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Applications / Re: Discussion about RPM/YUM and Libcn
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:34:04 am »
First of all - sorry to Jochen, for using his thread in this way! Dosbox is really great and I really do appreciate your work!!!

Just for once again, and just to proof that Doug is wrong I will answer to his reply:

You have no faith. I do have a test version of the USB 3 driver. it loads, but still doesn't connect USB devices. Small steps forward, but it is just a more difficult project than anyone expected. Saying that it isn't happening is not helpful. If Arca Noae had another 200 competent programmers, a lot of that stuff could have been done long ago. As it is, the very few who are doing the job are overworked, and they can't spend every hour of the day working on those projects. It all takes time, and every one has more than one job to do.

As I wrote before and as it is usual: repeating the same things again and again....

And for the "wishes, Projections and so on": take a look at Lewis Presentation at Warpstock Europe 2017, where there are mentioned:

- USB 3.0 in the works (2016 David said it is about 95% done)
- Mulitmac Wifi is in the works (?)
- Language Pac conversion from english for installed en_US 5.0 systems (not 5.1!)
- not to mention: UNIAUD

This stands there side by side with things like "Migration" and so on.

Yes, everything is to AN to decide what is important to them or not (as I wrote multiple times before) and everything is a wish list and so on. But when it comes to the end, down to facts, the three things most important to me are allways falling down to the end of the list. It is not complaining, it is just the way it is.
And it does not help to repeat againg and again the well known facts with the lack of developers and so on and so on. And yes, AN has to serve industrial customers first, to make profit. But if your focus is more and more to "Just" make profit, you do not have to wonder if the "usual" user turns to something else. As easy as this.

If you actually believe that, you have no idea what you are saying.

Here again the usual answer, when you are running out of facts or arguments.

And even worse: you might consider that such replies may harm users, do show no respect, and finally even worse - discredit them.

There are many things that are in ArcaOS, that cannot be made available for older versions of OS/2. The contract with IBM forbids it. Arca Noae has permission, from IBM, to distribute patched versions of the IBM software (the kernel, for example), but only for those who use ArcaOS. Nobody else has permission to do that, or to use the Arca Noae patched software. Others may do it, illegally, without drawing any interest from IBM, but Arca Noae must stick to the rules of the contract.

Wrong again:
The one and only thing that one might need and is "illegal" (in fact there is no need for) is the new Kernel 14.201 (14.200). Everything else can be replaced by using the Software Subscription or free available parts. And in addition my Warp 4.52 clone is not 1 by 1 ArcaOS as there are a lot of things I do not need.

i.e.: (everything what I am writing here is proofed and working!)

- For the loader I use the full QSINIT, wich gives the opportunity to load different config.sys and different kernels
- with older version of ACPI you can still use Kernel 14.106SMP
- even the newest ACPI works with that kernel, even if it then reduces the kernel to "One"
- even one can use this version with the latest OS/4 kernel and ACPI4 file, if one wants to have SMP, there is no need for the AN ACPI then
- for USB there are Lars Drivers, and so on and so on.
- AHCI, Network, Panorama ... are all included in the software subscription
- and, by the way, did you get your hands ever on Kernel 14.113b? Or did you ever heard of it?

RPM/YUM contains far more than just DLLs (and is outside of the IBM contract). Have you installed all of that too? RPM/YUM can be installed on older versions of OS/2 (I suggest using the free Arca Noae Package Manager, to make it much easier), and takes a big step toward getting OS/2 updated to run modern software. Doing that manually is a waste of time, and effort, because you are unlikely to get all of it installed correctly. Use the proper tools for the job, and you get a better end result, with a lot less work. Having said that, I will admit that I do not like RPM/YUM, but it is the tool that is provided, and it works until a user tries to outsmart it, or until somebody provides  a bad package (which hasn't happened to me, recently).

First of all, I do have no intention to persuade someone to do it the way I do it, it is just that this way is possible.

We have a good saying here in German (in fact it might be just translated from another language though):

Alle sagten: es geht nicht! Dann kam einer, der das nicht wusste und hat es gemacht.

And the fact, that YOU never tried it or never succeeded does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that it is not possible or does not make sence!

