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General Discussion / OS/2 Arrows: 6.1 Green corridor for small Solutions
« on: December 15, 2015, 09:30:46 pm »
To extend OS/2 market and add 1 user, it's necessary sell 1 PC with OS/2 pre-installed. Seems that this new user will use this computer to make money (to use this computer as machine designed to fulfill 1 task ((aimed to earn money)).

Current situation: there are no conditions to develop new solutions, because for companies it's cheaper to buy Solutions based on Windows:

Windows PC:
* 1) cost of Windows license = 0 USD, (The PC was purchased with Windows pre-installed)
* 2) cost of application (point of sale, CMMS system, warehouse application) = N USD (example: 100 USD)

OS/2 PC:
* 1) cost of OS/2 license = 300 USD
* 2) cost of application, = N USD ($100)
* 3) expenses to setup OS/2 = X USD (example: $50)

As result, there are no conditions to sell cheap (not expensive) Solutions based on OS/2.

If the cost of Solution is high (for example, $10 000) then the cost of OS
license is not so significant and OS/2 Solution can compete by the cost.
But we don't have companies which can create this advanced/expensive Solutions.
(example, training machine to control Space ship).

How to resolve the problem? What is the direction of "OS/2 arrow"?
* 0) The cost of Commercial license should be lower than Home/Personal license. (For example, when you buy 2 apples in a shop, you pay 1.0 usd per apple.  If you want buy 1000 apples then the shop gives you a discount, and you pay 0.9 usd per apple)

* 1a) Several companies should sell PC computers with OS/2 pre-installed.
* 1b) OS/2 distributor should reduce the cost of OS/2 license for this companies.  (ideal price: $20 ((equal to Windows cost)), more realistic: 30% discount). So the cost of OS/2 license is reduced.

* 2a) The distributor (OS developer) should support (donate) the developer of  Ready for Use Solutions so the developer can reduce the cost of software.
* 2b) The distributor must promote the Solution at own homepage.

* 3) The distributor should make expenses to support the customer.

What will change if implement this suggestions?
* The companies are interested to buy more OS/2 licenses to reduce expenses.
* New solution may be developed => The sellings of OS/2 will grow.

What happens if keep the situation as is? (use old model of sellings)
* No new solutions => The sellings of OS/2 go down  (because the sellings to companies which purchased OS/2  solutions in 90-th and 200x go down) => No resources to  develop the system.

Previous publications:
* OS/2 arrows: 2.1: What components to include to OS?
* OS/2 arrows: 5.1. Banners exchange

Utilities / OS/2 arrows: 2.1: What components to include to OS?
« on: December 03, 2015, 12:01:05 am »

It's necessary include to OS/2 as many utilities and extenders as possible.
We talk about functions: service, disk, file utilities, .. software aimed to maintain the system.
Basic apps for users, any drivers.

Moreover, it's necessary include all demo versions of commercial software.
Those applications which are distributed with OS, have maximal sellings.
The applications which are not included - are used by <1% of users.
(The developer of OS is obligated create special conditions
for the developers of commercial software, because they define the area of OS usage).

The users post the requests what functions to include:

* Local system -> System setup -> there should be Device Manager, viewer of PCI devices.

* Desktop, click on picture -> there should be Convert command in popup menu,
new converters can be included to OS without discussions.

* Programs -> Modern picture viewer should be included to the system.

* Templates folder -> template of Address book, cards with personal information should be located there

* System doesn't boot. The users want boot from DVD and start a Doctor to repair system.
This utility should be created (or Safe mode)

* ..
  • Add your requests (we expect to see 50 - 100 offerings)

A.3) By default all new functions and not visible (installed but not running)
and popup by request of users.

* No need to create objects for music Converts applications. Convert function
may be (hidden) inserted into object popup menu of audio files (objects)

* No need to create 50 icons (objects) in Programs folder.
There should be 7+-2 (5 .. 9) folders, which contain other sub-folders.
And all dosenz of applications are sorted by this folders (categories)

A.4) Who manages the list of new functions? (modules which should be included to the OS)
The developer of OS or user groups.

OS developer is publishing some requirements to new modules:
* the utilities should me multi-language
* quality: some requirements to quality
* License to distribute the module with OS
* (more)

Formula: How to detect, is it necessary include the module to OS or not
* This utility / feature is important for all users? then YER
* Is it system utility? YES
* Is it WPS class? YES
* Is it fix / patch for OS? YES
* Is it front-end aimed to setup OS? YES
* Is it must-have feature for any modern OS? YES
* Is it small application popular among users? YES
* SysInfo utility? YES
* (more)

Previous publications:
* OS/2 arrows: 5.1. Banners exchange

Programming / Neo OS/2: some development questions
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:17:23 am »
Q1: How to detect Neo OS/2?  (Blue Lion, Arca Noae OS/2)? What file to check? what registry line? what syslevel?

Q2: What System installer of application is default? WarpIn or RPM?

Q3: What is the mailing list for developers, standalone developers? There were mailing lists for eComStation since 90-th / 2000. So the developers could discuss hot topics.

Q4: What is the reward for standalone developers which collaborate with Arca Noae? Do you provide free Neo OS/2 licenses? Free Arca Noae subscription, etc?

Q5: What File System Structure is selected for Neo OS/2? // the developers have elaborated eComStation File System Structure in the past.

Events / New OS/2 distribution
« on: October 24, 2015, 01:53:21 am »
As you know, Arca Noae signed the agreement with IBM corporation and goes distribute New OS/2 --

Several questions to Arca Noae:
1) What is the market for Blue Lion?
What application will be the main application of this OS?
and what new application (or applications) wll be developed?
Else, what is the difference from eComStation?

2) How to become reseller of computers with OS/2 pre-installed. The OS can't be distributed on USB flash or DVD only. It should be pre-installed on computers. This is the main (real) channel of modern OS distribution.
Else, what is the reason to spend efforts to the development.

3) The system should include 30 .. 50 additional applications / extenders / utilities by default. Only those applications which are included to CD1 are distributed among all users. Standalone apps which are not included, are used by 0.001% of users. Question: Show the list of applications, utilities, extenders which will be included to CD1. Else, poor state of the developers of OS/2 applications will not change.

Article Discussions / Re-energizing OS/2
« on: August 06, 2014, 01:52:13 am »

Interview: Discussing Re-energizing OS/2 with Lewis Rosenthal --

// OS/2 Guru Jam Session

General Discussion / What is the agenda for OS/2 today?
« on: November 15, 2013, 08:46:00 pm »
Hello Martin

What is the agenda for OS/2 today?
IMHO, open-sourcing is the direction, we all agree that the OS should include more open-source components.
But it's not agenda of OS/2.

Agenda for today:
What applications to develop to attract new users, extend the market?
What parts of the OS to improve? to modernize the system.

Events / Warpstock Europe: Changes
« on: May 27, 2013, 11:26:00 am »
> Some suggestions how to change the conference organization:

Warpstock Europe 2014:
It's important select right place for the conference.
* "+" Arnhem and Duesseldorf - good choice because the cities are located near to the border  (between Germany and The Netherlands).  And attract more people from this countries.
* "-" On the other side, it's good idea select other place for every new conference



Excellent article. The 1-st positive article in the last few years.
Compact, touches the most important topics: User Interface, applications deployment and device drivers.

It would be nice to read more reviews which illuminate other changes in eComStation.

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