the Warp 3 stuff so that it looks like Warp 3.

Using as Usual DFSEE and Cloningmethod, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers.

All the expected shortcommings still there, what I am wondering about is:

with 16GB RAM OS/2 did see 1.3GB RAM
with 32GB RAM (upgraded a few months ago) OS/2 does see 1.7 GB RAM

may be due to enhancements in QSINIT.

Another change: I do not use Airboot anymore, the IBM Bootmanager does its job now. Teh problem with Airboot is, that after cloning and restoring it almost everytime left the system with a Airboot Boot error so it can not be booted anymore.

Applications / Re: WINOS2 functionality on the Thinkpad X220 or X201i
« on: July 08, 2019, 10:46:22 am »
FWIW: I can confirm that this is NOT working on a Thinkpad 25 (aka a special Version of the T470). CPU is Intel core i7 7th Generation. Tested up to ACPI 3.11. As far as I remember the problem is with VSVGA.SYS or/and VVGA.SYS.

Vielen herzlichen Dank! Tante Auguri!

Congratulations! Something I tried years ago but could not get Ubuntu to automatically start the OS/2 box inside Virtualbox directly and so I failed. Maybe you can share your way to do this. Thanks!

Hardware / Re: M.2 Question
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:34:43 am »
Hi Valerius. So a M.2 NVMe card will not work on OS/2/ArcaOS for sure.
What about a M.2 SATA card? Is it supposed to work like a normal SATA HDD ? Regards

Ja, (Yes) I am running my Customized Warp 4 and/or ArcaOS 5.03 on my Thinkpad 25. That was originally equiped with an M2 NVme 512GB SSD that I myself replaced with a M2 2280 1TB SATA SSD.

But please keep in mind: not all NVMe still do have SATA backward compatibility or a seperat SATA Controller, as far as I know.

You can read more about my observations with this problem and more about OS/2 on the Thinkpad 25 etc. here:

and here:

Hardware / Re: Warpstock Europe
« on: May 23, 2019, 08:34:52 am »
As a read at it was a nice and well organized event - well done, Roderick!

If I understand the videos correct things are the way I expected them. WLAN is on the bottom of the list and will probably never come, unless someone else will step in. The same goes with UNIAUD.

What I would like to know if there was any information about the problem with the RAM on modern hardware, usually a maximum of 1GB of RAM can only be seen and used with ArcaOS, what makes the system unfortunately pretty useless.

I guess that the UEFI and RAM problem will be/can only be solved with QSINIT.
Meanwhile my OS/2 Warp 3 Retro PC (AMD 486 DX2-80, 16MB RAM, 420MB HDD, VLB System) and my OS/2 Warp 4 Retro PC (Pentium III 600, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, AGP Graphic) are well on there way and I am looking forward to test their functionality and what really makes a difference to modern systems (beside Internet access).

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