And no: I do not use ANPM with this clone anymore, I did it sometime before, but did not like the unix structure. Even if it is a simpler way to use these dlls.

If the result is better or not does depend on each users opinion as well. Your opinion is not a kind of "ordeal", and so is mine. For me the result is still better than what I get with ArcaOS (so far) as it is i.e. in German, I do not have a "Unix like tree", and everything works as expected, with the same problems with some hardware or applications I do have had with ArcaOS as well.

By the way: It takes me usually a maximum of two days, each 6 hours, to build an up to date OS/2 while starting from scratch (OS/2 4.52, aka MCP2), inlcuding the ability to install Samba, Samba Server, Warp Server and and and and....

Again, all the best to all of you!

Applications / Re: Discussion about RPM/YUM and Libcn
« on: May 07, 2019, 11:13:56 pm »

Sorry, but modern OS/2 includes RPM/YUM support. To say otherwise is equivalent to saying that Warp 4 was not "regular" OS/2, because it added network support, that Warp 3 did not have. "Regular" OS/2 is what is available TODAY. Even eCS is obsolete. You can add some things, like RPM/YUM support, to older versions of OS/2, but they are still obsolete.

Sorry, this seems to be wrong as well, at least I remember a version that was called OS/2 Warp connect, based on Warp 3 with allmost all the network parts that have been recycled in Warp 4.

Language support is coming for ArcaOS. Translations are happening, but it takes a LOT of hard work (and time) to find all of the parts, change them, verify that the changes were correct, and test the changes. Then they need to adjust the rest of the OS to handle different languages properly. Many changes are already incorporated, but language support is not ready, yet.

If you believe it or not, repeating things and the same arguments like you are doing for years know (just like your comments on USB 3, WLAN and so on) does not change anything or make things happen. I am reading this for ages now, every time the same answers if someone is going to critizise your "holy" ArcaOS. It might be worth to consider, that some users did trust in the promises that "there will be sometime this and that feature" and paid a reasonable amount of money - but these things are still not there, as there is allways "something else more important". So it is up to everyone himself to judge about ARcaOS in a way he/she does, it does not depend on the opinion of someone else.

And if you believe it or not, it is still possible to add allmost all enhancements from ArcaOS to a Warp 4.52, without using YUM/RPM, I did this last time in December last year when I decided to stop for a while with ArcaOS, nativ on a Thinkpad 25.

I just reactivated, renovated, repaired my Pentium III 600 Mhz PC from 1999, and OS/2 Warp 4.52 is running fluent on it. It just works as it ought to. For now I am collecting hardware to reassemble my first PC from 1995 with original parts - and the riginal preinstalled software. That makes so much fun!

Cheers and all the best! ;)

EDIT: if interested in, you can follow my Retro PCs at the OS2.DE Forum, here:

The reason why I almost left the plattform behind me in personal is that I realize during the last months this:

There are three parties left:

1.) ArcaNoae: making the OS and drivers, pushing things forward, has to make/earn money. Delivering excellent software. On the other hand (as a result of "the money"): focussed on industrial clients and their needs. Keeping things "closed". Lower priority for software vendors, lowest priority is the community. Taking not part in Forums where the community is (for various reasons, but I never understood the "No Time" Reason, as it may take only a few minutes a day or even once a week to monitor what is happening there).

2.) Bitwise Works, other free developers: trying to keep the software alive (internet browser, office, ...), user oriented, benefits to both, Arca Noae and the community

3.) The community, or what is left of it. Has lowest priority for ArcaNoae as the money is to be earned in the industrial sector.

That is just my personal statement and point of view. And it is not complaining, even if it might sound like this. Sometimes I wish I could express myself here in my mothertongue, Deutsch, but for obvious reasons that would make not much sense, even though I could "besser schreiben und ausdrücken, was ich wirklich meine" and therefore avoid misunderstanding.

Yes, I know, that is nothing new for the almost all of you, and it does not matter at all. Even if there will be UEFI, NVMe support, this all will benefit industrial clients and the community users or privat users as well, but everything else wich would benefit the privat users more than industrial clients is not in sight. WLAN i.e. Better Sound.

