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Utilities / Re: Netdrive with Psion Plugin
« on: February 23, 2020, 10:02:32 pm »
Which Psion do you have?

I've my MC218

I couldn't connect ro my MC218 ...

Quote from:
Ericsson marketed a rebadged version of the Series 5mx called the MC218.

Utilities / Netdrive with Psion Plugin
« on: February 23, 2020, 08:41:28 pm »
Anyone has goode ol' Psion devices in use? I've my MC218 up and kicking still and would like to get that one work with my ArcaOS installation ... Before I changed the HDD in my laptop (for bigger one) and left the already "working" installation for backup, I did downloaded Netdrive from Hobbes and also Psion plugin for it.

I couldn't connect ro my MC218 ... I got error 21 every time I tried to connect ... anyone has any idea what might be wrong with this? Didn't find much by searching around.

Wrote an E-Mail to Andrei Porodko to the E-Mail address I found but it bounced back undelivered.

Would be nice to get this to work! And any assistance is very much appreciated!

Using NoScript is a bit encumbering at first, but by the time one gets those settings as they should be for the daily cruising ... until they make yet another layer of B$cripts that renders one site unusable until those settings are in place again. But mostly it's not that much bother for normal daily use, since we tend to go through only few sites anyway ..

But not exactly your average joe's thing to go by ... Privacy Badger would be my recommendation for non tech savvy person for daily browsing privacy.

Ivan, careful: AdblockPlus has a telemetry feature. Might be selling data to 3rd parties.. See Mantis ticket #0002397 @ ArcaNoae

Yeah! I stopped to use that some time ago ... nothing that has something remotely like that is no-no.

Applications / Re: Is the Arca Noae update service worth it?
« on: February 21, 2020, 11:43:20 pm »
I happily paid that price for the updates and support. More about my support to them :D

But if there is something it's not bad thing that I know they have their lines open for me.

Hardware / Re: Liquid/Water CPU Cooling systems
« on: February 21, 2020, 11:40:02 pm »
I thought those computers were pretty dirty, but subway stations are apparently many times cleaner than a home with pets.

My reality check about computer cleanliness was 20+ years ago when I was helping my friend to change olde network stuff to shiny new ethernets at this spice factory ... "No. We DO NOT do anything, but change those NICs" stated my friend :D

The amount of spices inside those machines in the production area would've spiced up whole lotta food!

General Discussion / Re: Future death of the personal computer?
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:02:25 pm »
It is handy for stuff that you don't mind being public such as GPL source code. Also you can encrypt stuff before putting it on a cloud.

Yeah. Make encrypted slices of compressed archive and stuff it into do-no-evil 10gb per slice ... or just make proper zip-bombs and put those in there and see how the beast likes them when crunching through your bits and bytes :D

General Discussion / Re: Future death of the personal computer?
« on: February 20, 2020, 05:06:36 pm »
In my opinion, the Personal Computer goes back to the way of usage he had in the late 80s and beginning 90s, before the WWW has been invented. It was a working tool for brain-workers and a toy for nerds. The "consumers" prefer tablet and smartphone. But I wonder that all the people accept the small screens. A big screen and overlapping windows alre an important advantage of Personal Computers.

Exactly the separation I was referring to. Shiny-swipey-thingies keep consumers consuming and interwebs keep bombarding them with the stiuff they "defititely need to buy" while those who value the information and content more that bling-and-whatnot will eventually gravitate to decentralised ways to get info/data/whatnot. If you ask me, HTTP protocol is FUBAR already and will never be same again. There is no going back to good old days of RFC 1945 ... but RFC 1436 cannot experience the same faith. Same goes to good old BBS'

Also we will see that only consumers are going to be online all the time and doers will eventually go back to the good old ways of 80's and 90's when we weren't online but just couple hours a day or so.

Or at least this has been the path I have seen many to take in last 10 or so years and more and more within last couple years. And I think it's good path.

General Discussion / Re: Future death of the personal computer?
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:19:23 pm »
Personal computers are not going to die. Sure there are new concepts arriving every now and then. Purism for example has very interesting bundle thingie with their Librem 5 phone. Which seems to be quite nice Open Source gadget. They have monitor, keyboard and mouse bundles. Bit pricey they are, but if you don't like being tracked and being part of data sucking beast it might be a choice. Of course there are others also.

These solutions works for many and are very "convenient". But will not replace good ole personal computers.

The fact that I have had only laptops for past 10 years or so is the fact that I have been living in such places that it has been only way. And for my use hardware I have had has been efficient. Since I don't game or need latest and greatest there has been very good laptops to choose from.

But even though I have had laptops I count them more or less "personal computers" and desktops. External monitor, keyboard and pointer device of the choice makes them more or less personal computers when I haven't been carrying my main one ever. I have my dedicated travel laptop that I take with me when on the road.

What comes to could stuffs there has been moving away from those thingies lately. People like to keep their stuff private. This is not the mainstream by any means. most of the people don't really care about anything of their privacy when it comes to computers and networks. I wonder why those people keep their homes and cars locked but I'll never even want to know.

Oldschool decentralised things like Gopher and BBS' have seen more and more interest lately. And I'm not surprised that there will be somekind of separation between "the web" and "the net" at some point when people who don't like all the tracking and ads we see brought to our face via HTTP protocol. Decentralised services are growing more and more every day.