So ArcaNoae will for sure move on, and will bring fantastic new functions to OS/2, but it will stay focused on industrial clients, and those usually do not need WLAN or Sound or...

So, there is no reason for me other than monitoring the development. Expecting this or that feature or driver in the near future is just - dreaming. And I invested already to much money in that dreaming. It was time to wake up.

I made excellent expierences with OS/2 (from Warp 3 on) inside VMWARE PRO, only the missing - or better not working - sound support is a showstopper right now. But I may get a solution for this.

I am looking forward to the OS/2 User meeting in Cologne in November together with Thomas Müller. Would be nice to see a German Version of ArcaNoae 5.1 then though. All the best.

Programming / Re: Compiling my first WPS application
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:53:46 am »

I wanted to give a second change to Andreas (Bogdan Szmalcownik), since he seems more calm now. I advice Andreas to move on the subject, and to the rest just reply him "I disagree with your point of view because x and y" and move on.


I wonder wether or not this would have been handeld the same way if Bogdan/Andreas Kohl would have named the US instead of German every time in his last post. It is obvious that the reasons for this behaviour are:
- dissappointed former east german life
- defect

For me this leads to not participate any longer in this forum. No, that is not some kind of threat, or fishing for "please stay", it is just because if people of his kind are given a plattform to attac others the way he does, and the answer is "move on", than it is time for me to leave this plattform. At os2org me, and not only me, are using the Ignore function, that makes it easy to avoid being bored by his personal attacs and everything else he might want to let the world know.

Just one question: if I delete my account, will my postings will be deleted as well? Thanks for an answer in advance.

Programming / Re: Compiling my first WPS application
« on: December 29, 2018, 04:12:37 pm »
1) VAC  = "Visual Age for C++"
Most people would think about voltage analogue current. But perhaps the dictionaries in Germany have different entries.

2) no, the list is now wrong. There was a version 3.0 , 3.6.5 and 4.0 for OS/2 and Martin's list was correct. Version 3.0 did not support 64-bit data types, Version 3.6.5 did and Version 4.0 has a completely different IDE (also getting rid of using conventional makefiles). These are completely different products.
Sorry, you're speaking about versions and the original question was for releases. The mentioned "3.6.5 and 4.0 for OS/2" are in fact combined into only one product. So it seems you're making claims without any proof. Hopefully not all Germans have this ignorant behaviour. I provided the list on my own here without the help from any German or Russian ghost writer. To make it German over-engineered you can simply duplicate one line to deal with your version aspect. It's not good tradition to make me guilty by association or to invent new conspiracy theories.

Człowiek nie wybiera.

Andreas Kohl aka Bogdan Szmalcownik is banned from this forum, isn't he?

Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 25, 2018, 07:43:25 am »
But I think Wednesday, the 12th of October 1994 is a good guess.
There's no reason for guessing. If you don't trust in IBM's information a second source could be NYT ( All Warp products were announced by Tuesday in the US - זייער פּשוט.

Thank you very much, Andreas Kohl, aka ak120. Just another guess

Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 25, 2018, 12:49:26 am »
Hi Martin,

if you stop the Video at Minute 31.28 and 31.43 seconds you will find the Calendar of the BonusPac open, where they are demonstrating how easy it is to make an appointment using the IBM Works Applications "Phone Manager" and "Calender" and Drag+Drop.

They are speaking about a meeting "Next week" and the calender shows a week in October, 1994. Please see the pictures. The Appointment with David then is fixed for Friday, 21th October, 1994.

It seems to me that at 31.28 one can see the Appointment: "10.00 AM Warp Launch New York", it seems to me to be Wednesday, may be the week before they fixed the Appointment with David Barnes (for demonstration). If yo take a closer look, you may be able to proof this, the quality of the video is not as good as it ought to be for this question. But I think Wednesday, the 12th of October 1994 is a good guess.

Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 23, 2018, 07:06:51 am »
Hi Sigurd.

Can it be please uploaded to YouTube ?? Is it already uploaded somewhere ?


Hi Martin, I already uploaded it to youtube but I got three warnings due to copyright problems with including sound.

But - I have it uploaded to my Dropbox account. 8)
(it's size is 1.9 GB)

So if you, or anyone else, would like to download it from there, just sent me an e-mail so that I can see your mail adress, and I will send you the Link.

My adress is sigurdPOINTfastenrathATtMINUSonlinePOINTde

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Events / Re: Do not forget: Spock (leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 22, 2018, 09:59:17 pm »
Ich have the full Video of the complete show, more than an hour long. Including everything that Martin mentionend, Captain Janeways Part and and and.... Thanks to Wolfgang Reineken, who extracted it from a vhs video.

Events / Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:18:17 pm »
A part of the Presentation from IBM:

And:NO, my channel is not monetarised nor will I get money from there ;)

Events / 6. OS/2 User Meeting Cologne 2018
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:03:45 am »
On Saturday it will happen in Cologne:

in example:

- Skype Chat with Lewis Rosenthal
- News from Bitwise Works with Herwig Bauernfeind (will attend)
- News from Voice with Roderick Klein (will attend)

and much more, like "Scan and OCR with OS/2 ArcaOS" and so on  :)

Language will be in German, but we try to record the sessions like the two years before.

More information is here:

And in addition: the 7th anual meeting is already scheduled and fixed for November, 30th 2019  ;) :D

Applications / Re: OS/2 for Power PC and the Thinkpad 860
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:39:09 pm »
what file exactly has to be modified with the PN_BOOT statementes to SCSI? I could not find such entries so far, the files boot.sci etc. are present.
I think the ISO-Image of the installation CD-ROM. You have to open it with a hex editor and search for
Code: [Select]
50 4E 5F 42 4F 4F 54 5F 43 4F 4E 46 49 47 3D 22 62 6F 6F 74 2E 63 66 67 22(= PN_BOOT_CONFIG="boot.cfg")

Thanks, Laurenz!

I used the xvi32 Hexeditor under Windows 10 and opened the iso. And yes, there I was able to found the part! (See hexzuvor Picture).

After a bit Trail and Error I was able to find out, that the letter SCI (as the SCSI files boot etc. have the sci ending) is in HEX: 73 63 69.

So I changed those entries and saved the iso. (See hexdanach picture)

It is time to burn (with only 2X Speed - thanks, Martin!)a new CD and give it a try. ::)

Applications / Re: OS/2 for Power PC and the Thinkpad 860
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:51:48 pm »
Hi Martin. Thanks, for some reason both of my WLAN boxes seem to be blacklisted there, but that is no Problem at all because I just have to use my phone for it, not using WLAN.  ;)

The Problem I do have now is: what file exactly has to be modified with the PN_BOOT statementes to SCSI? I could not find such entries so far, the files boot.sci etc. are present.

Applications / Re: OS/2 for Power PC and the Thinkpad 860
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:43:31 pm »
Hi Sigurd.

Your experiment is very interesting, sorry that I don't have the skill to help you, but it may be good to know what did you do that didn't work and what error did you find.  Does this machine also boots the PPC OS/2 with diskettes?

I also only know about Michal Necasek having a PPC machine and trying it with PPC OS/2.
One of Michal's article has this tip that the CDROM has to be burned at 8x (24x seems to fail) . And there is also "Tweaking the Installation CD".

I can not be there with you Sigurd, but you have all my moral support for this experiment !!


Hi Martin, to you and Dave: thank you very much! I do know the sites of Michal but unfortunately I can not Access his site anymore. I do not know why, but I allways (from different Locations with different machines (Laptop, PC, Phone) have "No permission to view this site" "Access forbidden". I visited it several times before with no Problems.

Can you or someone copy the "Tewaing Installation CD" part and paste it here, if allowed? Thanks!!

And no - it should boot from CD, no diskettes necessary. It may be necessary to use diskettes to delete the OS on it before, but that is what I already did. I do have this "Maintainance diskettes" and the OS was Windows NT 4.

Edit: it works using my android iPhone now, Thanks!

Applications / Re: OS/2 for Power PC and the Thinkpad 860
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:22:40 am »
I did some "Trial and Error" but was not able to install OS/2 PPC so far. Is there someone who could give my advice or help with OS/2 PPC? Thanks so far!

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