But we see what happens in the future ... we are living interesting times anyway.

Hardware / Re: Thinkpad X60s + X6 UltraBase
« on: January 31, 2020, 08:03:10 pm »
However, on Hakuchi's freshly-installed AOS system with the IBM driver, it definitely is.

You, Sir, are correct! I haven't been fooling around with anything but updated USB stack, as I was told to do after the installation. I'm a good boy and do what I'm told :D

Hardware / Re: Thinkpad X60s + X6 UltraBase
« on: January 31, 2020, 07:34:03 pm »
As I'm sure you know from Win, FAT16 is horribly unreliable - particularly on flash drives - so the problem you've encountered is not all that unusual.

No. Actually I don't. I haven't used winblows for over 20 years but occasionally when I'm not on my own hardware.

FWIW... I wrote all of the install-from-USB stuff in AOS as well as XCenter's USB widget ("RemMedia", by name), so I have a fair amount of experience dealing with this stuff...

So far I have found out that the installation USB stick that I have made following all the instructions and successfully installed ArcaOS with is not accessible by the system.

But I have made another USB stick following the instructions found here:

(well ... first I had to find the way to make it without DFSee ... but anyway :)

This one is working without any problems. And I made it FAT32.

But for some reason if I plug it into USB ports in the laptop itself it doesn't get recognised. But when I plug it into USB ports in Ultrabase it is. But after it's once recognised I can plug it into the laptops USB ports and it's working all right.

This is after the booting up the system of course.

Hardware / Re: Thinkpad X60s + X6 UltraBase
« on: January 30, 2020, 03:13:05 pm »
Here are couple screenshots for those interested ...

Hardware / Re: Thinkpad X60s + X6 UltraBase
« on: January 30, 2020, 02:33:26 pm »

Feel free to report your progress installation ArcaOS on it.

Also please share the PCI.EXE and LSUSB reports when you install ArcaOS on it. Let me know also the model number of the Thinkpad and the dock to include it on the OS2World wiki.


Here you go!

By "model number" you mean?

Thinkpad X60s == 1702-55g
Ultrabase X6 == 42w3107

Hardware / Re: Thinkpad X60s + X6 UltraBase
« on: January 30, 2020, 10:05:14 am »
The installation stick should just be a FAT volume, which is why the partition has to be less then 2GBs. It should have an ARCA_ISO directory containing the ISO and a couple of other files for memboot. Clicking the ISO should mount it.

Yes. It is. Those guys at Arca Noae do know how to make their ISOs and they do include all the needed tools to make it work so that one can INSTALL from the USB stick. This I have done. And very successfully installed ArcaOS on my X60s FROM this USB stick I have made. There is no problem.

Is the stick recognized by the removable devices widget (looks like a triangle with a line under it) in the xcentre (panel)? The fact that your install finished points to the stick being good.
Edit: If it doesn't show up in the widget, try removing it and reinserting it, if it does show up then eject it by clicking on the removable drive widget and reinsert it.

It doesn't work correctly when trying to access it via XCentre widget or by kliketi-klik in file manager (or what ever that is called in OS/2). It does show up when it is inserted when booting but it cannot be accessed. It shows up "Empty" in the XCentre as I explained earlier. I just did test your suggested remove/reinsert and it seems to not work at all. It's not seen anywhere. This is when one uses USB ports on the laptop itself.

When inserted into two ports on Ultrabase, it is recognised, but cannot be accessed. Shows up as "Empty" on XCentre. One can "Check disk" however and all seems to be ok.

But there is a twist to this!

When I open up Text Editor and browser through there it is seen right and those files can be touched like a girls in the red-light district ... So something is fishy.

EDIT: Just a moment ago when I pulled laptop off from the Ultrabase to check the model number, I tested USB stick on the USB port on laptop and it sure did seemed to get recognized, but still no cigar. Same old, same old "Empty".

The forum structure can be appreciated here:
I have no problem creating more categories (or subforums) but the main issue was that on the past we have a lot of subcategories and the demand for those was not enough, so we had subforums with one of two posts.

Moar is not always better. Especially in forums. Been involved on several different forums on and off in past 20+ years and I know how it is when you have dozens of boards and subboards and whatnots, but people are not really posting in them. It's very hard to find zen and harmony that will tick every ones boxes.

One way might be making this kind of "newbie corner" kind of and enabling in forum settings "Allow boards to be ignored". This way those who are not really interested about those boards can opt-out. This on the other hand defies the purpose of the "newbie corner" idea if experienced users are all opting-out :)

But I do see the point in this kind of board. Been frantically searching for whatnots while going through my initiation to the OS/2 ways of doing things.

I think that maybe some OS/2 Win-OS2 and DOS VM related issues can be post on "Applications" or "Setup & Installation". But general DOS and Windows 3.x things can be posted on "General Discussion".But this is not an DOS and Windows 16 bits community but a community that runs OS/2 and DOS/Win31 related to OS/2. If the demand grows and it starts to be a problem, I will go further creating new subforums.

I think one board might be enough. Including all "Non-native" thingies, me thinks. Maybe separate for X11 stuffs if need be, but I think these would be ok to go under the "Non-native" board as well ... Dunno really. It's always hard to figure out what works and where is ice thick enough to support the weight ...

But discussion about the matter is never bad ... does it lead it to anything or not.

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